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  1. Giniw

    How do the different models drive?

    Uh oh, a LHD S1? Do you happen to know its price range?
  2. Giniw

    Esprit Picture & Video Thread

    (low quality low light phone photo and some parasite reflections too, but I still like the lighting — I really should take some proper photos of my cars one day!) (oh and I should adjust that petrol filler cap too, apparently )
  3. That has nothing to do with chance, it's just @Bibs's organisation!
  4. left click to pop it up, then right click and "display picture" or something like that depending on your browser? => I suspect yours is the one nearest to the drone ^^
  5. The 30 years of the Elan is a major anniversary! (otherwise I tend to agree with you ^^)
  6. As for the videos, here they are: ( for the list) As for the photos, I have no idea.
  7. Uh oh, this is a nice looking Esprit S4s in the middle! @Steve1 > so far is the most epic parking entry of the available vidéos
  8. And in between, just free track sessions? \o/
  9. @Kathryn (FYI)
  10. I haven't seen any blue lights, but I hope they point their cameras on the driver side anyway ... Just in case (I join everyone in saying a huge thanks to you @Bibs, it was a very enjoyable event!)
  11. Giniw

    Time to start explaining

    (mine was the azure blue one with no dashboard and central tunnel covers, and missing airbag — although it was in the passenger footwell lol. I had quite a few comments from the various marshals about the dash )
  12. Giniw

    Time to start explaining

    Spotted it too (parked on the track next to the track exit, isn't it?) but I failed to see @Chillidoggy's one until the very end when I exited the track, I think it was his car and his wife but I couldn't stop at the time since it was a long queue of cars and failed to came back afterwards! It's a pity I haven't organized myself better to meet you all, although I met quite a few people from LEC as they were obviously easier to find (on the LEC stand!) but there will be other occasions
  13. lol ,yes but maybe I won't see him then! (seriously yes he will obviously, hence why I supposed that 😛)