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  1. Well, I don't have any ticket either — as I was not so sure I could come I have not registered either.
  2. @theelanman > I am afraid you will need to bring another Lotus! (actually I had already relayed your question from LEC on
  3. @Bibs> Some people on LEC wonder whether it would be OK to be four people in a +2 with a free ticket? (on second thought @theelanman has an account here so he could have asked himself but anyway, I have already typed the post here so ... :D)
  4. (and thanks @Vanya too obviously!!)
  5. Thanks ^^ (as for the rest I suspect it's just an autocorrect issue )
  6. What is the usual strategy if you don't mind me asking?
  7. Thanks @Chillidoggy and @Barrykearley Well in the end I have bought one used which surfaced on ebay, apparently it had been used only for a couple of month before storage, and it does look OK from the photos. I can't wait to hear that Spitfire-ish sound ( ), and the other hand I am a bit worried about the sound when idling ... but I got it for only £125 (+£22 shipping), so it's not that risky ... And I have a standard cat, and a couple of weeks ago I also bought a used SJS catalyst (still in the garage ...) so I will report if it makes any difference (but I don't have a cat bypass so won't be able to compare to your setup @Chillidoggy — but I will probably do a few recordings.).
  8. The real challenge and ultimate fun would be to wait until September 30th!!
  9. I am still looking for one loosely, does anyone have a photo and audio recording of the SJS one? I found one of @Vanya's recording which helps a bit (thanks!). Does it drone on the motorway? This recording is from a single pipe silencer I presume?
  10. SJSsports car makes copies out of polyurethane. He already had the front and I believe he now also has the rears.
  11. Giniw

    What made you happy today?

    OK that didn't make me "happy" but still, I smiled at that add I didn't know yet: