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  1. Hello Bibs, thank you for your comments. I have some clues about copyright and licensing... And I didn't mention about using logo so far. Well done !
  2. Cool to see it installed ! I m sorry to hear about the bubble, not always easy to deal with stickers. That was the first batch, so really no money needed. I did it for me and not for the money. If more people are asking, I will charge the cost of shipping and materials. I may do some clothing or some other stuff later, which may interest Lotus owners. (My main automotive project this year is not Lotus related, but P... )
  3. Send me you addresses by message and tell me if you want the "Lotus Racing" or "Lotus Evora". No need to talk about money...for now
  4. A follow up on the topic; I cut and tried to stick the stuff... You can see the result below. I have a few spare stickers if anyone interested. You ll have to cut it yourself, I can give a few tips to do a clean job.
  5. Yep, I will print in black on grey. Working on it, this is more an evening hobby while being offshore. There are few companies printing small number of stickers, I will probably do it in the coming 3 - 4 weeks. I will open a thread and see how many folks would be interested.
  6. Something like this ? I don't know if someone came with that logo before.
  7. Hello, I made some sticker of my own design...just to give an alternative.
  8. Kaourantin


  9. Thank you TomE, I didn't knew about that; nice one ! I heard from the previous owner that it is a rare color. Most of Evora I saw were White, Yellow, Dark Grey...
  10. Thanks a lot all for the warm welcome !
  11. Thank you ! Siver quartz the previous owner said... It s better in real. I always had black cars. I need to adapt to grey !
  12. Hey hey, New to the Lotus community, just acquired a nice Lotus Evora S, ex-Lotus dealer from the South West of France. Big fan of English pistons... I also own a Morgan 3 Wheeler and I had a TVR Tuscan before as well. I hate most french cars... But obviously not Alpine, 2CV, Delage, Venturi... Anyway, I m sure I will have fun reading you all here and share some good ideas ! Cheers !
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