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  1. Gday from Oz Barry. Do you have the rest of the data available please. I saved this image but the must be much more to it, dealing with the front Toe and then the rear settings also. I've just done my S4 with new bushes and a GAZ coilover kit so now needing an alignment down here in Melbourne, Australia.
  2. Thanks Ian. I have a few service notes mostly electrical from when the dog at e the loom and I needed to rebuild it electrically. But I've looked around and after three years I still cant find the info on where to buy or download the full service notes for the car. I have the parts diagrams from TLF and they are really helpful, but torque settings etc I'm just guessing and reliant upon you guys in the UK.
  3. From cross members to ground? This measurement must take into account a lot of variables? One would have to presume, factory wheel width, factory tyre size, factory recomended tyre inflation? With other cars I own, it's generally from the base of the mounted rim to a known point on the arch. But in saying that, my Pantera is trailing arm connection points to ground. Can anybody please confirm the height from the notes. I'm trying to do mine tomorrow.
  4. The bolts that I purchased last week were M12 x 140mm grade 10.9 The reason I got 140mm was because that was the closest I could get to actual shank length under the head of the bolt before thread started. You need 98 - 100mm of shank, so the 140 bolt at 100mm was perfect and I simply cut 15mm off and re-dressed the end of the bolt.
  5. Awesome work. I'm amazed at your fibreglass work, incredible.
  6. Thanks Simon, I looked on their website and the switches look sort of brown. I'd like a dark grey or even better a black as my interior is black and yellow. Did you get the Dunnydore ones to work as there seems to be an extra wire to deal with? Holden ones not cheap though, and hard to locate even second hand.
  7. Searched and searched and the closest is close to home. Holden Commodore VN / VP / VR and VS models rear door switches. They look the goods but need you guys to compare the wires. Five wires in total, four in the plug and a single spade at the front. Going to try and find one and see if the internal mechanism will operate the windows properly.
  8. Time to re-open this 10 year old thread. I've read through it from end to end and tried to locate the various GM numbers presented but to no avail. Seems that these switches are really hard to locate now. Did anybody definitively find the right cars that they were fitted to and actually work in an S4 Esprit. I've looked for Tigra, Calrton, Cavalier, various Opels and havent found anything. Makes it really difficult when you live on the other side of the World, but ebay is Worldwide if I only knew the exact search terminology. Old eBay links on this thread are long dead.
  9. Thanks, seemed odd. Normally it's +/- a set figure ie: 6. Never seen it +12 one way and then -6 the other way. Vast tolerances.
  10. Normally run 34 to 36 for high speed running. Thanks Ian. Alignment machine database probably had the settings in the UK for a UK car. Not so lucky here in Oz. Most dont even know what a Lotus is.
  11. Some further research indicates the following: A bit difficult to understand, but apparently from the service notes. Front: Camber -0.7"; + 0.2 deg, -0.1" (-0 deg 42'; +12', -6') what the hell does that all mean? +12', -6'??? Castor +3.2"; +/- 0.2" (+3 deg 12'; +/- 12') within 0.2 deg (12') side to side Toe 1.0mm toe out overall +/- 0.5mm Steering axis inclination 9.6" (9 deg 35') nominal Rear: Camber -0.9"; +/- 0.2" (-0 deg 54'; +/- 12') Toe 1.5mm toe in each side +/- 0.5mm 0.2" toe in each side; +/- 0.07"
  12. And while we are on the subject. Are these cars really fussy about wheels / tyres / offset. Many cars don't seem to phased, yet others; particularly certain Toyota models; are incredibly fussy. get your offset or backspacing wrong by a few mm and the car handles like crap. How's the S4 with different wheels on it?
  13. Anybody have a copy of the factory alignment specs from the Lotus Service notes please.
  14. G'day Ian. No, I 'm simply presuming that a 9" front with a 225/35 squeezed onto it leaving just a bare strap of rubber sidewall to the road just cant be right so I'm trying to track wheels and then do the alignment. In your experience, are the geometry settings on an S4s and an S4 the same. Can you point me at the accurate front and rear settings for the car please? This arvo I stuck another set of wheels on the car and just came back from a drive. Borrowed wheels from a Ferrari 360 modena. Front 7.5 +31.5 offset with new Pirellis. Rears 10.5 +39 offset also with Pirelli tyr
  15. Hi guys, I'm needing some technical advice regarding wheels and offsets for an S4. My car came to me fitted with a set of Aussie made ROH wheels which I think are 9 inch fronts with a +22 offset and 11" rears with a +4 offset. The 9" fronts have a 225/35-18 stretched onto them and the rears are a bit more sensible with a 285/30-18 fitted. The car drives okay, but darts around a lot and doesn't point as well as I expected it too. My old Ferrari 308GT4 will drive rings around it, which it simply shouldn't do, especially given that the Lotus is 20 years younger. I've bee
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