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  1. Dave, Would it be possible to use/stick/bond a Neodymium magnet like these to the existing plug? That way you would not have to buy a new one just a thought. Roland
  2. Have read your message. I know what you mean! Using a set of standard spring compressors is VERY SCARY!! Especially when unwinding the tension when it is off the car... I'll get it ready for you. You can let your wife know you will be using the correct tool when reassembling
  3. Dave, want to borrow my spring compressors when you put it back together again? Just a short trip to Donny. Roland
  4. Hi Dave, They are the ones. Follow this link and scroll down a little to where it says "click here" and it takes you to the clickable patrs diagram where you can see them in context Nos 42 and 46 and filter no 45. Roland
  5. Hi Tony, SJ sell the complete unit SJ907E0021 - TIMING BELT COVER
  6. Hi Pete, If it helps any the ones on my 502 are push fit. Roland
  7. Has any one got a radiator fan motor (pictured) they no longer need? Mine's internally rusted solid. I just need the motor, don't need shoud or fan as I already have, although would consider the full assembly if needs be. Dimensions: Top to bottom 13cm. Spindler height 2cm. Dia 7cm. approx If you have one please PM me Cheers Roland
  8. That's it. You might have to give it a few goes but it will come out. It does doesn't it. Originally I was just going to leave it in and freshen it up in situ, it just looked like it had a bit of surface rust on it. Decided what the hell, i'm taking everything else out. Good job I did! Realised then what was going on in the little pockets, the damage is on the side that faces the fibreglass. The side you can't see.. Roland
  9. Yes Frustrating, isn't it.. lol. I spent a while getting mine out, even contemplated chopping it in half! Walked away then went back to it moved the bottom of each leg away from the mounting points keeping it square. Tilted it towards the back pulled the top down whilst simultaniously pushing the hoop back towards the bottom mounting points but aiming a little higher up. Tried it a couple of times then found the sweet spot and down it flopped. Once released it's just a case twisting it to enable you to get one leg out the door followed by the other. Then pat your self on the
  10. Morning Peter I agree with David. But if you want something to while away the winter months.. Rather than going out to buy a set of 2.2 carbs, (which may only have bigger jets) why not strip down, clean and re-furbish the ones you have (if not already done). I learnt a lot about mine when I did them It cost me around £150 to do, but they had been off the road for 26 yrs. Just remember that when you put them back on they will need setting up again. Roland
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