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  1. Yes it's about the same here: if you know the local mayor well enough, the agricultural land you just bought a couple of month ago may suddenly be transformed into a buildable land ...
  2. Offered directly from the collection of Richard Hammond. [...] 1999 Lotus Esprit V8 Sport 350 Make LOTUS Model ESPRIT Registration Number T815 KLE Chassis Number SCCDA0824XHC15690 Engine Number LL918981230200 Body Colour Aluminium Metallic
  3. Well, a subject of Her Royal Majesty should have drank tea anyway, that will teach him!
  4. Hi, I realize I am a bit late to the party but in case someone is reading, it is totally possible to remove the top cover without removing the PAS line. It is a bit tight, especially if you work in a cold place in winter. A hair drier helps a lot to soften the plastic cover. I already removed it three times, once I just wanted to check the timing belt tension (and two belt change already) ?! Why, I can't remember it's difficult at all? All in all it's a bit tight but not difficult especially if you don't replace the water pump each time.
  5. Hopefully you will still have enough time to enjoy your coffee. Apologies if you don't!
  6. (Guess what is the first car presented by Harry?)
  7. I just tested on the Esprit "prices soaring" topic, it looks faster indeed, thanks!
  8. Hi, I noticed the forum is a bit slow to post a message in a topic, like a couple of seconds. It always succeeds, but still a bit slow. I don't think it was like that a couple of weeks ago. Is it normal? merged edit: (creating a topic looks actually faster, at least this one I just created ) edit2: (and my merged edit was actually "instantaneous"?!) edit3: (and the edit3 — regular edit — was instantaneous too)
  9. Can you decide how many plots you could divide a land into? Plus, is it allowed to build anything on that land? Here in France you have some land you are allowed to build a house on, and land where you are not. Of course the land price is not the same.
  10. (
  11. Well, if it was guided at £80-100k, it's probably better you didn't have it for £150k. Still, I understand it's disappointing!
  12. In the meantime, couldn't you use another bolt of the same grade? (although I am not sure if the grade can be read on these? 8.8? Higher?)
  13. (for a moment I wondered the meaning of the title )
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