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  1. Arrived today - very well packaged up, and in original seal.
  2. Ordered yesterday, to add to their good sales! Scheduled to arrive tomorrow.
  3. Yes, the Porsche did win! The 410 came second. They said the Evora stood out for the handling, steering and sound, and they still loved the manual gearbox. However they felt the cabin was dated, and given the £82,000 price point, showing it's age from 2009 against the competition.
  4. The latest issue has a 'Sports Car' comparison article, which compares the 911 against the Evora 410 and Jag F-Type for anyone interested.
  5. I posted a thread about it here
  6. No, it was only a quick hello.
  7. Silver Evora S in Fort Myers - Briefly spoke to owner. Yellow Evora with body kit in Miami Beach area. Any members of TLF?
  8. Thanks for all the replies. I don’t get anything on the display, but it does go black (so is picking up the selection of reverse). I’ve previously had the display get interference, and was surprised not to get the guidelines. So the pure black was a mystery, as would point to a connection problem. Thanks Chris
  9. Hi, On the last two occasions, my reversing camera has stopped working after washing the car. The first time it recovered after one day; but this second time it’s taking longer. The symptoms are I just get a black screen when reverse is selected. It’s a MY2011 NA with a Alpine INE-W920R. Anyone else seen this, or have any ideas? Cheers Chris
  10. Harey

    uk road tax

    As @Bibs highlights the website and here at the bottom. So you will have to pay the standard rate and the 'luxury' part.
  11. Harey

    uk road tax

    When I did my last one, as previous, the first years vehicle tax is included in the 'on the road price' so the extra premium was just dumped in and added to the cost.... I did get a nice letter to tell me that i had paid this extra tax, and I will do over the first five years. You can pay in 6 months lumps, but there is a premium.
  12. Stumbled across an interesting YouTube series from a Channel/Company called 'Auto Rehab' who purchased a salvaged 2010 Evora NA, and have currently videoed 3 parts of a restoration.
  13. This months Evo Magazine has a review of past eCOTY (evo Car of the Year) winners. It compares the Nissan GTR and Porsche against the Evora approximately 10 years on. Good write up, where the Evora comes top!
  14. I also spotted the twin tailpipe, but this is never a guarantee with aftermarket exhausts.
  15. Williams is my (very) local dealer. Haven't given the car a full inspection, but a quick walk around it looked tidy. They are a great Dealership to work with, and I think it has been with them for a while.
  16. Thanks Luke. Mine unlocks without problems every time, including the boot. I am still monitoring, and will raise at the next time in the dealership. Cheers Chris
  17. No, but I had (I guess) thought along the same lines as yourself with interference. As it either locks (in a location) or not Any thoughts on what could be? Cheers Chris
  18. Hi, I have a slightly weird issue. The car (MY2011 NA) unlocks, including boot, first time. However locking the car, seems to take on some occasions a few presses on the key, and sometimes even not at all. I am guessing the key battery is ok, as it always unlocks. There seems to be no pattern to it working or not, as sometimes it locks first time. It’s just a bit embarrassing in a car park, when it isn’t playing ball. I’ve tried opening/closing doors to see if it thinks something is open. Any ideas? Cheers Chris
  19. This car was last discussed/sold at the beginning of 2017 on this forum. Remember the discussion.
  20. Is that TADTS for S1 as well? Mine has always, but thought I would ask given the post!
  21. @JAWS very nice. Do you know if a brushed paint equivalent, as I was hoping to avoid masking off lots of areas? Cheers Chris
  22. @Registered out of interest, would you recommend any particular paint for the brake hubs/shoulders, as I am thinking of tidying up my Audi ones? Cheers Chris
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