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  1. Day 18 Roof done! Sides still need doing but the bulk of it is off.
  2. That's what i keep telling myself Pete!
  3. Day 17 N/S rear quarter done (almost) and the rear completed. The only major panel left on the car (topside) now is the roof!
  4. Hi Tony, This may or may not be helpful but below is what I found when i took the front seats out of mine Taken from page two of my diary. How many spacers does it take to level the front seats??? This many!!!!! Roland
  5. Intersting. Will do Pete 👍 Thanks!
  6. Another day at the office... Before After And some more repairs, this damage is inside the boot o/s. . At first I thought it was a failed patch panel as this is the side that has the rear quarter outside repair panel from when it was stuffed into a bridge. On closer inspection it turns out it is where the lower body is bonded to the upper and also where the parcel shelf and seat back are also bonded. In the boot rather than re-bonding I am going to clean it up and fibreglass to give it some more strength. The bond has also failed on this side for the seat back, this will be cleaned out and re-bonded. Onwards!
  7. More work done! In no particular order Front corner started Split in front valance More paint off This last photo is interesting. As you can see there is a differance between the very top under the swage line, light grey then white then there is an off white line across the top and then the rest is dark grey. We have come to the conclusion that as this is the side that got stuffed into the bridge (as is clear from the failed repair on the inside of the boot) that this is a repair panel. Also when you run your hand over it it's no where near as flat as the rest of the panels on the car. More work added to the list! Roland
  8. Tony The stainless steel trim below the doors is held by 11 plastic or steel clips. Both available from SJ Sportscars The steel ones are A075W6058Z. 52p +vat Plastic ones are A075W6116F 54p +vat Pesonally I will be using the stainless ones
  9. Errm, they look.....different? Roland
  10. Well I was getting all set to do some repairs when I realised that all the underseal would need to be removed from under the wheel arches and the front valance before i could start. Best laid plans and all that. Best to do a proper job. One down one to go I listened to all the advice on how best to remove underseal, sanding, brass wire wheel, plumbers freeze spray. The one that worked the best? A small scraper and a lot of effort! And sanding to finish. Roland
  11. Hi Pete, no numbers on the pedal box side at all.
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