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    1977 lotus esprit
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  1. brad

    Lotus Esprit

    Hi I have a 1977 Lotus Esprit for sale if you're still interested. It's originally white, has 23xxx miles, the transmission just got lubed and adjusted, and part of the interior is done. It's a project but it's definitely worth restoring and has lots a potential with some work. It's located in Canada so I'm asking $14,000 Cad, which is aroung 9850 euros but I'm open to offers.
  2. Hey Guys, I recently just bought an S1. So new to this world... I got the car delivered and when it got to me the transmission was stuck in gear. I think a fork might be stuck in a gear, so that is currently being sorted out! Now the car is currently painted black, lowered on a racing suspension and has a 912 engine in it. The car has 22,000 original miles and was originally white. The vin is #76120115H i was hoping maybe you guys can give me some insight on its worth, what the vin shows number wise.. when it was built, build number ect.. I am also painting the car but not to sure if i want to go back white or go completely different and maybe a blue, green or purple! toss me your thoughts i am open to some advice. Thank you everyone!
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