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  1. Can't believe I hear you're thinking of selling!
  2. @Lex Templar yes I am, I cover all the wedge Lotus' now. Have got 172 Elite, 245 Eclat, 1553 Excel and 4005 Esprit with varying amounts of data from just reg and chassis number up to full build record. I haven't been on here in a while as I also have a Jaguar/Daimler XJC register and with a bit of spare time during lockdown have been learning to build a website for all the data. I aim to do something similar to this for the wedge Lotus' eventually. Take a look at work in progress here and what data a Lotus site might have: Here is what I have in terms of Esprit
  3. But shouldn't it be something like 79080790G rather than 10790? MPW 81V was 79110854G. Unless it was car built in November 10790 suggests its a 17 digit VIN car which doesn't make sense
  4. are you sure it wasn't 10890? 790 would have been a pre vin chassis number and therefore not prefixed with a 1. This should also make it a late S2 not even a S2.2 From what I've read and heard from various sources including Andy Graham Lotus referred to D10858, D10859 + D10860 as development cars and D10895, D10896, D10897 + D10898 as Pre production.
  5. 0 - Lotus never did a JPS Elite or Eclat
  6. Does anyone have contact details for Angus Watson? I have the 1982 Motorshow Turbo Esprit and have been trying to identify the Elite, Excel and S3 on the stand from that year.
  7. There were different sequences for different markets so not necessarily. Given where you are located your 12 digit will probably not be a D which means there were another 9 built in the sequence after yours.
  8. Yes I've only ever seen it referred to as brown by Lotus. Their interior colour names have never been that adventurous so Tobacco would be an anomaly. I wonder if it has been confused by the very rare exterior paint colour Tabac
  9. For the UK there were 135 or 136 HC Turbo and 45 HC NA. These numbers I have got from certificates issued by Andy Graham. European LHD numbers were significantly lower than UK throughout production so I would guess at 10-15
  10. @bgalbraith where did you get all that chassis no. info from? Very interesting to look through
  11. I was at that auction, the black car with red interior. They were originally asking 18k for it, over restored in my opinion though. Interior didn't fit the age of the car. I went to buy the Riviera but pulled out when it went past 6k
  12. I was thinking the same thing
  13. PPK 65X had been painted blue, has it been changed back to white? Also I did a DVLA check of chassis vs reg no. before GDPR when there were ways to access their database and OPW 667W aka Whiteheat is 0928. 0954 I believe is in the US
  14. someone at the NEC restoration show approached the Excel stand saying they had one for sale and there is a black one with black leather that I'm waiting for photos to come through of. There is also a blue RHD one in Germany and a silver one in Italy for sale at the moment
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