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  1. If you need a few typical resistances values from one which is working I can probably have a look at mine. The dashboard illumination is never very bright, but the transition is very smooth on all the range so I suspect it works as it should.
  2. Really? How do you operate? I followed the steps described there and although it's a bit tight, I had no problem? (but I must say I have never tried to put back since then, so I can't comment on the full process, just the removal )
  3. (The guy on the second one would need a reverse camera in addition to his radinox wheels, though!)
  4. It's probably too late, but ...
  5. Are you sure they are not 12.9? Maybe I am wrong but this is what I remember, though?!
  6. @Jacques made it recently so I am sure he will have a few hints As far as I know (that is what I have read), you have to screw the rims dry, and then put the sealant — no sealant on the matting surfaces. But I suspect you already noticed that when you split the rims.
  7. (I could be interested by a few parts if there are some leftovers after @Karl lambrechts ^^ — the problem is I haven't even started to look at the brakes so far, so I have no idea what I would need — I mean, apart from @Chillidoggy's kit obviously!)
  8. (I think the S350 was fitted with 295mm tires on the rear axle)
  9. If someone wants to get rid of a few external (or internal) rims parts, please let me know
  10. Do they? I thought they only had the correct size for one axle?! (can't remember which one)
  11. Better that way than a girlfriend in bits indeed!
  12. Are you sure it's "only" 243bhp? I think this is the standard power of the 2L but as the S4s has a bigger turbo and a specific ported head I reckon it should be a bit more powerfull than the GT3? Or maybe it's the standard 2L engine from the S4? (nice parking! )
  13. I wonder how many 2L S4s exist. Are they included in the 50-60 european LHD S4s? There are a few for sale currently on autoscout (about 3 if I remember well) @RS blu > love that Hethel sign
  14. Well, you should care about that: you need to remove those horrid sports seats you installed and bin them. Just don't forget to tell me where your bin is, though!
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