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  1. For the UK there were 135 or 136 HC Turbo and 45 HC NA. These numbers I have got from certificates issued by Andy Graham. European LHD numbers were significantly lower than UK throughout production so I would guess at 10-15
  2. @bgalbraith where did you get all that chassis no. info from? Very interesting to look through
  3. I was at that auction, the black car with red interior. They were originally asking 18k for it, over restored in my opinion though. Interior didn't fit the age of the car. I went to buy the Riviera but pulled out when it went past 6k
  4. I was thinking the same thing
  5. PPK 65X had been painted blue, has it been changed back to white? Also I did a DVLA check of chassis vs reg no. before GDPR when there were ways to access their database and OPW 667W aka Whiteheat is 0928. 0954 I believe is in the US
  6. someone at the NEC restoration show approached the Excel stand saying they had one for sale and there is a black one with black leather that I'm waiting for photos to come through of. There is also a blue RHD one in Germany and a silver one in Italy for sale at the moment
  7. I'm looking for a Riviera Eclat, have been for a while and now I hear of three that might be available all at once!! That's presuming it's not the same car from three different sources
  8. Well it did and then they contacted me an hour before collection to say they had a family emergency and were going home, haven't heard from them since.
  9. LJR

    Eclat/Elite Riviera

    yes I spoke to the seller about this but its a lot of money for a car with the engine removed and in an unknown state - I've already made a mistake with one of those before and what's more to bring it back here doubles the price.
  10. It's made me want an Eclat Riviera even more than I did already looking at the photos in the magazine. However, I've come across a 1982 Excel with chassis number one up from the prototype tested in the article so am investigating that. However, it's been made to look like a post 1984 model and resprayed white to a Rover Red which is a shame. What I'd really like to know is what happened to the Ice Blue Excel from the motor show stand. Anyone?
  11. Rang the factory multiple times was told to speak to a specific person who never answered the phone. Left him two voicemails with my contact details and never heard a word back so on Sunday someone who tells me they have restored many Esprits is coming from Lancashire to collect it.
  12. @Steve V8 you've just given me an idea. Although I have an offer on the table that I'm about to accept the ideal place for this car could be the Heritage museum that Lotus are planning. @Bibs I just called the Factory and they said everyone has gone home for the day but anyone you can speak to before I take the offer just in case?
  13. I'd actually have liked @Lotusfab to have it but I need to recoup my outlay. I've had comments from two people about not liking the interior so would probably change it!!
  14. It most certainly would. Even with the work involved you probably would make money if it was completed but it’s a lot more than I expected to spend and just can’t do it right now.
  15. buyer has backed out, although he said keep me informed... so if anyone would like to take it on let me know before it heads for eBay
  16. 0953 is now for sale. Hopefully someone on here would like to take it on before it heads to eBay at the weekend
  17. @richj did you ever find out how many were in black or any other interesting information from Andy?
  18. LJR

    Eclat/Elite Riviera

    Having missed out on a couple of Eclat Riviera would like to find a good one. Elite also considered if a Riviera although I know it's unlikely one will come available.
  19. we're already at that point, someone coming to take it on Wednesday
  20. Thanks Dave for making me feel better. Lets be positive people a rare 1 of 4 Dry sump James Bond FYEO spec car being brought back to life by someone who knows what they are doing and paid for by someone who has lost the plot after 27 years being passed around.
  21. which is why at £60 starting still in the celophane this seemed like a good deal. I've seen people asking anywhere from £125-250. I hope it's good!
  22. I bought it, it was not quite as cheap in the end as I had hoped. No-one seemed to have noticed it before Wednesday
  23. Finally seen the car in the flesh. The interior is even better than I expected from the photos. The headlining has dropped in places but for originality I’m tempted to leave it untouched. Under the boot lid and bonnet everything is disconnected/unplugged/taken out but crucially the parts are there. Sparky and I had a good chat and now have a plan of action for the car so should be getting this project underway next week
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