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  1. Lol, It is! Not sure where it went but it will need to be re-built. Roland
  2. Bodywork day 2 Sanding the front panel came across a skim of filler all the way across. They went to a lot of trouble to get it smooth considering a lot of it is hidden behind the bumper. Almost there. Day 3 wing almost sanded. It's hard work getting 11 layers off!
  3. Well It's been a while (12 months to be exact!) but I'M BACK! An update on why I've been away so long. Well I was all set to start work on the body this time last year when the pandemic hit. In one way I was fortunate that I kept working as I was classed as a key worker, working for the Argos of the DiY world SF. The last year has been mental with that and the movement restrictions in place and the car being 30mls away meant no time to play. But now things are easing so I have been able to get down to the workshop this week and make a start. Tackled my first panel yesterday. F
  4. Dave, Would it be possible to use/stick/bond a Neodymium magnet like these to the existing plug? That way you would not have to buy a new one just a thought. Roland
  5. Have read your message. I know what you mean! Using a set of standard spring compressors is VERY SCARY!! Especially when unwinding the tension when it is off the car... I'll get it ready for you. You can let your wife know you will be using the correct tool when reassembling 😂
  6. Dave, want to borrow my spring compressors when you put it back together again? Just a short trip to Donny. Roland
  7. Hi Dave, They are the ones. Follow this link and scroll down a little to where it says "click here" and it takes you to the clickable patrs diagram where you can see them in context Nos 42 and 46 and filter no 45. Roland
  8. Hi Tony, SJ sell the complete unit SJ907E0021 - TIMING BELT COVER
  9. Hi Pete, If it helps any the ones on my 502 are push fit. Roland
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