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  1. Hi,

    I've been reading posts on here for the past few months so decided to create an account.  I've found so much helpful information on here.

    I currently drive a BMW X4 (mainly work, poor weather) and a BMW M4.  I have owned several BMWs in recent years and my former V8 M3 hooked me in to the 'M' brand and it was the M3 which I first took on a track day.  I soon got the track day bug.  I find my M4 better on track than the M3, despite missing the brilliant V8, and it is great fun to drive.  However, to do more track days I would need to spend quite a bit to change stock parts for more suitable track use - tyres, brakes, etc.

    On a track day in the summer my friend let me drive his Elise (111s I think?) and I completely fell in love with it.  After a couple of corners I forgot about the comfortable cabin of an M4 and fell in love with lightweight handling and amazing grip.  I got out of the car with a huge smile and realised that Lotus offered me more driving fun than the M4, it inspired more confidence on the track, would cost less to track but I did want more power.

    Since this experience I have been leaning heavily towards Lotus being a replacement for the M4 next year, probably Spring time.  My friend has actually just traded and ordered an Elise 250 special edition which I am looking forward to seeing.  I was leaning towards an Elise 250 Cup, I love the signature orange colour and liked the track focus.  However, I am now getting a real desire for an Exige.  The extra power is a big draw for me plus it is that bit more special and a real competitor for much more expensive cars.  (I will hop over to the E380 post to learn more about the new model).

    Having lived in Norfolk all my life I am familiar with the brand and now I am in a position where an Elise/Exige doesn't have to be my daily driver, they become far more attractive.  I want a stripped down car with real ability on the track, great fun on a B road drive on a nice day, doesn't cost over £100k and I don't need the comforts and space offered by something like the M4.  The Exige ticks all those boxes and more I am sure.

    I remember when I was younger seeing an Esprit Turbo in the showroom and that feeling I had then is coming back when I think about owning an Exige.  I want a great sports car which I can happily enjoy track days with and not cry on the drive home about warn out tyres and faded brakes.  Hopefully 2017 will be the year I own my first Lotus.


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