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  1. I had a great drive out today along the North Norfolk coast road which has some very good tight bends and S bend sections, I really got to feel just how good these cars are through corners! I was not particularly pushing hard but left the traffic well behind though the bends. B&C will be sorting out the noise I am getting from the roof, I've read that this is a problem others have had and the fix seems easy enough but I will leave it to them to sort. Other than that all is going well. Running in service is booked for Thursday. I took a pic when I pulled over for a short break.
  2. Congratulations on your purchase! Colour looks awesome with the red accents, they make it pop....I'm also a fan of red accents I would encourage you to go for the carbon options you are looking at, yes they save weight but they also look stunning. I've seen one up close and the carbon is really very good, you would regret not getting them I think. As my car is past the 600 mile mark on the running in phase I have been able to briefly enjoy higher revs, wow, what an experience. I can see this will become addictive. They get a move on even when keeping them below 4K, above that the Exige is like nothing else I have driven. To be honest, the running in restriction is also a useful way of settling in to the car before you can enjoy more rapid pace - especially if you are new to a Lotus. Exciting times ahead for you.
  3. Yes, I booked with LoT it is £299. B&C are running a day there too so they are the final group of the 3 organisers.
  4. Haha...I'm happy! They are staying put I am not sure to be honest as the car spec was chosen by the dealer, I had no part in the selection.
  5. Thanks for the reassurance about that. I'm pretty sure at some point I will ground the splitter because it rides lower with Ohlins as you know. I'm doing my best to pick my routes so far to avoid high speed bumps. I had an an enjoyable drive this afternoon on some twisty B roads and got to see a little more what the Exige is about - Wow, I am addicted, I couldn't stop smiling! With the Ohlins I've noticed that on a 30mph road which is poor, i.e. bumpy and undulating, it is a firm ride and very bumpy in the car; not particularly pleasant. However, on an equally poor section of road at 50/60mph it seems to be nowhere as bad, it is like the car is happier at higher speeds on a poor surface. I'm no expert when it comes to suspension but it seemed at odds to me. Either way, I find the handling and ride when you are at higher road speeds to be superb so I consider it to be worth putting up with the harsher ride on odd sections of poor road.
  6. Exciting times ahead!! Your 380 seemed to get built in good time, that's a good sign things are flowing well at Hethel.
  7. Excellent, it will be good to say hello. It will be my first time at Brands and the GP circuit will be a great experience for the cars first track outing!
  8. I agree, Thanks Norbet Thanks Gary! Yes I do plan on a trip to Spa, likely to be 2018 as a couple of friends who also have a Lotus would like to go next year. I'm booked at Brands in May.
  9. A few early thoughts: The car has Ohlins and the ride is pretty firm, you definitely feel all the bumps! But it rides so flat through corners and the grip levels, even at this early stage, are confidence inspiring. The gearshift is sublime! I have not owned a proper manual car for some time and am very happy to be enjoying that engagement again. The engine is very, very good, it spins up quickly and I can already feel that there is going to be lots of torque on offer. I currently have the Lotus sports exhaust fitted, which has no valve, so running along the motorway is rather noisy but it sounds great with some nice burbles on down shift/overrun. I put my sat nav on the passenger side of the windscreen and because I have harnesses I realised I couldn't quite reach to turn up the volume to full so had to pull over, which made me laugh. I did have a sense of feeling very small, especially on the motorway with larger vehicles passing but I soon adjusted to that and I think it has already made me more vigilant, which can only be a good thing. I kept thinking cars were flashing me as their headlights appeared in the rear view mirror through the louvered engine cover, they weren't of course and I will adjust to it. Run over some road grit and it sounds like your sandblasting the tub underneath. I parked too close to the fuel pump at the garage so had to reposition before being able to clamber out. I think Lotus were running low on headlamp bulbs so gave me a candle on each corner By the way, none of the above are in anyway negative. For me they are all adding to the experience of owning a special car and I am loving it. I have two pics, one I took at the dealer and one when I arrived home, the angle and lighting are not great but it is a start. Having covered 200 miles the wheels are covered in a nice layer of brake dust, so that's a good reason to clean it at the weekend.
  10. Thanks Nano. I had a great drive home getting settled in to the car. It is such a special experience, I have not driven any other car like it before. I'm looking forward to completing the running in as the car begs to be driven. It draws attention too, I pulled up at a friends house and two neighbours came sprinting out to see it.
  11. Tomorrow is the day that I collect my 360 Cup from Bell & Colvill. I am very much looking forward to the drive home and getting to know the car. The weather should soon start improving too so I hope to complete the running in miles in good time.
  12. Wow, that is a big difference dropping from 38psi on the rear for road to 30psi for track. I appreciate that for track use you need a lower psi but I would not have thought to take it down by that much, so I'm glad I read this. I think I only dropped a few psi on my M4 - probably where I was going wrong!
