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  1. I've read lots of different theories out there about soft v hard running in, it is very confusing. When I got my E92 M3 I stuck to the rules, you didn't have a choice because the rev limiter was reduced to 5,500rpm until the ECU was updated at the service. With that car it was my first properly fast car so I was pleased about the restriction placed on the driver as it gave good time to get used to the performance. I'm inclined to think that is one of the main reasons Lotus adopt their 1,000 mile running in policy too because surely after a few hundred miles the engine is good to go and be driven as it was intended...even if the driver may not be used to that level of power. I was given good advice from B&C which was inline with the handbook. I was slightly concerned that I had 160 miles to drive back home when I collected the car, pretty much all on motorway and dual carriage way but B&C gave me good suggestions of how to deal with this. I made sure I was regularly changing gear, RPM and road speed while not exceeding the 4000 rpm limit. In fact I noticed that the shift lights came on at around 4,100 rpm when I slightly exceeded the limit driving off a roundabout when I was nearly home. After 600 miles I did use short bursts of higher RPM and full throttle, again in line with the manual. Fortunately, I had a couple of long A and B road journey's to go on so I soon covered the 1,000 miles and running in was all behind me! It is difficult to know what is best, I decided I'd go with the handbook so if there was an issue it couldn't be pinned on that. After the running in service, I checked if there were any further requirements (my previous M3 required a further 100 miles I think)...the response I got was brilliant..."nope, give it hell and enjoy it". So true!
  2. My local tyre and exhaust place are friendly chaps, I called in when they were not busy and popped the car on the lift to check bolts for the rear under tray. They were all good and tight so at least it wasn't that. There does appear to be a cable/hose in a blue cover running under and up the rear side of the engine which is loose against the under tray but I'm not convinced it is that, could be a heat shield in the engine bay maybe. I'll give Stratton a call and book it in.
  3. Congratulations for your new car, it looks stunning! I like black cars. I was pleased with my insurance deal through Mannings, with unlimited UK track cover they were competitive over a couple of others I tried. Plenty of tracks offer novice days and I recommend taking instruction, its well priced for the benefit it will give you. Increase speed in your own time and enjoy! Get the running in completed in good time, driving your Exige will get so much better after that!
  4. Thanks, yes, good point. I went back to B&C for running in as a couple of other bits were being sorted.
  5. That's interesting, I wondered if that might be the case but thought that it couldn't be down to that! I might try to tighten them myself to save the drive back to B&C. At least it should be an easy fix which is good to know. Cheers
  6. I had some noise coming from the roof on my car which B&C sorted at the running in service so that's all fine now. On the way home I noticed a squeak/rattle type noise which I am now thinking is coming from the under tray where the rear section joins the front half. I'm wondering if it needs some kind of sealant or tape along the joint of both sections. I pick up this noise coming from roughly under the seats at all road speeds, mostly noticeable at lower speeds. I also wonder if it might be a heat shield in the engine bay. I will get it checked but I wondered if anyone else has had a similar experience?
  7. I know, he did make a couple of errors didn't he. I think he also said it sharpens the suspension...anyway, I can forgive him that, it is clear he loves Lotus and that is a good thing. I do love Copper Fire, I've never seen it in the flesh but I bet it looks stunning. I agree with comments regarding the different finish on the canards and eyeliner with carbon too. I still wonder why the canards on the 380 do not come in carbon, perhaps Lotus thought they were too costly in carbon for their size? Hopefully he lets his mate Archie give it a proper drive on track once it is run in.
  8. Sounds good. Hopefully you can post another video once run in is complete so we can hear it at higher rpm.
  9. I'm not sure how much help I can be but my car has the optional Ohlins dampers fitted, I think from factory they are set firm - track setting. They are pretty firm on the road but they give lots of confidence round corners, keeping the car very flat. They ride about 10mm lower than the standard cup Nitron set up I believe.
  10. I agree, Seb's 380 looks good. Nice reference to historic colours too! As an aside, I can't help feeling that Lotus missed out on some better product placement/marketing material in the background of the footage knowing how many views it is likely to get.
  11. Just as a follow up to this. I got around to completely emptying my garage, bought two decent door protectors, one mounted where I open the drivers door and one mounted on the wall just in case I get the rear too close when manoeuvring and the car fits perfectly. I can almost open the door fully, the width of my single garage is 2.6m. I've ordered an electric roller door to make for easier use and to give a bit more width at the opening. Room behind the car for storing cleaning bits too. Makes for a good echo on start up...not sure the neighbours will like that so much on an early morning start.
  12. Great news! Looked fast, the 380 made the rest look like they were on a cool down lap.
  13. Oliver, that's one of the funniest Emoticons I've seen! I know lots of folk don't like the videos from the "youngsters on YT" but my view is that to have someone who is in his early 20s raving about Lotus and buying a Lotus can be no bad thing. Whether we like the videos or not, he gets lots of viewers. It can only help Lotus that younger generations feel inspired in a similar way I was when I was looking at amazing Esprit's and hoping I would be able to own a car like that at some point. I only hope the spec they have agreed to do for his 380 is tasteful.
  14. M4rk

