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  1. I just found this:
  2. This is very nice, but now you have to be careful of this mirror finish when you take photos!
  3. (I feared the air would escape though any open valves too but it actually doesn't, or maybe the air enters the piston and stays there with the closed exhaust valves. I tested both on the Elan and the 4 cylinder Esprit without bothering about the crank position and it worked for the two cars. Maybe I was just lucky, but that would be strange on several verifications over time -- I checked at least two times on the Elan and once on the Esprit). My guess is that the valves timing don't overlap.
  4. Hi, As for the potential boost leaks I think it's always a good idea to check whether the intake is air tight anyway, and it's easy to test just by putting regulated compressed air at the turbo compressor wheel. You can use an old bike tube to make a cheap adapter (cut in half, a knot on a side and the other side plugged on the turbo housing at the compressor wheel instead of the intake hose from the filter, and using compressed air. It should be air tight, if it's not then you have a boost leak. You just have to be sure to regulate the air pressure you put in at the maximum permissible boos
  5. Merry Christmas Everyone! =)
  6. I have no doubt that the Delco can't keep up on the technical point of view, don't worry ^^ It's just that it's original and as such has a certain value.
  7. A chain is too thick as the accumulator is very close to the pump body => not enough clearance for a chain. But a "belt" tool for removing oil filters works.
  8. Joke apart, I have no doubt your kit has a better feeling and is reliable but some people like to keep their car original so what is rubbish for you might be valuable for others (even if it's not the best from a functionality point of view) As for me I am on the edge, if I can make it work like it should I will keep mine (I now have 9-11 pedal press before the pumps starts — a loss of ~50 psi per press, so it looks promising. It has been very bad since I bought the car, we'll see to what extend my recent refurbishment changes that)
  9. (in my opinion it would be better not to bin anything when possible, as the community might need the parts? Especially these kind of things which are "a bit" hard to replicate)
  10. How is that even possible? I mean, the DOT 3-4-5.1 is the rule and the DOT5 the exception, why would they use (or even have) DOT5?!
  11. 12 & 13 Well now that's an impressive work list!
  12. Hi @Daniel Rowe, If you want to have it remade (partially or just a new veneer or new varnish or whatever) I would recommend Philippe Dehaye. He makes an extremely good job. If I had a problem with my dashboard I would give him the job without a second thought. Of course he is French (East of Paris) but a courier could be arranged, he works for a lot of foreigners too. He happens to be a family friend, but really, I am being hon
  13. muahahaha! (thanks to @geoffsmith for the finding ^^) (
  14. Hello, Could anyone with a GT3 (or late V8?) Momo steering wheel measure its diameter please? It looks a bit thicker than the SIR version but I am not too sure. Thanks in advance!
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