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  1. Pretty neat, but, isn't it too shiny? I would worry the sunlight could reflect too much in the windscreen?
  2. Thanks @achim212! This looks rather neat! =) Did you manage to source an original servo? (and the abs pump and its brackets which looks like new!)
  3. There is this one too (from twitter):
  4. @tomcattom > Thank you very much for the follow up! Was it corroded inside or just overtightened? As for me I had not the occasion to go any further as I am helping someone on his car so I don't have time to do anything on the Esprit at the moment unfortunately (thank goodness the M100 is running well ^^) As @Escape said I will have to try gently with my impact wrench on a low setting to see whether it helps (and I think I will remove the mounting from the GRP first as I really don't want any stress on it) @Richard123 > Thanks a lot, this is quite interesting to know this procedure too!
  5. Thanks! I wonder why mine is so hard to remove (when I say hard to remove it's partly because the whole is mounted on silent blocs and then in the GRP, if it were mounted on a sturdier thing I could apply more torque without worrying that much) Yes that is why I suspect it's shot, the pump is switching on each time. But as you say it could be the pressure switch so that's why I would prefer testing it before I order any part. And if it's the accumulator (which is probable indeed) I will need to remove it anyway %)
  6. Actually I am pretty sure the accumulator is shot but I do like to test and understand before starting to changes random parts. Which is why I bought a nice original Kent Moore gauge from the USA (along with a bleeding tool that goes into the DOT 4 reservoir, but that is another story! ^^), so your suggestion to test the pressure through the contact switch hole is pretty good but a bit disappointing since I would prefer to use my fancy new (for me) "special tool" gauge I sprayed it with a bit of penetrating oil and had to leave for the week anyway, with a bit of luck the next weekend it will be easier ...
  7. Hello Everyone, Yesterday I wanted to have a look at my DM nitrogen accumulator so I depressurised the system and then tried to remove it from the ABS pump. I thought it would be a 3 seconds job but it didn't move at all. And as the whole pump/sphere assembly is mounted on silent-blocs and then screwed in the GRP body that looks quite a bit scary to apply any more torque than I have already done: Is it known to be a bit hard to unscrew?! I hope it's not galvanic corrosion between the accumulator and the pump aluminium body ... :/ I may try to fabricate a bar to hold the aluminium pump body but it's a bit scary, really. And I don't really enjoy the idea of removing the whole pump body first (I could do it obviously, but I just wanted to insert the pressure gauge in between the body and the accumulator to check the system, so it's not very clever if I have to remove the pump first ... :D Any thought? Is the accumulator known to be hard to remove? Thanks in advance!
  8. (104° is the green dot pulley angle spec, isn't it? Has anybody ever made a before & after dyno run?)
  9. It's not covered in leather? (quite a lovely interior!)
  10. Well I suspect the oven temperature is kept low enough until it's time to replace the bearing by this rhubarb tart! (like 50°C for instance?)
  11. Well ... almost, actually: I just noticed the charge cooler plug is painted red, and I think it should not? Fortunately it's not too hard to fix ^^
  12. see (@Bibsmaybe this topic could be merged with this one:
  13. I used a simple bike pump. As for the pressure readings which need to be accurate, I used the ... manifold air pressure sensor to get live reading with a PC (of course you have to temporarily route the sensor to the capsule actuator but there is all you need on the car already (a couple of Ts are available near the rear vacuum pump)
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