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  1. Shame Hethel was cancelled Arun, the weather looked perfect up this way. Unfortunately I couldn’t have made it anyway so didn’t book.

    When are you at snetterton, I might try and join you if work permits? I had my first evening at snetterton last Thursday, great weather for it and really enjoyed getting the Exige back on track.

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  2. I might be able to book on the Hethel date, just rearranging some things.

    In terms of servicing, obviously the best thing to do is discuss with your Lotus dealer.  Stratton service mine and I had the service done early in January and opted to use motorsport grade engine oil and brake fluid, Stratton are pretty good as they run a motorsport division as well.  Both are important but especially the brake fluid to avoid brake fade.  They will change air filters as needed, gearbox oil has a long life so should be fine.  I've covered just over 5,000 miles, including a few track days last year, my brake pads were fine; it seems the factory pads are pretty good spec.  I changed the rear tyres (I run Avon ZZR) but the fronts were fine still.  I'm guessing that as my track experience improves I might need to consider performance pads.  I'm not sure if switching to race pads would mean upgrading my discs as well, I will enquire when the pads need changing, if so that will be costly.

    In terms of regularity of service, again, I would discuss with your garage as it may be better to carry out more regularly if you are doing lots of track days, maybe engine oil every 6 months perhaps, I'm not sure.

    The great attraction with these cars is that they are pretty low maintenance with track use.

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  3. I know of a stunning 410 Sport at Stratton Motor Company which I'm sure they are keen to pass on to a good owner...give Alex there a call to discuss.

    As has already been said, cars in stock need to be sold so there is always a conversation to be had.  Cash/financing will make a difference too so discuss those options.  Personally, I have found Lotus dealers to be easy to deal with on price discussions.  

    You will not regret buying an Evora, awesome car!

    Jamie at B&C and Aimee at Silverstone will always have some options in stock, so worth speaking to them.

  4. You've had a pretty good test run in a variety of weather conditions that's for sure.  I can relate to the weather here in Norfolk today, I took my Evora out yesterday but not today!  

    You did well making it to Hethel today, I wonder how many other mid-engine sports car cope OK in the snow. :thumbup:

  5. Agree re Silverstone GP dates, they do seem to get booked up quickly.

    A V6 will fail a 90db test with a standard exhaust, they're around 97/98db at around the 5k revs asked for.

    Colin - yes, we must have met at Hethel last September without realising that we had.  I will check my availability and see if I can make that date.

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  6. The ZZRs have stiff sidewalls so they also give a different feel to Michelin's I believe - I'm no expert.  They give a slightly firmer ride on road but I found more confidence with them on track over the Corsa tyre, grip levels are high.  Tyres are always a great discussion topic on track days :)

    I will see if I can make the Hethel date, be good to meet up with fellow TLF members at the home of Lotus.  I drove Hethel last September, wet day so would be good to get a dry day experience there.  It is obviously a great place to take your Lotus but remember it is a test track rather than a race track.  I'm sure DP will be glad to help you but if he cannot book instruction and ask for an early slot.  (The guy LoT use there is a real Hethel expert).

    June Silverstone date could work well.  I really must start planning some track dates for this year!

  7. It doesn't take much encouragement to get TLF's too Silverstone :thumbup:

    Ahh, OK, Corsa tyres.  They're probably much better in the wet than the Avon's I have on.  You will have read about tyre options on other threads; I believe the Michelin sports range are good and give better grip in the wet and the new variants last well too.  I run ZZR tyres, which when newer are surprisingly good in the wet, in the dry they're awesome but I've not tried Michelin yet.  I only asked as I noticed a fair amount of tyre noise as they hung on for grip. :)  

  8. Seems a good price for a front clam respray, I would have expected it to be quite a bit more than that.  I would recommend having PPF, you do pick chips up on track and obviously it tends to be debris travelling at a higher velocity.  Unfortunately, I had a stone hit my screen on track last year, that makes you jump!  I also had PPF added along the side sills as that area tends to get covered in tyre rubber marks, so at least with PPF you feel more confident giving the marks a good clean.  

    Mothers Racing Rubber Remover btw, is excellent, just remember that it strips your wax so I try to keep it to the PPF.  I actually quite like the look of the car with rubber marks down each side, means that it has been having fun! :)


    Good footage btw, looks like you were really getting in to it.  Go back and drive the GP circuit when you can, you'll love that.

    What tyres are you running?

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  9. Sounds like you had a great day!  Always good to see a 'well-used' Lotus.  You certainly had changing conditions to deal with, I'm glad you had a couple of dry runs because you really feel what the car is capable of but it is also great to see how well you can handle them in the wet.

    You'll be looking forward to your next day now...well after you have cleaned your car of course. :)

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  10. Yes @NANO it will will fit in the car without any modifications to other structures.  I believe that it is a tricky squeeze to install as it uses every available bit of room behind the seats, 4 to 5 hours labour to do the job.  I went for it because there is no other impact on the car and if necessary you can switch the tank back to the factory standard should someone want to revert back to stock.

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