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  1. Thanks James, the drive I had in your 400 paid off
  2. Thanks Paul, yes I like silver alloys too and I think they work well with this colour. I will hopefully get the car along to the Bird in Hand at some point after Christmas. Yes, I was reading about your PPF work on the other thread, I can totally see why you would want that. It will be worth the wait to know it is well protected. And what an Evora to start with too, it will be great to see footage from your first track outing.
  3. @The Pits thank you, I agree with you. I have to say that I am very much looking forward to getting a close look at the GT430 they have in stock when I go to collect, you must be counting down the hours.
  4. Thanks guys. I do think the 400 represents excellent value and with moderate use shouldn't depreciate too much (not that we think of that when buying!). The man maths has been working overtime to make this work. @550superfast cheers Gary. It has been a busy couple of months so I've been popping on TLF but not that visible. I really wanted to join you guys at Silverstone a couple of weeks ago but I couldn't make the diary work unfortunately. Looking forward to more track days next year. I'm sure Lotus Silverstone will not mind me sharing a pic from their website I meant to add that once again TLF has been an excellent resource, being able to read about others views and experiences. TLF made my mind up about buying an Exige and in fact I found my car on the forum and once again has been a big factor in buying a 400.
  5. Having bought my first Lotus earlier this year, an Exige, my interest in the Evora has grown. I had a drive in a 400 in the summer and it lived up to my expectations. The arrival of the amazing GT430 and GT430 Sport fuelled my interest and I have found myself looking around dealers at Evora's for the past month. I have no desire to sell my Exige, I love it and especially enjoy taking it on track every now and then. I wanted a GT car which would be useable, something that could almost be a daily, so I kept coming back to the 400 as it ticks the box for what I want and it is also great value when compared with a 911, for example. I wanted a car which I will really enjoy driving whether it is to the local shop or for a blast out to the North Norfolk coast and I know that a Lotus can deliver on that front! So, this week I bought a stock 400 from Lotus Silverstone. Aimee has been excellent, I know many people on here speak well of Lotus Silverstone and they are doing a great job of getting the car ready in quick time. The colour is the new dark metallic grey; the same colour as the launch GT430 car. I think Evora's look great in brighter colours and I was eyeing up an orange one but for me I wanted something that was more discreet, so this was perfect. It looks amazing with the metallic flecks in the paint. It is manual too which I also wanted as I've been using autos for a while now and I enjoy the gearshift so much in the Exige that it made sense to continue with that level of engagement with the car. I'm really looking forward to picking the car up next week and getting the running in period out of the way! I will share some photos when I collect, I hope it is not snowing!
  6. Beautiful car! I like your colour choice, it works very well on the 380 Cup. Stunning scenery to set it off against too...all those twisty mountain roads will be a true delight to drive in your new Cup.
  7. M4rk

    Evora GT430

    I'm just catching up on this thread...congrats @The Pits! I had a feeling this was coming, excellent choice for what will be a very special car, the wait will be completely worth it!
  8. Thanks Greg, good to meet you too. The Evora's that were running that day looked great out on track and certainly had pace. All in all a good day out for the Lotus crew. I'm sure we will catch up again at other tracks. Yes good point Jonny, some people have said to me before that they've been spoken to for too much tyre squeal, let alone drifting. They did seem pretty relaxed there to be honest, perhaps they take a view that if there is no one around you it is ok. There were certainly a few overtakes on corners that didn't appear to get challenged. I think there was only 3 red flags all day, they seemed to have the right number of cars booked as the track ran well I thought. Whilst I was not even close to having the level of fun George did, I had some slides in my last session out and I think David Pittard was enjoying it as much as I was - I must turn the DPM fully off next time though.
  9. Oh, good skills then, I wrongly assumed it was Race mode wearing your rear pads. I must turn everything off next time so I can feel the difference, I'm getting much more confident with the car now.
  10. Great photo and video, held those slides very well! You certainly were looking fast out there, shame about the noise issue, it sounded epic when I heard you fly past the pits.
  11. Cheers George. I really liked your paintwork, not seen that colour in person yet, it really pops in the sun. Next time I see you, I will have to chat about some of the upgrades you've made. Sounds like you were putting Race mode through its paces. Yes, another great day on track. Weather was kind in the morning. At the end of the day me and David had some fun in the car exploring the grip levels...quite shockingly I got overtaken by one of the works Ferrari's while having a slight sideways moments at Luffield! The Elemental chaps were friendly and I chatted to a few of them but I didn't see the car while I was out on track either, nearly blagged a hot lap but it was raining pretty heavy by then and I was a not up for getting wet.
  12. Should be a great day, weather currently looks dry which is a big plus!
  13. I'm not sure but I think they only send their calendar out once a year. I wasn't invited as such, I saw the circuit club email in March and called to see if there was space. If you ask they will add you to the database, I'm not sure they automatically add you.
  14. It certainly was a great day, weather was very good. Great pics Gary.
  15. M4rk

