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  1. thanks for the replies, you do indeed have to remove the rear offside wheel and liner. Ill try to remember to post a pic of where the port is in case it helps anyone else locate it in the future
  2. Its a nice looking jack but you could buy over 3 of these for the same price. I dont really see the point of buying an aluminium jack if its going to be actually heavier, bigger and have a lower lifting capacity than the one in this link? I bought one of these plus a hockey puck for £35. Tried it on the car this week to get the wheel off and it was great
  3. My 2006 has just stopped blowing cold air, i want to refill the gas but cant find the port in the engine bay or service hatch. Where is the little devil hiding?
  4. Not had the car long, I recently noticed when you turn the lights on there is a light humming noise. Its a similar tone to the warning buzzer that tells you that your lights are still on when you open the door but the warning buzzer does seem to turn on/off correctly. I took a video clip, it doesnt pick it up to well because my phone is rubbish but the noise is actually reasonably loud and a bit of a headache inducing tone. The hum continues when the car is running, and can still be heard. Can anyone else confirm if this is normal? Elise s2 2005
  5. thats the thing! Now I know, thanks a lot guys! I might look and see if theres any loose coins that have rolled into it haha. I dont own an I pod either and the radio has a usb slot built in which Ive stuck all my mp3s on so ill probably do something else with it like put a phone in it like others have suggested. Cheers
  6. Cant figure out what its supposed to be for, small black foam insert that fits into the glovebox on my elise and has a couple of slots in it?
  7. Heres a quick few pros and cons of the cover i recently bought. Pros:- fits great, comes with a rape alarm in case someone tries to rape your car or cover Cons:- makes the car soaking wet even when it hasnt rained I followed instructions to the letter, car was cleaned spotless and dried before putting cover on, didnt overtighen straps so air can circulate. After being on for a week i pulled back the cover to find inside of cover and bodywork soaking wet, by comparison my other car which sits next to it on the drive UNCOVERED was bone dry! It was 2pm and goes darl at 4pm with a temperature high of 4 degrees and possibility of freezing overnight. The picture attached is taken at 3pm after having the opportunity to dry out all day. There seemed no chance the cover would dry out before dark and i did not want the water to freeze and rub against the paint. I removed the cover and brought it inside, took a full day to dry out, i emailed the supplier telling them what had happened and expressed my concerns that i cant see how i can do anything different to stop this happening again. I did receive a reply, saying its condensation and to be expected and unavoidable between autumn and winter. Im very disappointed as the advert says this is an all season cover long term cover, after buying it im then told it will make my car wet and hold the water against it for a week even when it hasnt rained. Ive decided the car is better off being left uncovered and wouldnt recommend the cover unless its for a car parked under trees etc, i thought i would share my experience in case anyone else is concidering using these covers for autumn-winter
  8. Think theyd look better colour coded in my opinion, im not sure if they look a little out of place being so small. Might just take some getting used to
  9. I bought one of these, I think the price is a little ridiculous but its good quality. Ive seen the home made/universal key fob replacements and I dont think they look very good at all, this is a quality job. The only thing that was a problem was pressing the key blank into the holder, it says its a tight fit and not to worry its normal to require a lot of force but theres no way it was going in there! I had to file a tiny bit off then it firmly clicked into place. Overall, happy with this item
  10. Im after a cat backwards silencer just to give it a nicer sound. ve had a search through previous posts and come to the conclusion 2bular seems to be preferred choice and has a deeper sound. I phoned around a few local lotus places and they only supply Larini, so ill have to purchase the exhaust directly and get them to fit it. I have a 2006 elise s, toyota engine. Im not sure which model even matches my car lol? A better explanation next to the abbreviations on their website wouldnt go amiss. Whats the SC? Sports cup? Whats difference between s1zzfe and s2zrfe? On another issue, the Larini supplier warned me that some lotus elise cars will throw up engine fault light when you change the exhaust, anyone have any experience of this using either exhaust system? Thanks! Lotus Elise S1 K-Series S2 K-Series 111R 2ZZ-GE SC 2ZZ-GE S 1ZZ-FE 1.6 1ZR-FAE S 2ZR-FE 220Cup/250Cup
  11. Hi, just thought id share what ive found incase it might help anyone else. Ive had my elise s2 2006 a few weeks, it leaked in 5 different places! I searched the internet for a fix, it solved 4 of the leaks with a combination of these different fixes. The final leak was caused by something i havent seen mentioned on here anywhere. Ill list the fixes below in case anyone else searches for a solution to the problem. 1- pretty obvious, leaked at the front roof by interior mirror, tightened the tensioning wire in the soft top. 2- Adjust window tilt using the adjuster screws on the bottom of the doors, just wind them in or out to adjust against the seal. 3- Loosen the door stryker, which is the part attached to the car that the door latch catches onto, loosen the bolt and move it inwards a little for a tighter door seal, mine only moved a few mm but it helped. 4- Check for any algae on the channel of the seal that sits at the very outward part of the top of the door, this is the part that you can squirt water down and see it drop out the bottom of the door, there are two metal channels sticking out underneath. 5- The channel mentioned above seems to get pinched and very slightly closed stopping smooth water flow if your windows are over adjusted too tightly, which is what i first did to try and stop the leaks! I believe this may be the cause of so many problems, moving the door striker in, and the window off just enough to be making a seal, then cleaning algae out fixed all my problems. Hose pipe on full, no leak! Hope this might help somebody
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