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  1. Wow, why is it there?!
  2. Well honestly I've been to a few auctions for used tools in workshops and sometimes you are just lucky and no one in the audience is interested by what you need. Or just there are enough samples for everyone to be happy and so there is no real competition. For instance a friend of mine bought an old sad looking lawnmower for a couple of euros. You won't believe me: nobody bided, and at the end we had ... a good laugh lol (it actually started so not totally useless \o/)
  3. Sure, it's highly dependant on who was watching the auction, especially for this niche market. You just have to find two motivated unwise guys to end up with a very high price! (reminds me a few auctions I wanted to bid on on ebay ^^') Wouldn't it depend on the price? If the price is low enough, I certainly would!
  4. Silver Sport 350 - £44,500 reserve not met
  5. I reckon the buyers are keeping all their money for the S4s.
  6. Indeed: red S1 £31300 but reserve not met
  7. Nice but haven't they split with Williams though? edit: oh it's a sept 2019 article so that makes sense
  8. Hard to tell what a fair price is for an Esprit. I would say that it's pretty cheap compared to what you can buy new for about the same price : I see almost only very err ... normal high production cars which will be mostly forgotten in a couple of years (except the 4C and ... the Elise, obviously )
  9. (I hope you don't plan to sell though!) edit: by the way, as for an engine or gearbox rebuild, as it only has only done 49000 miles I think that would be quite early?
  10. Well good for you since these are cheaper =)
  11. Yes but these visible details indicates that the rest of the work might be not that great (and the LOTAC dampers/springs are not so very cheap either, even compared to the price of the car) As I already said, that doesn't make it a bad car obviously. I guess you could ask for the VIN? (not that I know JPS #13's VIN but that would be a good start) It's sad it's a RHD (I don't know whether there has been LHD JPS?)
  12. cough cough Moderator Note: After being requested by @Giniw, he has said that this could possibly be a scam as pointed out by @LOTUSMAN33 further down this topic. All potential buyers need to be aware of this please.
  13. (still, that doesn't make it a bad car of course)
  14. @Chillidoggy Yes, there are quite a lot of details which are wrong even on a quick inspection From memory only: - rear expansion tank no plugged to the hose which drains the water to the exterior - wrong red paint tone on some engine parts - faulty oil pressure or sender (needle indication decreasing when revving, starting from the max!?) - antique (?) dampers (at least not the LOTAC set) - HT lead not attached properly on top of the rocker cover (yeah I know it's not critical lol) - stainless steel is shiny and all, but unless I am wrong it's weaker than a proper 8.8 bolt so ... (plus it may be subject to galvanic corrosion against steel, but as far as I understand it small stainless bits on bigger steel parts should be all right)
  15. It's also listed on ebay:
  16. Lotus racing green metallic is such a nice colour!
  17. (I prefer the Pantera when it's unmodified)
  18. I understand a newly painted underside has no rust but how is it possible that it has no dust either?
  19. Looks like a side opening like in race cars with thin plastic windows? Welcome to you @Number11!
  20. @stephenwhyte> well I suspect they will do what the customer asks even if it's not according to their own taste? (or at least they used to do as the retrim service is NLA as far as I know)
  21. Hi, I suspect you all are aware of this already but in France you will need to be vaccinated to do pretty much anything starting from tomorrow (august 9th), including restaurants, visits, and so on.
  22. You guys are lucky the protos were RHD! I am glad there is an LHD Evija proto, so I can buy it later, for once!
  23. I just noticed another difference between the SE4s and the V8 one: the radiator support (?) square section tubes are welded at a 90° angle on the SE4s and a bit more than 90° on the V8 (not sure about the GT3 as there is no detail view on the projection drawing)
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