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  1. Hi John, Was the aircon working and then just stopped or has it been stopped for sometime? If it was working and then just stopped blowing cold then it is possible that all it needs is a top up as the pressure in the system has fallen below that which the compressor needs in order to activate the clutch. The compressor is always being driven by the belt the important part is the bit on the end of the compressor the bit with all the holes in. With the aircon turned "off" the holes on the end will be visible and not spinning. With the aircon turned on and provided there is sufficiant pressure the clutch will engage and the bit on the end will start to spin and the holes will not be visible as it will be spinning too fast. Aircon gas naturally dissipates out of the system and needs to be topped up every so often, usually after 4-5 years. When topped up the gas has with it a lubricant and an ultraviolet dye in it. The lubricant to lubricate all the seals in the system and the dye to show you if you have any leaks, get a UV/Black light "torch" and you can easily check for leaks if you need to The good news is that top up kits are available STP sell two types the "STP Air Con Gas Recharge Kit R-1234YF" for newer vehicles and the STP Aircon Recharge R134a for older vehicles. You will have a label somewhere under the bonnet which will tell you which type (my guess would be the older type). Once you have one of these kits it's an easy ten minute job to top up the system. If however the aircon has not been working for some time then the seals may have dried out too much and it will not hold pressure. Handily the kit comes with a gauge/trigger which will give you an indication if you should proceed with the top up. The clutch is controlled by the A/C button. However even with the A/C button off the clutch can still engage when the defog/clear windscreen switch is active as it uses this setting to dehumidify the air to clear/defog the windscreen and also to move lubricant around the system. Turn all the blowers off and just have the A/C switch on and see what the bit on the end of the clutch does then. Hope that helps Roland
  2. Don't know what's going on but I seem to be missing some pictures on this page and some of the others as well??? Not sure what's going on or if I can get them back? Well here are some fresh pictures. Rebuilding the area where the steering column comes through. Looks like a weak point but I have a plan for it. Glass mat in. Once gone off and I'm happy I will cut out what is not needed. And finally. I think we'll call those sill repairs done.
  3. Thanks Pete. I went for the hammock approach in the end Then filled with bridger Then a final layer of CSM Sorted the other two as well, So on this bit I have the gouge to sort along with the other crack that can be seen between the V of the other two repairs. Once all that lots done I'll then do the final finish.
  4. Hi Tony Going by the sill repair i'm doing the void is full of foam anyway so I guess it doesn't need it on the interior just carpet Roland
  5. Small repairs will be done with CSM which is a fine fibreglass filler And medium repairs will get flled and skimmed with bridger and then some CSM for profiling.
  6. Difficult to see all the underneath but ALL the underseal has been removed and it has all been keyed. Repairs anyone? Shall we start with this bad boy? There are three cracks that need attention so they will be tackled individually, worst one first. Angle grinder with a flappy wheel Looks brutal, and is. First couple of passes and still chasing lose and delaminated glass Finally get back to some clean glass but had to take some of the foam as well as it had degraded (water I think), the good stuff is harder than I expected. My concern from here is that there is nothing rigid under the repair so rollering the glass sheets to laminate it and get rid of air bubbles would be difficult and I want to end up with a good solid repair that will last. The two options are 1: fill the void with fibreglass bridger to raise the level, but I don't know how well it would stick to the foam, and then run fresh glass over the top. 2: Run a couple of glass sheets from the edge into the void and then out the other side (sort of hammock) and then use some bridger to fill the gap. That way I end up with a solid foundation to lay the final layers of glass over the top. Roland
  7. Nearly done. Previous repair? I'm sure we can do better than that. Almost everything on the underside removed and cleaned up. This is the last big bit, offside wheel arch.
  8. I will be working on the 12 to 1 principal on all the repairs Jon All the damage I've seen so far Pete seems to be down to careless storage/driving?
  9. More repairs to add to the list... This car is made out of Shredded Wheat ! Nearly got all the underseal off.
  10. Thanks Pete. 😂Someone has actually made a video about that. I may have to get some Tee-Shirts made
  11. Today was the day of....The big flip! And no funky cracking noises when we did it either! After 3hrs This is going to need some work. After 5hrs I have been lucky as what I thought was underseal turned out to be years of oil and muck. There is some underseal but it appears to be mainly in the arches. Still plenty to keep me busy.
  12. I have also rebonded the offside rear bulkhead. Chased out all the loose old bonding material. View through the filler View from the boot. I know it doesn't look pretty but It will get tidied up once it has fully cured. That board and tube you can see is to hold flush the part of the join that had "sprung" while it cures. Next week the body will be moved so I have got access to the underside in preperation for cleaning it up. Luckily I don't have to take all the paint off this time, just the underseal. Happy days!
  13. I'VE DONE IT!! All the paint is off! Well off the top half anyway. I have now done the two repairs I needed to do as well. This is what needs repairing top of nearside sill. Chase all the loose material and make it look 10x worse! All layers were pre-cut ready. Once I was happy I gave the whole area a good coating of resin (used 100ml + 2% hardner for the whole job) then applied the first small layer. Stippled and roller'd Then applied layer number 2. Same again stippled and roller'd Then on to layer 3. As you can see each layer got progressively larger. Then I applied a final layer of tissue. Pleased with the results.
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