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  1. LOL, it was only a bad earth on the starter Barry , apart from that, totally reliable !!........ Reliable V8's do exist you know
  2. Martyn - Esprit SE Bibs - Evora ChrisJ - Turbo Esprit or Excel SE top-plumber - unmentionable Bazza - S3 Esprit markw996 - S4 Esprit JAWS - Evora Rupert - Elise SC Scott - Elan M100 Charlie- Esprit S4 Clive - Evora Clivef -Elite or Elan M100 Lara - Elise Sport Sparky - Esprit GT3 Stuart - Elan M100 Paul - Esprit V8 I will defiantly make it this year !! Paul F
  3. Yeah, the Esprit V8 that was supposed to be there was mine !!, it wouldn't start on the day so I took my Porsche 928 V8 instead, which started first time of cause . Turned out to be a bad earth on the starter motor in the end, first and last time it ever let me down....... so far . Anyway, is this event on again this year ?? This is the beast the day after when it started fine !!, typical !!. PF
  4. Yes, Its very cheap for a V8, but there are no details regarding engine rebuild, turbo's, clutch, gearbox, suspension bushes etc.... and at 70K+ miles its going to be needing some....... Also, its an early car so slightly less desirable. In today's market your looking at £35-40K for a good fully sorted V8 requiring no work at all, with the 98MY+ cars a bit more. PF
  5. Completely agree. When I bought mine it had high mileage, 98K but had been completely rebuilt, engine, turbo's, clutch, suspension, brakes, A/C, the lot !!. Turned out to be a good decision and has been perfect so far.......... well, so far !! The silver car is defiantly worth a look and at £40K about right if its as described. The yellow car is top money at £46K and a big risk unless it has a very comprehensive documented rebuild, also, remember that the yellow one is an early car so does not benefit from the revised clutch, gear linkage, gearbox mods, ABS system, interior, instruments etc..... that the later Silver car has. PF
  6. The silver one is a better buy, higher mileage so more used, new turbo's and it s a MY98+ spec car which defiantly adds value, and its £6K less. Its virtually identical to my car apart from the wheels, mine has Monoblocks instead of Saturn's. If I didn't already own one I would be seriously looking at this one. PF
  7. If its a very good MY98+ spec car then I would say yes. The early V8's are worth a bit less. As I said in the other thread, its virtually identical to my car apart from the wheels and if i didn't already have mine I would be seriously looking at this one. As an aside its interesting to note that its a V8 GT but has been retrofitted with the SE spoiler and seats, this may have been done at the factory as options of cause as Lotus will give the customer pretty much anything they ask for, for a suitable fee !!. You can tell its a GT from the extended transom. Non of that makes any real difference to the value of cause. Been a V8GT it may not have aircon as it was an option, does not say either way in the advert so worth asking. Anyway, well worth a look and if its as described then £40K is about right. PF
  8. With mileage that low it hasn't been driven, and on an esprit that's bad....... especially on a V8. If not used for a long time the engine and turbo's rapidly degrade, as do the suspension bushes, brakes, clutch, etc. leading to an expensive rebuild. Better to go for a car that has been regularly used and maintained properly that a "Garage Queen". PF
  9. Yeah, bloody Lotus !!!!! ............... Runs fine all week then on the day of the event refuses to start !!!!.......... So jumped into The Porsche 928 instead, which started first time of cause, bloody Germans . Anyway, looks like the starter motor on the Esprit, further investigation required....... I will post the video in the Bromyard thread. PF
  10. Anybody going send me a PM and we can arrange to meet up PF
  11. Be aware also that The bromyard festival of speed is on the same day. PF
  12. There is nothing intrinsically wrong with buying cars via e-bay, I have bought and sold several without any problems, just make sure you physically see the car first, check all the paperwork, make sure the registered keeper and address match's the person your dealing with and only transfer the money when your there and ready to take the car away. Also make sure that when you transfer the funds you tag the transfer with "Purchase of vehicle reg no : xyz" and only transfer the money to the registered keepers bank account, that way you have an audit trail should there be any problems. PF
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