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  1. I’ve just been advised of this thread and quite timeley too as I’ve just published a detailed video yesturday on the new 2bular manifolds and exhaust system plus some other updates I’ve installed on my Lotus Elise Cup Race Car for this season. If you want to see the quality of this system in detail check it out 👇 VIDEO >> New Exhaust & Manifolds for Lotus Elise Race Car!!! + Build Update | Racing Diaries #4 In regards to Jim / 2bular, as a paying customer, my experience with him has been nothing but informative, honest and helpful. Just a few weeks ago I called f
  2. I watched this. Well, not the whole 24 hours but it was great to see Stefano and the team taking it to the bigger cars in the Elise PBR’s! I think they had to do an engine change too due to a broken belt and that only took them 4 hours! Great spirit! Enjoyed watching them that much that I’ve decided to enter into the 750 Club Enduro Championship this year in my Elise Cup R 🙈
  3. Hey guys, I’m having problems with my ABS on my track / race Exige. I don’t suppose anyone local to Cannock may have the Lotus Scan Tool T000T1418F???
  4. If any of you guys are kicking around near Norwich with nothing to do next weekend, the final round of the Lotus CUP & Elise Trophy at Snetterton should provide some entertainment!
  5. Hey Paul, Cheers for the heads up. I havn't seen this. Wonder what list price is.
  6. Wondering if anyone has one of these or any idea where I can get one? Emailed Lotus a few times with no response. I guess they are not producing this any longer.
  7. Cheers Neil. I hope you thoroughly enjoy the Evora, you've waited long enough and this ones panned out well for you ? @Stuno1 Aimee sounded extremely positive about selling mine for a very decent price. She has people waiting for them I believe and with all the hassle taken out of selling and the fact they will insure it for you while its on the forecourt its a no brainer. Neil just popped up at the right time with mine and I had absolutely no issues selling it to another forum member. It actually worked out mutually beneficial and I got what I wanted and Neil saved a few £££'s on Fo
  8. Yep, I had the same response from Amiee with regards to them selling for asking price within days. I'm happy to have sold mine to a forum member above ?. Very sad to see it go but I'm looking to get into an Elise now to hone my racing skills to do the Lotus Cup ?
  9. Does this bar fit 04 111r elise? I notice sector 111 site says 05 onwards?
  10. I may have foolishly just sold my Evora prematurely and I'm looking to get into an Elise S2 111r. If anyone on here is selling one get in touch. No budget in mind just an honest ideally original example. The lower the mileage the better ?
  11. You don't have to do arrive and drive with LCUK. You can buy cars from their classified section from people leaving the sport and you'll py around 15-20k for one ready. Then its £4,000 for the entire championship for entry fee's including tickets for family and friends and hospitality (food etc). It's probably similar to Catherham Allbeit slightly more expensive. I really like the idea of it and after hiring from the Track Group lately for track days I feel I'm really improving with the Lotus Elise and Exige Cup.
  12. Hey Guys. Thanks for all your responses. After doing a number of track days with Track Group in the Lotus Elise race prepped car and even the Cup R with the rather expensive Flappy paddle box I am toying with the idea of maybe doing an arrive and drive package with them next year in the Lotus Cup UK championship. The cost for arrive and drive for the 8 championship rounds including Friday test days will come out to about 30k. That includes renting the car, pit team, consumables, insurance. All in basically. Is there anyone here who competes in this? Any tips or advice for enteri
  13. I think if he's sold his Evora with only 25k miles for 'well under' 30k as he mentions then he's lost out big time. 30k + all day long for a well kept, full service 25k miles example.
  14. Anyone attending the event organised by Silverstone themselves? They usually do their days from the F1 garages. I'll be their in an orange Lotus V6 Cup ?
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