  13. Thanks, yes it is. I will be picking it up in a couple of weeks. My first Lotus and I'm very excited to be getting it! I loved the paint job on the car, it really caught my eye.
  14. Roger, your car looks great in that colour! Reassuring to know that the V6 will fit in to a single garage, even if some gymnastics is required to get out
  15. This has been a helpful post @ROJ. I haven't garaged my car for several years since I moved to where I am now. As I'm soon to take delivery of my new Exige I've been thinking about whether I could fit it in my single garage. The opening measures about 2250mm so should be good there, I might have to consider an electric roller shutter like @Stubox, that sounds like a great idea. Internal measurement is 2600mm so it will be hard getting out of the door I think, some padding on the wall will be a must! Length will be fine. I'm insuring the car on the basis of it not being garaged but I really would prefer to garage it, especially in the winter months. So, since buying this car, I now need a decent size shed installed in the back garden and an electric roller shutter door…can I get these on 50/50 too I wonder?
  16. M4rk

    New Exige S

    Nice, that is a stunning looking car! I like the Exige in black.
  17. I saw a 250 Special Edition this weekend in the flesh, it really is a very good looking car. The blue paint is very nice, with the lighter silver accents complementing the look and stunning carbon panels; the finish of the carbon is top draw. Carbon seats with blue leather and the blue leather interior look special too. I think this is a great option for those who may not want the more extreme aero and diffuser as fitted on the 250 Cup. I didn't get any pics because it wasn't great weather at all so it wouldn't have done the car justice. A very special looking Elise, sounded awesome too!
  18. Great review of the 380, I enjoyed reading that. Grey is very nice on the Exige, Gulf Blue looks special too.
  19. Thanks @The Pits I'm really looking forward to 2017 now! I am delighted to say that in a few weeks I will be collecting the Exige 360 Cup in Essex Blue from Bell and Colvill. My first Lotus! I think it is a great place to start. I want to say a big thank you to @Jamie-BellandColvill who did a great job today introducing me to Lotus and answering all my questions about the Exige; he sure knows his stuff. I test drove their 350 Sport which I loved so cannot wait to get behind the wheel of my Cup. This has been the most enjoyable and easy "car sales" experience I have had, thanks Jamie. I've found the forum really helpful too in building my knowledge over the past few months leading up to my purchase. To be honest I was close to placing a deposit over the phone for this car as I fell in love with the colour and had been hoping to get a Cup. It reminded me of the time I saw a V6 Esprit in a dealers window many years ago. Looking forward to trying it out on track days in the summer, once properly run in of course, and hope to meet fellow Exige drivers in the future.
  20. You were right it was fatal, I am soon to be the proud owner of it!
  21. I'm very much looking forward to reading your write up from your test drive experience, I've found your videos very helpful too. This has been an interesting thread. I love the look of the B&C 360 Cup, the colour is stunning! I also really like the idea of their exhaust option for the 380 to pass track day requirements; I couldn't buy a 380 knowing that I will struggle to go on track with it. I've been switching between Elise/Exige but the Exige is much more attractive to me and the model I prefer. Maybe a 360 Cup now and upgrade in a few years when the new Exige is launched….I can see I am trying to convince myself! I need to book a day off work for a trip down to B&C for a test drive.
  22. Thanks, good point. I do plan to test drive a cup 250 as well to compare them, it is a great looking car and certainly easier on the wallet than a V6. Its not just power though, the sound and looks of the V6 have an edge on the Elise for me and I have not seen many V6s on the road so that makes them feel all that bit more special. Sounds like you've had a great Sunday morning drive.
  23. I have found this thread really helpful! I'm hoping to be a Lotus owner next year and am leaning heavily towards an Exige, I was previously keen on the Elise 250 cup. I enquired about the E360 cup in the summer and once I knew this was off sale I thought I would wait for a new cup version. I didn't realise at that time that the motorsport division had gone so I'm guessing waiting for a new cup version could be a long wait! I'm excited by the 380, I'm a bit concerned about the increase in price, I can see benefits with this model but it is clearly a jump in price point for the car. I have resisted a test drive in an Exige so far because I'm sure I will buy one once I do, so I want to do my research first. It is also great to read positive press reviews on the 380 too. One immediate concern I have is with the new exhaust on this car being taken from the Evora 400 which I am aware exceeds track noise limits. I do want to use this on track days, perhaps half a dozen or so a year, and I would be so disappointed if I got one and couldn't use it on track. I hope we can get some db readings soon to confirm it is OK. I really hope that Lotus have not missed this point on an Exige model as that would surely hinder sales.
  24. Thanks. I want to enjoy the car on track but the main use will be on road. I guess half a dozen or so track days a year would be ideal for me. Yes, I have found that on track days so many people talk so fondly of the Elise be it a 1.6/1.8. The slight lack of straight line power is gained back with high cornering ability. The newer supercharged engines make them a properly fast car.
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