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  1. More of a weep. I'll let you know what B&C say.
  2. Hi Everyone, I've noticed an oil leak on my Evora 400. It appears to be coming from the joint where the super charger is bolted to the top of the engine. I will be taking to B&C to have it checked out but I was wondering if anyone had experienced this before?
  3. FGA

    Lotus Evora 400

    Just wanted to say congrats to RG LOT on the 400. It really looks fab! I bet you can't wait to take it towards 5k revs. The exhaust tone changes again as you rev under load towards the limiter.
  4. Seat looks really smart. They look like fixed racing buckets.
  5. FGA

    Evora 400 Registry

    Looking good Richard. Bet you can't wait.
  6. Cheers guys. The iPod connectivity is working again. I started the car up, the head unit screen turned blue for about 5 seconds and when it rebooted, the iPod started working. it seems to have reset itself. Very strange but all back to normal now. CocoPops is right though I need to upgrade the iPod.?
  7. Congrats macetrix and welcome to 400 ownership. The car looks really good.
  8. Welcome 4exige. Great spec and great choice with the auto. The exhaust "farts" on flat upshifts and pops on the overrun will turn you into a 5 year old every time you drive it. That's how these cars should make you feel. Enjoy it when it arrives.
  9. It's an Old i-pod nano. It's ancient but was working ok until last night. I've tried unplugging and plugging again but it still doesn't work.
  10. Hi guys, Has anyone experienced a sudden i-pod malfunction on their alpine INE - W990BT head unit. Symptoms are with the I-pod plugged in and I-pod selected the message on the head unit screen reads "I-pod Disconnecting" and doesn't play. I've tried the I-pod in another car and it works fine. Any ideas?
  11. FGA

    Evora 400 Registry

    Hi there RG17 LOT. It's good to see a soon to be evora 400 owner from London. A rare sight indeed. Maybe we can meet up when you take delivery to admire each other's toys. Mine is a mettalic black 400 with black cast wheels, red calipers and red leather interior.
  12. Mine starts with the normal bark in these cold temps. However it's parked in a garage.
  13. I've had my 400 for about 2 months and covered 1500 miles. The car had done 1700 when I bought it. Its had the creaky seat fixed and the heater control module replaced under warranty at B&C. It's also had 3 service bulletin work carried out. I use it as a weekend toy. It's a fantastic handling car and always puts a smile on my face ( and on the faces of many others) when I drive it. To Daren (Gadzooks) who is on the casp of buying a new evora I would say if you're considering a 400, go for it. JayEmm's issues with his 400 is really unfortunate however all makes of cars suffer unreliability / teething niggles. The deal breaker is not having support when things go wrong. I've owned 3 Porsches over the past 6 years and my last one before the 400 was a 997.2 C2S. They are fantastic all round performers, but I still had unreliability problems despite their bullet proof reputation.
  14. FGA

    Lotus Evora 400

    Looking forward to your video JayEmm about the Elise stereotype. It's so true. When I told a friend of mine I was considering the Evora 400, The first thing he said was "Ah! hard core track day toy right?"
  15. FGA

    Lotus Evora 400

    Very true JayEmm. His point of reference is an old sofa so the 400 will feel raw. A year ago when I was looking to get out of my 997.2C2S, I drove the F type V6S and the R on a 24 hour test. I Can't argue with the exterior styling and GT credentials but in my opinion the interior materials, fit and finish did not match the asking price given my point of reference. I guess it boils down to what one is looking for in a car. The 400 for me ( after 1 month's ownership and 1300 miles) is a fantastic and relatively light sports car which does GT better than you'd expect. The Jag is a fantastic but heavy GT car which does sport less well than you'd expect.
  16. FGA

    Lotus Evora 400

    I'm a fan of STG and I thought his comments were fair given that it was his first impression but I don't agree it feels raw. As for the steering wheel, I like the look of it, but not the feel of the lumps and bumps.
  17. FGA

    400 (side) ways

    I've been exploring some sideways action in mine too expescially at round a bouts. In sport mode I've found if I enter the ccrner too fast, turn in, then apply throttle the car just under steers. It works better if I enter the corner with moderate speed, apply the brakes to get a good weight transfer onto the front axle, off the brakes, turn in, blip the throttle, catch the slide and then modulate the throttle to hold the slide. What's your technique and have you tried drifting in race mode or everything off mode?
  18. So it would appear the temperature sensor reading on the dash is a combination of ambient air plus residual heat from the rads in the crash structure area. Thanks CocoPops, JayEmm and Agentdr8.
  19. Hi guys, Have any evora 400 owners experienced inaccuracies in the outside temperature guage? Mine reads between 5 and 7 degrees higher than ambient temperature. Just wondered if this is normal?
  20. Thanks auRouge. I love the combo but black is always a pain to keep clean..... and birds think the reflective roof is a pond so they keep pooing on it. Hi TomE, B&C are not my local dealer but I might take you up on the invite to meet up with like minded guys for some banter and a back road blast. I will look up the details in the SLEGS regional forum as suggested.
  21. Thank you all for your warm welcome. I'm really looking forward to some good times in this baby. ? I hope your seat and other issues gets sorted soon James.
  22. Thanks Neal H. Mine creaks at the squab and bolsters and intermittently feels like it moves laterally in the runners. I will mention all the symptoms to B&C.
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