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  1. Neat! (sorry about the off topic though, you are right^^)
  2. Do you have the original signed owner manual? ^^
  3. Stunning............. Elan in the background! 🥰 (and the Evija is not that bad either)
  4. Hi Jacques! He has added it too after the initial analysis though? As for the U section bolted between the springs upper cups, I would be wary about using a bigger one. It can't be worse in rigidity, but is it any useful, I don't know. Generally speaking, a lot of people are very happy with their "uprated" things just because it's bigger. Uprated ARB (aka stiffer), stiffer springs, harder shocks, and so on. But often it's not based on anything proven. I mean, some people install stiffeners bars between the M100 rear upper spring cups in the boot. Some basic knowledge about the M100 chassis structure is enough to assume it's totally pointless. So, as for the bigger U bar in the Esprit, I certainly would not trust anyone pretending it's useful without a serious analysis like the youtube video guy "Jon Himself" has made.
  5. Talking about engine movement, is there enough slack to accommodate the engine displacement relative to the air box in the side wall?
  6. You beat me to it @jonwat. Indeed, £100 is expensive for what it is already, but 200+ is pretty ridiculous imo.
  7. Same. Personally I would keep the parts in a box if I were going to replace it. I hope it's not binned.
  8. Giniw

    Lotus Emira

    Yes I was not referring specifically to the chassis, but some bits of GMA cars could be nice (like, I don't know, the Cosworth engine for instance :D) (I didn't know about the i-stream platform, thanks!)
  9. Giniw

    Lotus Emira

    A GMA / Lotus collaboration would be nice too!
  10. I think it was about £26000 an hour or two before the deadline. But that doesn't mean it didn't reach a couple millions after this and that it was still not enough, obviously.
  11. "It rides on the correct three-piece split-rim O. Z Racing wheels" cough cough (but otherwise and apart from the leather colouring, it look like an interesting car)
  12. This one?
  13. @hedgerley Nah, that looks like a fair price to me! Woah!
  14. Awesome! That was a great day indeed (thanks @Bibs & anyone involved!) I haven't taken any photos from the inside but here is a screen capture from the official video:
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