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  1. I am not familiar with the titanium bolts grades but as long it's at least a 8.8 equivalent it should be all right (rupture not before 8*100=800 N/mm² and plastic deformation not before 800N/mm² * 0.8=640 N/mm² if I am not wrong)
  2. The photo I have here is not very readable but I think I can read a 8, so most probably 8.8 grade on the original steel plate.
  3. Interesting, so I would say it looks vaguely similar but thicker on S4s and late S4?
  4. I just checked on my phone and I do have a few already but they don't show the plate very well and it's a bit hidden under another thin metal sheet. The actual reinforcing plate you are looking for is bichromated as the rest around it, and from the photos it looks quite similar to the reproduced one which was for sale there: (How is the shift rubber gaiter attached when you don't have this plate on the car?!)
  5. I have had a quick look but as I have nothing to compare it to I haven't really inspected thoroughly. That part of the trimming is off on my car at the moment (well it has been for ... a while lol) so I can probably take at few photos if you need (but I am afraid I won't see the car before the weekend)
  6. You are totally right, I just quoted you badly, sorry, indeed I only wanted to quote the first part about the gear lever hole.
  7. A bit off topic but for your info the S4s is supposed to have that feature too if I am not wrong.
  8. (... and as for the pressure rating I reckon 250 bars as yours should be enough )
  9. Simple but great idea!
  10. It's just an uneducated guess but as there are the long lines towards the oil radiator at the front, I suspect it will be hard to get rid of the bad grade oil he will put in first, so ... I would probably put the recommended grade oil first for peace of mind anyway.
  11. Thanks, so the idea is to tighten four bolts fully at a time. I wonder if a dry thread lock wouldn't be even better as it would allow(?) torquing the bolts more evenly ... (never used a dry one so I am not sure of the "curing" time since it's already dry %)) Indeed I have already read that one must not put any sealant between the rims and the disc to ensure it seats properly. Thank you for the details!
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