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  1. MY CAR IS A 2014 Evora (NA) I forgot to say I WILL EVENTUALLY BUY the TVS Supercharger after I have saved money for it. So If I buy the headers/exhaust which Headers/Exhaust should I choose from the 2Bular website : the Evora (NA) Headers/Exhaust? or the Evora S Headers and Exhaust? (I emailed 2Bular and waiting for their advice ....) Thanks
  2. thanks for all the reply, it will definitely be NON-VALVED ...
  3. what it the difference between a VALVED vs. NON-VALVED exhaust? anything major i.e sound, performance?etc
  4. well i am tempted again to buy a full 2bular exhaust for my '14 (NA)... headers & exhaust..... should I get the NON-VALVED ? its cheaper...also if i get the NON valved does it mean the sport button will always be turned ON? opinions ...Thanks
  5. I tried opening it with a screwdriver and I am having a hard-time opening it... I only wanted to put a new battery as a precautionary measure as someone on facebook had his key fob battery drained and unable to start the car.... (my key fob is working perfectly) knock-on-wood...
  6. this is a preventive measure as someone on facebook posted about his key FOB not being able to start the car because of a "drained" key FOB battery. My question is what is the proper way to open the key FOB? I tried to use a screw driver, twisting it sideways and then I tried to push it, but I still can not open it? Also can you buy a replacement key FOB? Thanks
  7. Yes this is where you can locate the emergency tailgate release to open the hatch, remove the carpet , then the foam, you should see it in that location, then as others have said pull the release handle "ACROSS" the car ie. to the side of the car... thank you again PAR and 2011 Chrome Orange for your great help
  8. Thanks for all the help I already opened the hatch, now my new problem is "HOW TO RETRACT" back the cable or does it need to be retracted back? thanks
  9. I have a 2014 (with 2+0) also my car is left hand drive... where would it be located? thanks thats also what is instructed on my handbook.... but i can not locate that shelf pad?
  10. Does anybody have a picture of the Tailgate Manual Release on a 2014 Evora (2+0) on the owners handbook it says it's supposed to be under the "shelf pad" in the 2+0 But I can not locate it . My cars battery drained and I can not open the tailgate via the key fob. thanks
  11. where did he buy that front splitter? where did you buy that front splitter? thanks
  12. i might just bring this to a lotus shop and let them check it out ...
  13. i drove the car again today for 10 miles... again no more smell inside the car, but if i open the engine cover the smell is still there but not as much as before, actually smell is now minimize ...
  14. I drove the car the yesterday for maybe 20 miles and the smell inside was gone, you can only smell it if you open the engine and take out the engine cover but smell is less, other than that car is driving normal and no engine light... even if clutch does not need replacing, how hard is it to replace the clutch? will engine need to be taken out? thanks
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