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  1. This morning (30 March) 8:30am-ish. I was in a Blue RS6.
  2. Hi @Celica yes last Sundays at Eastwood Park.
  3. Still looking great after 6 years together 😍
  4. Thanks @Cdm2018 It's due for delivery today, which is amazing given the cheaper cost for shipping, and I only ordered late Wednesday. I did have a UPS Customs Invoice, which I was able to pay, online.
  5. Ok, I’ve found someone in the US (Monkey Wrench Racing) that has existing BOE stock. I’ve ordered, and it’s on route. Fingers crossed. It actually worked out cheaper than direct, due to cheaper shipping. I did try ITG directly, and this was not possible, as they only provide the canister, and recommended a US source like BOE.
  6. Thanks @Cdm2018 I’ve sent them a message, as it says special order.
  7. @Cdm2018 that’s the hope/idea. As the BOE kit does have the ITG logo on it, I’ve asked them again, to see if my local dealer and them can fashion something!
  8. Ok, I am back on the market looking over the next few months. Just got this from BOE They've given me a refund, and I've said I will reorder if I haven't been able to source something else. Didn't want to leave over $700 tied up for months, when I can just reorder. Thoughts?
  9. I did actually speak to ITG, to avoid that happening!
  10. Just got message. Well frustrated. On placing the order it quoted delivery in 5 days.
  11. Thanks @Cdm2018for the warning. How long after arrival did you get the FedEx invoice? Just about to order mine.
  12. Thanks @Cdm2018 yes local dealer will fit.
  13. Hi, Looking to getting my AirCon recharged, and the local garage has asked if I know what type of Unit/Gas it is, as two are listed; they haven’t seen the car, so just been talking over the phone. It’s a MY2011 NA, any ideas how I find out? Cheers Chris
  14. Update. I’ve spoken to my local dealer, and even though a MY2011, I don’t have a exhaust valve. Thanks for the feedback, as I will order the BOE CAI unit. Notice the shipping is high at $180!
  15. Thanks - technically mine does fall into the VIN range (BH_11178 and onwards) to have the valve, so let me ask the local dealer, who I am hoping will also fit!
  16. Yes, I have the Sport option/button. I was under the impression the valve wasn't until MY11-12, which mine was (too) early?
  17. Ok, leaning towards BOE, as I can't see a Radium for sale. The BOE site states "If your car is equipped with a sport exhaust w/ butterfly valve, please enquire about the vacuum pod kit necessary to make the valve function normally when in Sport Mode." Mine is a late 2010 production model (on the provenance certificate listed as MY11) and it doesn't sound like I have a valve, as the exhaust doesn't differ between sport modes; could not be working of course. Is that correct? Cheers Chris
  18. Thanks @Cdm2018 did you order direct from their website? @Bibs where did you search for your Radium one? Was it eBay?
  19. Thanks again @B430m, @Cdm2018 and @electro_boy. I can't see the Radium unit for sale on their website - does anyone know if it's still available?
  20. Thanks all. @B430m which one did you go for?
  21. Hi all, After 6 years, feel like giving the Evora NA, an upgrade. Have a Lotus Sports Exhaust and 3rd Cat Delete. Does the BOE CAI make a major difference to the sound and performance, or does another CAI make more sense. Or should I just leave alone still. Help me decide! Cheers Chris
  22. Saturday 8th around 3pm. Very nice, with a 370/350Z behind, turning right at the A38 lights. I was in a Blue RS6
  23. I've had mine for 6 years, and had the kids in the back. However, I would only ever consider for short journeys, as even for smaller people, it is cramped and not a luxurious experience. If this is daily, I would consider otherwise.
  24. Arrived today - very well packaged up, and in original seal.
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