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  1. Giniw


    Thanks! (A bit expensive for a private use, though )
  2. Giniw


    Nice! What photogrammetry software would you recommend?
  3. Do you think they make their tyre names confusing on purpose?! TR1, T1R, T1S, T1 Sport ... Oo
  4. Now that is impressive for a 90s 2.2L!!
  5. I have heard "average" rating about the T1R indeed, but on another car (a R21T). To be honest my friend told me he felt they were quite bad on the wet. I can't comment on the Nankang, and as the Pirelli, at the time I couldn't find any matching set on regular websites. @Jacques is happy with the T1 Sport too. As for the wet I can't comment much since I tend to avoid driving in the wet anyway. As for me, please be aware that it's the only tyre I had on my Esprit so I can't really compare to anything. Before them I had very old Goodyear fitted, from about 2002 if I remember correctly ... (they were on the car when I bought it in three years ago) By the way, be careful, there is also the T1S, but it's a different tyre than the T1 Sport which we are talking about here.
  6. Which ones?! There are the Toyo T1 Sport which are (or were?) available both for the front and rear axle. Toyo Proxes T1 Sport 235/40 ZR17 94Y XL (about 116,10 EUR each inc VAT in March 2018) Toyo Proxes T1 Sport 285/35 ZR18 101Y XL (about 154,00 EUR each inc VAT in March 2018)
  7. Well, I suspect he won't risk posting something on here while powersliding his precious new car for the third fuel tank in a row!
  8. Nothing new at all obviously, but I just made a few laps with both the Elan and the Esprit
  9. Maybe he wanted to keep the switches in the TR7 family? But still a weird reaction, indeed! (or maybe he lost control of his car and ended up wrapped around a tree after trying to chase an Esprit?)
  10. Was the original system totally out of order? I am still not decided to swap (partly for potential legal reasons here and partly because I don't have had time to think about it as I am working on the M100 anyway) so might be interested to have parts the day I finally decide to have a serious look at mine ... At least, please just don't bin the parts!
  11. So once it starts it doesn't run very well until it's warm? (I am more or less familiar with the SU carbs but I have never seen a Dellorto ^^') Or more probably, the enrichment lever is controlled manually and so you just reset it progressively as it gets warmer?
  12. Congratulations for your purchase! (I see @Barrykearley has fitted a very exclusive panoramic glass roof too!)
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