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  1. I am in the us too and interested on this
  2. Hello I have a 2014 Solar Yellow, M/T, 13,500Miles Evora - pristine condition ... I am also looking at a 2007 Exige S with 5,800miles, Also Solar Yellow also pristine condition... I am asking for opinions because I wanted to trade the evora for the exige.... is it worth it? I always wanted a MORE smaller car... less weight.... opinions/suggestions WELCOMED!!! Thank you
  3. these are the dealers NOTES. this is an authorized lotus dealer: I am curious when i spoke to the salesguy he said the "CLUSTER" was REPLACED but odometer is consistent w/cars mileage.... Do I walk ??? "2008 Elise SC, Saffron Yellow, Hardtop and Touring. Carfax shows mileage discrepancy, we did the odometer change and have the paper trail to verify mileage. This is a 2 owner car despite the Carfax, note when you review it is the same owner going between Florida and Michigan. We have serviced this car since June of 2011 with over $14K spent on service and maintenance . No excuse car, no track time, mature ownership, no damage, great Lotus color. We have inspected this car prior to sale and it is ready to go. Leather Interior Surface, Carpeted Floor Mats, HID Headlamps, Premium Sound, Rear Spoiler, Rear Spoiler, Tire Pressure Monitor - "
  4. Hello Hello What are the things/issues/recalls to look for in a 2007 Elise? Suspension wise is there anything to replace? Thanks
  5. Why did you have to say these .... .............Hehe just Joking .....
  6. there is no longer a 4c coupe, but they are still selling the spider 4c in the usa ...
  7. This penske ...
  8. Can anybody chime in re: the Alfa Romeo 4C. crossed my mind to trade-in my Evora for the 4C. I am only concerned about handling. I know these are two different class/weight of cars, just asking for thoughts and inputs regarding handling. Thanks
  9. what model is your ohlins? is is one of these? or where did you buy the "mounts"? thanks
  10. Hello just curious where will you buy the " CF bumper"? Thanks
  11. Exige is almost the same size as the S1 Evora .....
  12. phenoyz

    EVORA Weight

    apologize but off topic .... Does anybody know what the weight of: 1) Front Bumper 2) Front Clam 3) Rear Calm 4) Rear Trunk Hatch? I think all combined would weight between 300 - 400 lbs ???? I wish there are "CF Aftermarket Replacement" for 1-3
  13. Do you have a spring recommendation that will go well with the Ohlins? Thanks
  14. PSi 'Raceline' Lotus Evora suspension system - or Nitron 46mm Race Pro 3-Way - thanks
  15. Hello Do you have the part number for the brackets/fixings etc?I think i will do this to my s1 too... Thanks
  16. I thought he had a manual trans....
  17. are you planning on changing your clutch? if yes what are you going to get? thanks
  18. MY CAR IS A 2014 Evora (NA) I forgot to say I WILL EVENTUALLY BUY the TVS Supercharger after I have saved money for it. So If I buy the headers/exhaust which Headers/Exhaust should I choose from the 2Bular website : the Evora (NA) Headers/Exhaust? or the Evora S Headers and Exhaust? (I emailed 2Bular and waiting for their advice ....) Thanks
  19. thanks for all the reply, it will definitely be NON-VALVED ...👍
  20. what it the difference between a VALVED vs. NON-VALVED exhaust? anything major i.e sound, performance?etc
  21. well i am tempted again to buy a full 2bular exhaust for my '14 (NA)... headers & exhaust..... should I get the NON-VALVED ? its cheaper...also if i get the NON valved does it mean the sport button will always be turned ON? opinions ...Thanks
  22. I tried opening it with a screwdriver and I am having a hard-time opening it... I only wanted to put a new battery as a precautionary measure as someone on facebook had his key fob battery drained and unable to start the car.... (my key fob is working perfectly) knock-on-wood...
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