    Exige Cup

    There is very little to dislike about an Exige, or any Lotus! If you were to ask me what my big gripe is I would have to say headlights; more specifically dipped beam. They are very poor and having been used to decent lights on my cars for the past 10 years it was a big shock only being able to see a car length in front (full beam is fine). Lotus really should, by now, have found a company who can supply some Xenon or LED headlamps, look how many small mainstream cars now come with LED adaptive lights. Anyway, rant over
  15. M4rk

    Exige Cup

    To be fair, Ohlins are a pain to adjust as the adjusters are on the dampers and access to the rear is no easy task (they were already spec'd on the car before I bought it). I think from what I have heard, the Nitrons on the V6 Cup are fairly easy to adjust at the remote reservoirs in the boot so once you get used to how to set them you can fairly easily switch between road and track damping.
  16. M4rk

    Exige Cup

    Yes very much! As you say, they are such a raw car and very rewarding for the driver. It has that race car feel which you normally have to pay a lot more money for. The engine is superb and now I've completed the running in, I can hear it at higher revs. There is so much power but equally the car doesn't feel on the edge, it gives lots of confidence and the feedback allows you to quickly tell if it is slightly unsettled. I think I have only seen the traction light flash two or three times, my previous M4 used to flash nearly all the time I pushed on with it. Every time I drive it, I am left with a smile. My car has Ohlins fitted and my plan is to leave exactly as they are set for now as I have two track days coming up in April and May, then I will see about adjusting the rebound slightly as the rears do lose traction on bumpy sections of B roads and that will be even more problematic in the wet I think. I'll probably see a specialist about that rather than tinker myself.
  17. M4rk

    Exige Cup

    Nice lightweight forged wheels. I also had a squeak from the roof, B&C removed, lubed and refitted so its all good now. Although, I'm now picking up a noise from the behind me, I wonder if it is a heat shield in the engine bay rattling? Will have to get that investigated. How are you finding the car to drive?
  18. Looks awesome, that colour really suits the Exige.
  19. M4rk

    Exige Cup

    Yeah, I think at least 5 from TLF I'm aware of. I am coming down from Norwich with two friends who both drive an Elise.
  20. M4rk

    Exige Cup

    Congratulations on your new car, looks great, I like the stealth look! I shall look forward meeting you and your car at Brands, along with the other fellow TLF members attending. It will be a good day, lets hope for dry weather. I don't think I will have seen (or heard!) so many Exige's in one place!
  21. Wow, now that is a garage! I would love that set up.
  22. Thanks, that's helpful.
  23. Any progress on headlight upgrade? I cannot believe how poor the dipped headlights are!
  24. That looks good and worth having. The red on your car really looks good.
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