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  1. MY LAP IN Nordschleife WITH Porsche 911 GT3 RS Elöd Szarka driver Nürburgring ... fantastic experience

  2. WE DO JUST FOR FUN ! Friends organize an event in October and ask cooperation for create a Promo video.
  3. Good evening every body. I have a question: my Elise S2 have the original suspensions (Blistein). They are fine but I think to change. What is the best solution for Obtain what I want? I mean ... I would like to buy good product with good price. I use the car just for mountain road ... NO TRUCK RACE !! What is the best model for my application in your opinion? Thanks a lot. Max
  4. I found a close file ... now I can try printing in 3D
  5. Thanks a lot ... you have try this drawing ? You know if they are close and ready for print?
  6. Good morning everyone, I have a chance to printing in 3D Anyone have a 3D drawing of ELISE S2 Thanks a lot.
  7. I like the Switzerland pass ... but in the end Jeremy Clarkson was right! Well, for him the top is Stelvio pass ... that is good but it isn't the only one.
  8. That's true... Mansell was driving with heart... no compromises... ... WHAT IS THAT ????
  9. IL LEONE MANSELL THE BEST F1 DRIVER FOREVER ! MY S2 is ice blu color... MY nick name is composed from two the most beautiful Dolomite Pass... GIAU PASS & PORDOI PASS


  12. Hi to everyone ! I'm Max and I've S2 in Italy. This will be my funny DOLOMITIES BABY
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