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  1. lol :D As for RSW I think I have read somewhere on their website that they provide a coupon to the customs that specify it's a refurbished item and so it's not taxed when it travels. I think it was a special page on their website about Brexit. By the way I am happy you found a solution for garaging LRRH!
  2. Royal Steering Wheels has a good reputation on here if I am not mistaken, and they are not so very expensive either apparently ? Anyway, it looks nice indeed!
  3. (thank goodness its colour change is probably a cover each time otherwise it would weight 5 tons already :D)
  4. Oh OK, I didn't realize you would use a blue one.
  5. Torque+Angle is supposed to be more precise
  6. Have you checked the BLM with espritmon since you changed the injectors? Is it still more or less centred or is corrected a lot?
  7. I think most veteran cars were RHD anyway
  8. Apparently a
  9. I think there are more near Paris because I reckon they are used to drive in the middle lane on the Paris ring road to avoid incoming traffic from the right, but indeed it's extremely annoying.
  10. Yes most AI is not AI anyway :D
  11. (The generative design methods are not related to any AI though)
  12. Giniw

    Lotus Emira

    (sanitized URL here:
  13. From I understand the 95 RON is equivalent to the "91 PUMP" found in North America indeed (average between the RON and MON ratings) Now this paper applies to the injection charge-cooled engine, maybe it's not the same recommended octane rating for your S2?
  14. Even the updated one I posted moments ago? This one is working from France right now. (I can upload the PDF too of course) Here it is! @Bibs>Not sure if it's OK to upload it here on TLF? 900269.pdf
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