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  1. Thanks, it sounds good, but I can not wait weeks, my one pad is destroyed by a rock and I have to drive as soon as possible. But that does not mean that I can not take advantage of your possible offer when it comes. But now I have to find new brake pads quickly. - If you know Ferodo's article number on DS2500 that fits my Evora 2010 N/A, I would appreciate that information🙂
  2. A question that has probably been asked before, but I would like to know the Ferodo DS2500 part number for my pads A132J0001S. I have an Evora N/A 2010
  3. Ok guys, I'm still unsure where the signal comes from to the oil pressure lamp. It is actually strange that I cannot find it in any drawings.
  4. You are absolutely right, but in my case I have caerbont gauges and cant use the one you have, mine and all other later S4 and V8 oil pressure gauges are reversed. High resistance is equal to low pressure on the meter, therefore I and many others have a different transmitter like the one @chillidoggy have as you can see on his image. Therefore, I look for information where the signal comes to the low oil pressure lamp. In your case, that signal comes from the wk terminal, but i have no wk terminal as you can see on @chillidoggy image.
  5. right now i have a wrong transmitter with 2 terminals. when i get my new and correct as the one in your image then i have a lead in excess, so which sensor on the image is for the oil pressure lamp.
  6. I'm looking for where the signal to my oil pressure lamp comes from. I do not find it on any drawings that I have access to. On my S4 95 the signal does not come from the oil pressure sensor as many others do.
  7. I have a S4 from 95 with Caerbont gauges, the oil pressure gauge 0-7 bar has always (since I bought it) shown the oil pressure backwards, which means it starts at 7 bar and then drops a little when the engine gets hot. I have checked the oil pressure manually and that is what it should be, the gauge Only display strange. Now I have checked the gauge and it shows high pressure at low resistance but the transmitter in the car sends low resistance at low pressure. so it is obvious that the transmitter in the engine is not suitable to the gauge. Someone has mounted the wrong transmitter, I have to find a transmitter that gives high resistance at low pressure so that the Caermont gauge shows the correct pressure. There is a transmitter in the car today with both pressure and warning contact (see link), I have found in lotus partlist that my S4 apparently should have had transmitter (without warning contact ) A082N4038F if the car has Caermont gauge and separate warning switch, but I cannot find a non used warning switch or a place where it has been sitting. I need to have a transmitter that gives high resistance at low pressure and a separate warning switch. i hope this make sense for someone so i can have some helppartlist.pdf The question is: which transmitter/sender ? which warning switch ? where is the warning switch located on my engine ? Sender in the car today (pressure and warning contact) A082N6062F Sender (only pressure) A082N4038F Low oil pressure switch (V8) A082N4039F
  8. i will use loctite 5699 instead of what many others use loctite 587, i had 5699 lying therefore fall the choice of it and i do not think it's such a big difference 10131_Charts_web_gasket.pdf
  9. You're quite right it's reasonably priced, but if I can find an item number for my rear brake discs, it may be cheaper. Maybe it's only our Esprit who use this size rotors and thus specially made
  10. I need to change my rotors on my S4 95 and try to find new locally in sweden. I have found EBC 296 mm rotors (GD1130 or D1130) for front, but can not find rear 300 mm rotors locally at all. Is there no other option than SJ, PNM for standard rotors for my S4 ?
  11. maybe it's a good idea, I did not think there was room for two seals on the outside of each other
  12. I have similar consideration, but it's easier to just change and seal the pins 😉
  13. Thank you, it was as I thought, it's best to knock out the pins and seal them again.
  14. Last winter I changed the drive shaft seal, now it leaks oil from the roll pins, I do not remember if I sealed the pins back then. The question is, can i just put some locktite silicone seal on the pin ends or do I have to knock out the pins and thus also switch to new ones.
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