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  1. Taking that into account as well I've seen: Cloth: Black, Blue, Gold, Red, Sand Half Leather: Black, Blue, Blue leather with Grey Pigskin, Champagne, Green, Gold, Gold leather with Pigskin, Red, Sand Leather/Gold Velour, Silver Full Leather: Black, Blue, Brown, Champagne, Gold, Red, Silver
  2. Has anyone ever seen a colour chart for the interior of these models? I know with the Series 1 and 2 cars the interior choice was limited and for certain periods no option was really given but with the Turbo and S3 I've seen a variety of colours mixed and matched with different exteriors colours and wondered how a buyer at the time would have chosen. I know that I've seen: Black Brown Champagne Dark Blue Gold Green Hopsack (black/silver cloth) Light Blue/Grey (called Silver) Red Sand
  3. @Andyww what is the error in the service notes wiring diagram?
  4. Yes I have and they are both fine, they look like new and are definitely applying pressure. I don't believe it has been rewired, certainly not in the five years I've owned it and the problem only occurred a few months ago. The wiring looks old and seems to correspond with the wiring diagram. Where should I be looking to check the changeover relay and the earth connection? Is there a specific way to check the end float adjustment like a torque measurement?
  5. I’m having a battle with my lamp pods constantly flapping up and down on dipped beam. They don’t do it on flash or main beam. I opened the motors as shown in the picture above and one of the contacts for the switch did look a bit suspect so I put some string under it and pressed the strip against the contact while pulling upwards on the string to create a slight bend. This seems to have created better contact between the contacts but hasn’t cured the flapping motion. I’ve also: swapped the relays around dismantled the binnacle light switch and cleaned it bypassed the binnacle light switch disconnected and checked the column stalk none of these have fixed it and I’ve run out of ideas. Can anyone offer any suggestions?
  6. Seen between Frant Road and Mount Ephraim I was in Ice Blue Turbo Esprit
  7. I'm looking for a full spare set of keys too but would like to get originals if at all possible. This is what my current set consists of Ignition - Curtis AA-3 / USA. Key code BLxxxxN Doors - Wilmot Breedon FT / Made in England Fuel cap - Dominion Lock (DL) WS11 / Made in Canada Boot - HD / BL/RO (this is the same shape as the ignition key. Online sources seems to show AA-3 and BL/RO and related) I know Lotus made the most of sourcing parts from other manufacturers but to have keys (and therefore locks) made in 3 different countries of three different shapes and sizes seems a bit unusual. I'm therefore wondering if my keys are replacements cut from any available blank. My 1977 Daimler has different door, ignition and boot keys and they are different shapes and sizes too but at least they are all Wilmot Breedon and follow a logical coding system that it is easy to find replacements for.
  8. YAH 855X is 1249 1308
  9. 11271 incase you haven't figured that out already.
  10. Can't believe I hear you're thinking of selling!
  11. @Lex Templar yes I am, I cover all the wedge Lotus' now. Have got 172 Elite, 245 Eclat, 1553 Excel and 4005 Esprit with varying amounts of data from just reg and chassis number up to full build record. I haven't been on here in a while as I also have a Jaguar/Daimler XJC register and with a bit of spare time during lockdown have been learning to build a website for all the data. I aim to do something similar to this for the wedge Lotus' eventually. Take a look at work in progress here and what data a Lotus site might have: Here is what I have in terms of Esprit, split by vin sequence formats S1 - 173 S2 - 227 S2.2/S3/Turbo - 1619 X180/SE - 1034 S4/SE/S300/S4s/V8/GT3 - 509 V8 SE/V8 GT/GT3/S350 - 443
  12. But shouldn't it be something like 79080790G rather than 10790? MPW 81V was 79110854G. Unless it was car built in November 10790 suggests its a 17 digit VIN car which doesn't make sense
  13. are you sure it wasn't 10890? 790 would have been a pre vin chassis number and therefore not prefixed with a 1. This should also make it a late S2 not even a S2.2 From what I've read and heard from various sources including Andy Graham Lotus referred to D10858, D10859 + D10860 as development cars and D10895, D10896, D10897 + D10898 as Pre production.
  14. 0 - Lotus never did a JPS Elite or Eclat
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