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    Lotus Turbo Esprit - 1982 Motor Show Car (1 of 2), Lotus Turbo Esprit - 1980 White FYEO spec (1 of 4)
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  1. @richj did you ever find out how many were in black or any other interesting information from Andy?
  2. LJR

    Eclat/Elite Riviera

    Having missed out on a couple of Eclat Riviera would like to find a good one. Elite also considered if a Riviera although I know it's unlikely one will come available.
  3. we're already at that point, someone coming to take it on Wednesday
  4. Thanks Dave for making me feel better. Lets be positive people a rare 1 of 4 Dry sump James Bond FYEO spec car being brought back to life by someone who knows what they are doing and paid for by someone who has lost the plot after 27 years being passed around.
  5. which is why at £60 starting still in the celophane this seemed like a good deal. I've seen people asking anywhere from £125-250. I hope it's good!
  6. I bought it, it was not quite as cheap in the end as I had hoped. No-one seemed to have noticed it before Wednesday
  7. Finally seen the car in the flesh. The interior is even better than I expected from the photos. The headlining has dropped in places but for originality I’m tempted to leave it untouched. Under the boot lid and bonnet everything is disconnected/unplugged/taken out but crucially the parts are there. Sparky and I had a good chat and now have a plan of action for the car so should be getting this project underway next week
  8. Just heard back from Andy Graham re 0953. It is 2nd of 4 cars in White with Brown full leather and roof stereo. The 7th non Essex UK Turbo and 28th out of 35 1980 Model year cars.
  9. Just back from holiday and got an email from Andy Graham with the Certificate of Provenance for the car. It is the 2nd of 4 UK Monaco White cars with Brown full leather and roof stereo (FYEO spec) across all model years. 6 RHD cars were white with brown leather (half or full). It is the 28th UK Turbo and the 7th non Essex production car produced. Now I just need to finally see it in the flesh
  10. According to what I know so far the Nokia 3310 was about to be released the last time it ran
  11. Oh wow sounds like an ordeal, sorry it was so awkward.
  12. Could someone have gone to the trouble of rebuilding a wet sump to dry sump spec? Definitely something to check with Andy
  13. I asked Bell and Colvill about historic records before and they said they had a computer system failure and anything more than about 15 years old is gone.
  14. Mines the 31st wet sump with A/C, chassis 1402 and this is stuck in the handbook, I don’t think a dry sump handbook means dry sump car.
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