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  1. I have just read this thread and have really enjoyed it. Hats off to you for contacting all the people involved with the history of this car and to all who responded to you requests for information especially the first owner. Look forward to some pics of the restoration.
  2. Thanks Richard, if you could give me the details that would be great.
  3. Has anyone managed to get the Ali trim that goes around the elite re-manufactured. I am about to start a full resto of my 501 and I know I don't have the upper and lower windscreen trim all the other trim might just need a re-polish if I'm lucky.
  4. Andyb194


  5. Thanks for the replies, it looks like this is the wat to go then. I think it will make things a lot easier on the whole.
  6. I am looking at removing the body from the chassis and would like to know the following. As I have use of a 4 post lift can I lift the shell off whilst leaving the engine and gearbox on the chassis. Thanks for any advice.
  7. Thanks G, will get down to a meet after the new year. Are then many elite/eclat owners in the north west who attend shows and meets.
  8. Can anyine tell me wether there is a list of car shows that the club will be attending in the North West next year. I need something to aim at so I can get motivated for the resto if my s1 elite. Thanks
  9. biggee, I bought the one off ebay that had £3000 spent on it, I think the gentleman who owned the car dident spend wisely. As the car requires a full rebuild, the engine does how ever start up via a separate fuel pump set up. Their is quite a few parts with the car and this will take me quite sometime to catalogue what is there and what if any still needed, I am then in the new year going to start the strip down wish me luck. This Forum will I am sure be a wealth of information and I hope help.
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