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  1. This Is #15 with a covering, new calliper and painted wheels. The car is still in France
  2. 01 CH Blue Cognac LHD IPS 2+2 02 UK  21gg_ Blue Cognac RHD IPS 2+2 21GG 03 UK domguy Black & Gold Black RHD IPS 2+0 AU64 CJV 04 UK LotusLeftLotusRight Starlight Black Sports Racer LHD MAN 2+2 X4GTE 05 HK Sold Solar Yellow Sports Racer RHD IPS 2+0 06 HK Sold Starlight Sports Racer RHD MAN 2+0 07 CH Sold Sport Yellow Sports Racer LHD MAN 2+0 08 UK bingoking Black & Gold Venom RHD MAN 2+0 FII0TUS 09 UK adfer Carbon Carbon LHD IPS 2+0 L7VGT 10 UK AVAILABLE Black Sports Racer RHD IPS 2+2 AU61CEV 11 DE TBD Aspen White Sports Racer LHD MAN 2+0 HH-TD462 12 HK Sold Aspen White Sports Racer RHD IPS 2+0 13 UK JeffK Military Grey Black/Alcantara RHD IPS 2+0 J 1000 14 UK Trevsked Metallic White Sports Racer LHD IPS 2+0 V60 GTE 15 FR sold. Arctic Silver (covering chrome red with Black stripe) Black/Alcantara LHD MAN 2+0 temporary french licence plate 16 UK sizona Arctic Silver Sports Racer LHD IPS 2+0 LOT3S 17 BE sold Aspen White Sports Racer LHD IPS 2+0 18 AE Sold Gold/Red Sports Racer LHD IPS 2+0 19 CH For Sale Black Sports Racer LHD MAN 2+0 Classica Motors S.A. 20 UK Ishy Motorsport Green   Black/Alcantara LHD IPS 2+0 NR20GT
  3. I'm not really agree with that. This 5 cars are more GTE than the 20 GT350 on the market. From what I know the 5 cars are: - Grey in picture - Mat white - black with Grey strippe - Motorsport green - chrome Swizz beatz I don't know if they've change thé wishbone with the one of the GT350
  4. #17 is now located in Belgium
  5. Stratton have been contact me to info their GT stratton will soon be ready. Maybe 4 or 5 GTE more on the road!
  6. @Colin P it's isotope green. A friend got a 400 in toxic green!
  7. Thanks @Sizona it was exactly at this place I saw the GTE when I came to visit it 😉
  8. I've just find a pics of the GTE's when they were waiting on a parking at the factory before the rebuilt
  9. Babas89

    Evora GT430

    I've got the mat black, I'm not a fan of the glossy wheels. My favorite was the one one my '10 Elise club racer un mat grey
  10. Even if it not match the Line I think it will looks better to get it full carbon un place of this plastic parts not matching with the other carbon parts
  11. Babas89

    Evora GT430

    Awesome color for this one 😍
  12. Babas89

    Evora GT430

    This car is a real corner lover 😍
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