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  1. 1 hour ago, Gjk said:

    I chose an S2 over the SE as a lot of SE fables had been sorted out, don’t get me wrong thou the SE is a great car.

    The SE is faster though %)

    But an S2 is a nice car too, no doubt about that!



    1 hour ago, Gjk said:

    It’s the wrong time of year for selling an M100 to be fair. Spring is the wrong time to buy one also!

    Yes usually the drop heads prices lower a bit when winter comes and go up a bit when the warmer days get back


    29 minutes ago, Frickin_idiot said:

    My step son is selling one for £50 - windows 10


    I feel like anything with windows 7 (or XP minimum) would be a much better choice even a bit more expensive, than an antique with Windows ME. It's really too old, especially for about £50. Now, a Win 10 notebook for about the same price is even better!

  2. 10 hours ago, Escape said:

    Sorry, seems I'm too old or too young to qualify...

    I can't either, sorry.

    (Actually I think nobody should since one is supposed to be "between the ages 18-30 and 50-70" and it's quite rare to be both at the same time .................... :getmecoat:)

    That being said, the Red Evora is gorgeous!

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  3. On 09/09/2021 at 11:24, sailorbob said:

    I took mine along with some lengths of 3/8" OD, 22 SWG, 2668 psi working pressure 316 stainless steel tubes to a local pipe fabricator and he duplicated the OE pipes. He reused the original unions and it worked out cheaper than buying the pipes ready made.

    I guess it's easy enough to do it oneself with cupro nickel (cunifer) pipes?

  4. On 26/10/2021 at 09:29, RobinB5 said:

    I was put off by the cost and too many stories about V8 reliability

    (I wonder who told you such horror stories about the V8!? :D)

    On 26/10/2021 at 09:30, TrevS said:

    I think that’s means gt3 with some exterior cosmetic changes (arches, wing)

    Well yes, but I wouldn't do that.

    I could understand someone who modifies a car to make it look like something he likes that doesn't exist, but to mod a rare car to make it look like something which does exist sounds bad to me.

  5. 4 hours ago, Jacques said:

    You know they are getting too much money when they begin to call you by your first name as soon as you enter the door, ha ha!

    lol :D

    As for RSW I think I have read somewhere on their website that they provide a coupon to the customs that specify it's a refurbished item and so it's not taxed when it travels. I think it was a special page on their website about Brexit.

    By the way I am happy you found a solution for garaging LRRH!

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