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  1. Sub £6K? Were they? When was it? 90's maybe?
  2. lol As for the videos, I would say it's not normal if it's the same when you are listening to the engine with your own ears. On cold starts, there is a little chirping noise, which I think is piston slapping. Which I think is normal on forged pistons engines* (bigger dilatation coefficient than cast pistons if I am not wrong, hence the smaller piston diameter when cold). But that doesn't sound like the noise on your two videos. (/!\ I think the early engines were not equipped with forget pistons, so that would not apply to the older versions)
  3. From what I see on the front photos it looks like the windscreen top is about at the same height, and the difference would be in the flat or curved roof.
  4. I just found these ones
  5. Apparently the Evora is 1 ,223m Here is a side view:
  6. Very nice! And it has really nice rear lights clusters too!
  7. Well at least you sold it to someone who really appreciates it too. Plus you can see it from time to time ^^
  8. It looks nice! (you state it's Azure blue while the COP tells it's Nautilus blue though) edit: now I checked the nautilus blue colour and so I gather it has been repainted. I would say it looks a bit darker than my Azure blue, strange. Anyway, as I said it looks very nice!
  9. Hi, as for the off topic, don't worry about it I don't think you will annoy much people lol (it really is a pity as a wiki would be great tool in my opinion but I can't really do it alone ^^' — although I would contribute happily obviously!) As for my inbox I think it was probably full indeed. I am always reluctant to delete anything so I think it was a good occasion to get the ROW FFM status! It's only fair to Bibs anyway Hopefully it will be enough to let you send me a PM now?
  10. There was a complete original raven(?) S4s set for sale on ebay about a couple of weeks ago but the seller wouldn't send them abroad (collection only) and wouldn't even take a few photos to show more details about the original stitching unfortunately ... (I think I have a good understanding of how the S4s ones were made but I still lack a photo of the finishing of the leather strip at the front under the seat)
  11. Nice, what colour is the left one?
  12. I don't know, Lotus is often quite comfortable in its class (soft-ish springs, and so on — although the Esprit S4s springs are not particularly soft in my opinion, but anyway!)
  13. Yes I was aware of the carpet in the GT3 but I thought it was precisely because it had no spare wheel, but in the V8 I don't know?
  14. Nice job but as for the original lack of carpet I guess it makes sense since it's supposed to be the place of the spare wheel?
  15. The accumulator might be a bit hard to unscrew though (in the end it was not that tightened but the allow mounting it's attached to has nowhere to put a spanner properly, so ... I used a big adjustable wrench to hold the alloy mounting)
  16. Actually what would worry me the most would be the excessive heating of the GRP of the tailgaite itself. Although it might be a bit different on the cars with the glass panel?
  17. When a car has not been started for a while I like to disable the petrol pump so the oil pressure has time to build up. As for running the Esprit without the engine cover, I think it is a heat shield too, isn'it?
  18. Happy birthday Bibs, sorry I'm late! And indeed congratulations on your engagement!
  19. (by the way, when I say very worn, I mean VERY worn. Like passed the minimum thickness)
  21. Hi Jacques, If I remember correctly I think there is only one steering column model so I would guess all the steering wheels are compatible. The only difference I heard is the column leathered shroud opening on the SIR equiped cars is a bit wider and might not be so pretty on a non SIR steering wheel. But I have never checked myself. I guess the parts manual would confirm the steering columns are the identical for the SE and S4? (my SIR steering wheel — yes, the ugly one — is only loosely attached to the car at the moment so I can take a few photos and measurements for you if that's of any help to you?)
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