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  1. Behind this plug there is the selector shaft moving.On my gearbox oil was coming out from the centre hole and between the sides.You only have to fill up the casting where the plug is pressed in complete with sealant.
  2. Dont press sealant into the tiny hole of the plug.
  3. I used the (Dirko) black sealant from Elring.You can use every engine or gearbox sealant.It should be oil and fuel resistent and good cleaning with brake cleaner.No leaking since i have done this (1000 km)
  4. Its a simple eccentric (original Lotus)timing belt bearing mounted to the A/C bracket.For the waterpump belt we made a tensioner too .Its much easier when you have to change the belts.But with this solution there is no place for the A/C compressor,it can be dismantled again once you find the correct belt for the dry sump pump.
  5. That makes sense.The same happens with my auxiliary housing.There was a little play within the holes.We had to align the aux. housing to match with the other pulleys.So it should be an easy job...
  6. No Steve.Look on part no.041 what i mean.
  7. The snubber on the tensioner is not adjustable Steve.Ther are only shims between the snubber and tensioner.
  8. Nice autumn trip with friends.
  9. I,ve mounted the top altenator screw from the other side.With the engine in the car you could not remove this long bolt if the alt. is faulty.
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    New Esprit

    I was always a fan of the Renault Alpine.But when i saw the new Alpine A110 i think they should have left it as it was.It doesnt matter which engine is installed when it looks like this.Its a clone between a Celica and Scirocco. As known,tastes differ
  12. Sorry i can't help.My Essex dont have the thermal trip.I have a two relay block
  13. The accelerator pumps only add fuel when you depress the gas pedal a bit faster but they do nothing when the pedal will be depressed very very smooth.As said above they do nothing on idling.
  14. The spark plugs can tell you if its rich or lean or when you have a blocked carb.So its worth to have a look at them
  15. No,The scavenge pump have three rotors. Two for scavenge and one for pressure.The main pump is a bit different as the one from the wet sumps.
  16. On my engine we pulled the scavenge pump drive belt off from the pump side and used a drilling machine to produce pressure.My engine was out from the car and we used a selfmade dry sump tank from my engine rebuilder.After a few seconds the gauge showed pressure. BTW the sump tank should be in higher position as it is in the car too and not on the ground.Thats what we have found out.
  17. It seems its only a plug for the reverse selector shaft.It looks like only the pre c35 gearbox have this plug. I resealed that area with an anearobic it looks solved.
  18. And one from the other side
  19. The annulus in my scavenge pump were broken.My engine rebuilder made new ones out of better material.All internal components can be manufactured if the pump housing isn`t damaged,thats what he said to me Almost everything is new or rebuild on my Essex (3 years of restauration work) and there is always something to do ......also with the new parts!!!!! Reconditioned Gearbox: Small oil leak is making me crazy....but it seems it is solved now New front brake discs: Brake fluttering over 100 km/h.... horrible!!!! The lathe solved the problem Compomotive Wheels r
  20. Another leak found!What is this hole for?Can i seal that hole with an anearobic sealant?
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