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  1. I would like to join you at Snetterton 30 July, I will see how things look diary wise. Could be a good warm up for Brands GP with LoT on 1 Aug.
  2. Great to hear you got on well. You did the right thing getting some tuition, it makes a huge difference and accelerates learning and confidence. David is a great choice, top guy and a Lotus fan, many on here have used him and speak well of him. I would recommend booking him again at a later stage once you've done a few more days as he can then help develop things further for you.
  3. Very nice! I really like your colour choice.
  4. Yes his would be a good review! I do agree with you about the insta/youtuber types especially when he gets a number of facts and figures wrong...Lotus should hand out press sheets. That said, its all publicity so not all bad.
  5. Thanks, all very interesting Gary...I keep thinking about the 460 kit. I fancy trying a 500 car too, that would be some drive but probably too much for most to opt for with the gearbox needed as well. 460 still seems a good option. Maybe this coming winter!
  6. Great car, great colour, looks very nice!
  7. I agree with you, he's done a very good job there, balanced and fair. His enthusiasm and excitement at the drive and handling is what sells these cars, you soon overlook the minor negatives on the interior, etc. The more people who drive them the more they would sell. The Evora sound is so addictive too! For the price, I cannot see any car better it for a B road blast. 🙂 He mentioned the rev sweet spot 4,000 - 5,000 and yes that is a fun place to be, nice amount of torque but I love that extra pull you feel very close to the top end around 6,700 or so. I am also really looking forward to see what lies in store with new model releases!
  8. Turned out to be wet I guess, I live just up the road, was it a good day?
  9. Good job its not a stock exhaust because that would be a definite fail at Snetterton on a 400 🙂 I might look at this day, its always good to have a weekend track day. My only doubt is I've found Javelin days to be very busy.
  10. Lovely colour that! Enjoy getting to know your Evora.
  11. Nice photos and videos there! I expected the 430 to have much more of an advantage and gain more distance, nice to see the 350 caught some ground back. Both seemed well driven to me.
  12. Wow! What a bit of kit that is, looks rapid. Clearly some major work done but must be a lot of fun. Lotus - please build us something like this 😀
  13. Yes, I've certainly found it interesting learning about the mod's George has made, and others on here too. I'm very happy with my Exige but it would be great with some extra grunt and I don't think I could justify the extra for a 430 Cup when I can upgrade mine. I also currently have the standard exhaust which allows me to drive the tracks I want to without noise problems. With a 430 Cup (or 410) I've got to find an aftermarket exhaust solution to get the noise levels down first off and that frustrates me a little bit. As the winter approaches I guess many of us start thinking about options... 🙂
  14. I never normally let my car get too low on fuel but I was driving back from a meeting in my 400, fuel was getting very low but I knew where I was filling up so not a problem...or so I thought! Pulled in to the garage only to find when removing my fuel filler cap it broke. It was feeling very tight and when turning I knew something had failed and then the black top part of the filler cap separated from the main body. Slightly alarming moment for me given how low the car was on fuel. A quick call to my local dealer who gave me some advice but I had no tools to try the fix they recommended. Walking around the garage forecourt wondering who to approach for some tools, I happened to see a tyre fitting garage behind the petrol station, so popped over there and sure enough they were able to help. In the photo, the white mechanism broke off easily, to leave the inner sleeve of the cap, he managed to use some bent-nose pliers forced open in the sleeve which managed to grip on enough for it to be undone - it took quite a bit of force. I didn't catch a pic of this moment because I was more concerned about the pliers slipping and me ending up with a decent scratch in the paintwork! This allowed me to get enough fuel in to drive the car to the dealer for a new cap to be fitted. The dealer said that they have not encountered this issue before so it seems like I was unlucky and this is a rare fault. I thought I would share though, in case anyone else has the same problem. My next purchase will be some decent bent-nose pliers for the boot! 😀
  15. Looks great! Congratulations on your new car, you'll have a lot of fun with it!
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