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  1. Giniw

    Stevens wind deflector and roof bag

    Actually I bought a nice calypso red one knowing that I would need to repaint it, but if @glynherron confirms it's an Azure blue one, there could be a nice condition calypso red for sale soon! (unless I find a white one so that I can arrange a flag! ) If I were you Escape I would probably keep it, but that could obviously make someone happy to buy it if it's missing!
  2. Giniw

    Stevens wind deflector and roof bag

    Hello, what is the exact colour or the deflector? Which shade of blue is this?
  3. Giniw

    Time to start explaining

    Yes indeed, actually I think I already checked but maybe I just wanted to check and forgot about it as I haven't come back to that subject already. I will check that (again?), thanks for the reminder! As for the spacers that would be a solution but I would like to understand the origin of the problem first ^^
  4. Giniw

    Time to start explaining

    The #12 item? No I have them. As the exhaust is mounted directly on the gearbox and the mounting seems straight, it's surprises me it doesn't fit. But I haven't had a proper look so I may be missing something ... I haven't made anything on that subject for a few months but I took a few photos in september: The U shapes cannot be seen on those photos but otherwise, does something look abnormal compared to your car? (the end of the gearbox for instance?)
  5. Giniw

    new shed

    (Portes du soleil ?, or maybe I am totally wrong ^^' ?!)
  6. Giniw

    Time to start explaining

    Shucks :/ While it's out, could you take a few pictures of the rear of the gearbox and the exhaust mounting brackets please? There must be something strange on mine as there is not enought clearance to put properly the silencer!? (the stock one I have has been adjusted with a hammer and the nice SJS stainless steel one I have can't be fitted as is ... So I am wondering what's wrong) (I am always surprised with the problems "we" have with that gearbox, a good friend of mine who is really knowledgeable, especially on the R21T often tells me the UN1 is a very strong gearbox and that he knows many 400bhp R21T which are actually driven and they never have any problem with the gearbox. Anyway, it's a bit off topic, sorry!)
  7. Giniw

    Prices Soaring

    Wow, I was almost at the right price after all :D
  8. Giniw

    Prices Soaring

    FYI I can supply you a sump plug for only £249 if you are interested!
  9. Giniw

    What made you UNHAPPY today!

    Oo (I am glad I maintain my cars myself!)
  10. No big deal, you should go out for a test drive: only three wheels on the Reliant Robin has never prevented it to handle properly!
  11. ^^, I was suspecting it was related to the Little Red Riding Hood indeed
  12. Very nice! I didn't know about these red stickers. Are they original on the Esprit?
  13. Giniw

    What made you happy today? Any investors? ^^