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  1. Hello just curious where will you buy the " CF bumper"? Thanks
  2. Exige is almost the same size as the S1 Evora .....
  3. phenoyz

    EVORA Weight

    apologize but off topic .... Does anybody know what the weight of: 1) Front Bumper 2) Front Clam 3) Rear Calm 4) Rear Trunk Hatch? I think all combined would weight between 300 - 400 lbs ???? I wish there are "CF Aftermarket Replacement" for 1-3
  4. Do you have a spring recommendation that will go well with the Ohlins? Thanks
  5. PSi 'Raceline' Lotus Evora suspension system - or Nitron 46mm Race Pro 3-Way - thanks
  6. Hello Do you have the part number for the brackets/fixings etc?I think i will do this to my s1 too... Thanks
  7. I thought he had a manual trans....
  8. are you planning on changing your clutch? if yes what are you going to get? thanks
  9. MY CAR IS A 2014 Evora (NA) I forgot to say I WILL EVENTUALLY BUY the TVS Supercharger after I have saved money for it. So If I buy the headers/exhaust which Headers/Exhaust should I choose from the 2Bular website : the Evora (NA) Headers/Exhaust? or the Evora S Headers and Exhaust? (I emailed 2Bular and waiting for their advice ....) Thanks
  10. thanks for all the reply, it will definitely be NON-VALVED ...
  11. what it the difference between a VALVED vs. NON-VALVED exhaust? anything major i.e sound, performance?etc
  12. well i am tempted again to buy a full 2bular exhaust for my '14 (NA)... headers & exhaust..... should I get the NON-VALVED ? its cheaper...also if i get the NON valved does it mean the sport button will always be turned ON? opinions ...Thanks
  13. I tried opening it with a screwdriver and I am having a hard-time opening it... I only wanted to put a new battery as a precautionary measure as someone on facebook had his key fob battery drained and unable to start the car.... (my key fob is working perfectly) knock-on-wood...
  14. this is a preventive measure as someone on facebook posted about his key FOB not being able to start the car because of a "drained" key FOB battery. My question is what is the proper way to open the key FOB? I tried to use a screw driver, twisting it sideways and then I tried to push it, but I still can not open it? Also can you buy a replacement key FOB? Thanks
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