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  1. Some aero bits of the Evora are wooden panels too apparently.
  2. Not perfect, but still pretty good! How many pictures did you use and what is the name of the photogrammetry software you used?
  3. woops sorry I missed a few steps indeed! This is very neat!
  4. Did you put them directly on the GRP? I think they should be on a foam (which keeps the humidity but I guess it could be replaced with one that doesn't ^^)
  5. For £50? I haven't read/found the full specs but the SSD alone makes it sounds like a bargain =)
  6. The SE is faster though %) But an S2 is a nice car too, no doubt about that! Yes usually the drop heads prices lower a bit when winter comes and go up a bit when the warmer days get back I feel like anything with windows 7 (or XP minimum) would be a much better choice even a bit more expensive, than an antique with Windows ME. It's really too old, especially for about £50. Now, a Win 10 notebook for about the same price is even better!
  7. I can't either, sorry. (Actually I think nobody should since one is supposed to be "between the ages 18-30 and 50-70" and it's quite rare to be both at the same time .................... ) That being said, the Red Evora is gorgeous!
  8. ( — if nobody knows or can measure the diameter, I could be happy with the radius instead! )
  9. @geoffsmith might be able to help? LEC is pretty active, it's a great forum and the guys are all very nice too. Highly recommended obviously. I don't know why @garry cannot log in there.
  10. I heard the ones with a working secondary ALDL plug were worth triple the standard cars.
  11. On what occasion was this nice little family photo taken?
  12. I have used both in the past and they work fine on my car. Maybe someone had an issue with his wiring indeed? Or maybe they used the alarm connector instead?
  13. Why would it be less reliable?! It's a bit farther from the ECU but still... ?!
  14. I guess it's easy enough to do it oneself with cupro nickel (cunifer) pipes?
  15. (I wonder who told you such horror stories about the V8!? :D) Well yes, but I wouldn't do that. I could understand someone who modifies a car to make it look like something he likes that doesn't exist, but to mod a rare car to make it look like something which does exist sounds bad to me.
  16. lol :D As for RSW I think I have read somewhere on their website that they provide a coupon to the customs that specify it's a refurbished item and so it's not taxed when it travels. I think it was a special page on their website about Brexit. By the way I am happy you found a solution for garaging LRRH!
  17. Royal Steering Wheels has a good reputation on here if I am not mistaken, and they are not so very expensive either apparently ? Anyway, it looks nice indeed!
  18. (thank goodness its colour change is probably a cover each time otherwise it would weight 5 tons already :D)
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