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  1. 2 minutes ago, BoostedTrav said:

    the configurator does a much better job selling me on the car!! 

    Well I think they avoided all the details on purpose, letting it be disclosed by all the third parties videos ready to be launched that just popped out.
    It's probably better to generate some noise around the car. If we knew it all already, we might not have watched a couple of other videos already.
    It's better for the brand that these third parties videos have a lot of views.

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  2. lol poor drenched speaker :lol:


    power varying around 480bhp on the car screen apparently?

    AMG i4
    Toyota v6


    Woot, now an Evija! Love the colour scheme! (light colour venturi tunnels)


    And at last, the Emira! Quite a nice first impression 😃

  3. On 05/07/2021 at 19:27, rudolphwolven said:




    ... plot twist, the Emira was the trailing car all along!


    (Also, I would have thought your fancy Sony camera would have been capable of a better video quality @Bibs, the screenshot looks like a 90s webcam!                             :getmecoat:)

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