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  1. On 18/06/2018 at 13:09, IcemanTM said:

    A friend of mine with a Cup 250 m.y. 2017 has a problem with the fuel pressure sensor, cod lotus A132L6054F

    It is not in stock by now.

    Anyone knows how to find it outside Lotus? it's a Toyota part? or what?

    Thank you.




    please how symptoms were when this sensor had a malfunction?

    I am asking because cold starts of my car (250cup) getting worse and I am investigating a problem.... I have changed spark plugs, cleaned MAF sensor but with no effect. When the car is warm no problem, but cold start is not to enough high rpm and at idle for the firts seconds rpm are varying from 500 to 1000... No error codes no MIL, but something is not OK :) 

    I have 26000 Km on it

    Thanky you for info

  2. Hello,

    I have a problem with bleed nipple leaking - AP-2pot front caliper.

    It has started a little bit after first brake fluid change and now after second it was even worse. Bleed process (fluid change) has everytime done properly and carefully and in the end of it nipples was everytime tightened to 17nm (it recommends AP Racing to all AP calipers - you can correct me if I am wrong) but after hard brake using (especially after track lapping) there was really significant leak around the bleed nipples. (Brake fluid was not boiled or cooked)

    I have bought new nipples and changed them, it was even worse... - The only thing that helped me was to tighteen bleed nipples more and more - until the nipple was moving. Now there are finally no leaks again, but I am not happy have to tighteen the nipples so much... Old nipples seems to be visually ok without damage...

    I have investigated this problem and it was sometimes reported on Lotus webs and forums, but without clear solution or explaining what to do, what to avoid, and why it is doing... (?)

    I have some questions especially for owners with track used cars:

    Do anybody of you have same problems? How much do you recommend to tighteen the bleed nipples? Do you know about damaging this caliper or nipples during common brake fluid change? If you had some type of this probem, what was your solution?

    Thank you very much for info and recommendations


  3. Hi, the same "mystery" was with my car. After cca 500km I have noticed the same... It goes down and up with depending of temperature and pressure. I have tried to put in a little bit more water and it seems the system flushed (?) it out after drive (or part of it). I think this is the low "normal" wiew. Watch it with cold and hot car, after normal drive, after hard drive and you will se the differences. Lotus recommended coolant is Petronas Paraflu Up diluted 1:1. The same wiew I have seen on another Lotus with the same engine , so I really think, that is ok...

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  4. Hello

    After one set of front oem brake pads and one set of pfc´08 I have cracks on my oem brake rotors - (Elise 250 Cup with 2-piston AP brake calipers and 288mm rotors)

    Have you any recommendation of good aftermarket rotors - for track use? - Better slotted or grooved than cross drilled... - I think about something like this (?)

    Thx for info



  5. Hi all,

    I was yesterday on the track with my Cup 250 for the first time and car is really good, but i´ve noticed that better geometry suspension setting would be useful especially on front wheels. More negative camber setting etc...

    Can anyone of you recommend me some good track setting you´re using on Elise Cup cars on the track? (Or If is something especially verified for Nordschleife, it would be most useful)

    Thank you very much for info - it really helps :)

    Have a nice day


  6. Hi everyone,

    can anyone of you tell me, how much oil is needed to common oil change - supercharged Elise S2 2zr-fe (exactly 250 Cup) ?

    There is an info in owners handbook - Engine oil (refill inc. filter) 7,2 litre / Engine oil capacity is 4,8 litres but the front mounted oil cooler and hoses contain an additional 2,4 litres of oil.

    My question is, how much oil really drain out during common oil change? (If there is some amount of oil in oil cooler and hoses which is not drained out) ...I will know it during first my oil change, but I try to ask for sure before it...

    Thx for info


  7. Hello everyone,

    finally my dream car has been delivered :) It is new Elise 250 Cup in solid red colour. It will be used for spirited trips on the roads and trackdays - especially Northernloop which I am living for :)

    We have finally a dealer in CZ so I hope more owners of these famous cars will come from here in the future :)

    (Sorry for my bad english :stuart:)

    Have a nice day!



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  8. Hi,

    Can somebody of you tell me, what is the height from the ground on Elise 250 Cup model? I can´t find full technical specification with this detail. I have found only detail on S2 Elise and there it was 138,5 mm. Lotus will deliver to me 250 Cup soon and I need to know if I need to modify the part of entrance to my yard :) 

    Thank you very much!


  9. Hi everyone,

    I plan to buy my first Lotus :) It will be new 220 Sport or 250 Cup. I plan to occasionally use it on the tracks, especially Nordschleife which I love :)

    I have read lot of discussions about oil starvation problems engines 2ZZ-GE, but I can´t find info if this problem is the same on 2ZR-FE engines or isnt... The question is, if it is necessary to use aftermarket baffled oil pan or accusump on these models in case of occasionally track use on original tyres like AD07 or A048 Yokohama. Another question is if there is still fuel starvation problem like in older cases was described.

    Thanks for info and sorry for my bad English.


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