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  1. Interesting thanks mate. General view was that AO 52 a bit grippier than Cup 2s. Does that sound right?
  2. Many thanks. Be keen to know what sizes folk are using as they don’t seem to exactly match the current Cup 2 tyres?
  3. What tyres are you guys recommending for track use currently? Be interesting to know what you 410/430 guys are recommending for track use. Cheers in advance
  4. Looks like Anglesey Exiges day on Monday will be a rather wet affair. I will be out for my first ever wet Trackday in my Exige 380 cup. Any advice on traction settings? Better to leave it in sport - or go for race? Any thoughts/experience of the pros & cons is appreciated 👍🏼
  5. Sadly not - although I’ve been tempted 🤔
  6. Chaps - is Signature Orange the same as Exige Orange?
  7. Yes - so long as you don’t do the 50/50 finance & no p/x you can haggle them to £90k. Still too much money mind you.
  8. Current ones at mid-eighties are due a correction to sell surely?? You could spec your own brand new for £90k. Clearly some folk don’t really want to sell them!
  9. What’s going to happen to 430 Cup prices after summer do we think? There are now 6 for sale I’ve just noticed. Some have been for on the market a long time. I remember last year B&C had to reduce their yellow one to below £80k to move it on - i would imagine some adjustments to current expectations at some point ( unless folk just like having adverts live ).
  10. Does anyone know what Lotus did to the engine to get from the 350 cars to the 380 cars? What changes were made?
  11. Thanks v much. Just tried them, £628 for a set. Can’t complain at that. Cheers
  12. Guys - where’s the cheapest place currently for Cup 2 tyres?
  13. That’s a possibility 👍🏼
  14. Shame isn’t it - the eve would have worked well. I couldn’t do that day but will try later in the year. Also looking at Oulton Park on 5th or 12th Sept if you fancy a trip oop North???
  15. I’ve missed the boat on two recently - maybe these are getting more popular. I’ve always called it late in the past, just to be sure on the weather/work, but I can see I’ll need to re-think my strategy going forward 👍🏼
  16. Just checked in to book the eve & there’s no spaces left - bugger!!!!!
  17. Good find mate 😎 Enjoyed your write up too - made a good read, and you’re correct about the big rear wing. Only issue now is whether to go the whole way & get one with a 380 Cup attached to it 😜
  18. V6 Cups do have that little something special over the 350 cars there’s no doubt. They do seem to have a bit more fizz about them somehow Gearshifts work fine but may need the upgrade of an oil cooler to help them work on track. Also - some of the details are nicer on the original Cups - must be a motorsport thing.
  19. Do you guys reckon I’m ok to gently drive it to my local dealer to get it checked out? Local dealer is 10 miles away. Drive it gently tonight as it first appeared & it felt ok? Any thoughts?
  20. It’s a superb event - one of the highlights of the motoring year without a doubt. Get it booked guys ?
  21. Cheers for the replies. The option I'm looking at is the AP Sport clutch & flywheel rather than the upgraded super lightweight option at over £1,000. Apparently this can be quite an aggressive clutch & maybe the one for a race car?? Cheers
  22. I need a new clutch for my Cup Anyone got any experiences of the Komotec AP Sport clutch & flywheel as an alternative to std? Its very similar money & would seem a sensible option while I'm at it. Any thoughts?
  23. Hi Dave - clutch master cylinder replaced, oil cooler fitted, but loose change mechanism still there. Currently waiting for a call back from Hethel to see if they can add any detail from the original build that may help. I'm hoping it may have had a batch of spaghetti cables fitted by mistake!!!
  24. Out of interest Dave - can you change up from 3rd to 4th when on the gas going round Hollywood at Donny? Im trying to get an idea of the step up with the later platform cars Cheers
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