    Evora Sport 410

    Good reading your feedback, having experience of a 400 plus two Exiges puts you in a good place to compare. Nice car that 410, I do like the colour.
  16. I will be there, look forward to saying hello. I'm working with @david_pittard again for another great day of coaching. I'm hoping the weather will be fair to us this time around, if not there'll definitely be lots of slides and yee-haa moments!
  17. @550superfast no, I won't have a jack with me, I tend to travel very light to track days. I'm sure that someone will be able to oblige. Garage number 20, I will be there around 7:30am.
  18. @550superfast excellent Gary, yes weather looking good, the details should be emailed out tomorrow. Looking forward to it. @Fortis Hopefully there should be a good turn out, see you there.
  19. When I adjust mine, I jack the car up at the mid jack point so the whole side lifts up, then I have enough access to get to the rear. I do the front at the same time, although turning the wheel opposite lock each side is fine for accessing the fronts. Its not an easy job at a track! I wish I had a four post lift at home (future dream-garage!). I don't change the settings now as I don't drive the car on the road much for pleasure purposes. I did soften R & C slightly when I added the Avon ZZR tyres because they firmed up the ride a bit more, so I used the factory recommended setting (for ZZRs) and softened two clicks rear and one click front. I'm sure you will have fun playing with the settings, it is possible to get them pretty compliant for road driving.
  20. M4rk

    Evora GT430

    Oh my!! The new 430 Sport is very nice, I am getting a real urge for an Evora, the 430 range is a nice update. Time to start playing the lottery every country!
  21. My first time at Silverstone in June was with a pro racing driver for a days coaching. The day started out very wet and ended dry. My best time in my standard 360 Cup was 2:36 according to the VBox data, I don't have a note of his fastest time but from memory it was around 2:33. I'm not an experienced track driver by any means but this may help to show the benefit of the power is at least tempting me!
  22. No worries Will, I am also getting short on leave now - it is that time of year. If you do sign up for a weekend let me know, I may be able to make it. I'm at Hethel with LoT in a weeks time on Saturday, I thought I would tick off the Hethel test track from the list. Yes, I am hoping to talk to Gary about his car so will hope to get a passenger ride. I really, really like my Exige but more power would be the icing on the cake. Haha, thanks, I can see me having this one for a while.
  23. Sorry for the short notice, I should have posted this up before now! I'm booked on the MSV run day at Snetterton on 12 September if anyone else is free and would like to come it will be good to see you there. At the moment the weather forecast looks dry. @550superfast is planning to be there. @Gashead1105 are you able to make it?
  24. Well done Arun, I know you said you were keeping an eye out for these. It will be interesting to hear your thoughts, I think the set up you will end up with will be better than on my car given the springs you've acquired. I'm used to the ride on the road in mine now but I am finding my Exige is becoming more of a track toy so it is not an issue, it may bring out some more of the character of the car for you aka rattles and squeaks @550superfast B&C did tell me about the servicing requirements for these dampers they need to be rebuilt every so many years...I think it was 3 years but it could have been 5, I can't remember now. I'm picking my car up from Stratton on Friday so will ask them if I remember. I am guessing that this will be an expensive service job!
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