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  1. You really are having some major winter-upgrade fun! :)  Hopefully I'll get to see your car at a track again this year.  Going for a bespoke interior might be a great choice, you're personalising the car in other ways so why not also with the carpets.

    I've just gone for the 60l pro alloy tank too, I told myself that would be a project for next year but I couldn't resist getting it done while the service was undertaken.  I think it will make a huge difference on track, especially places like Silverstone where filling up can involve regular, lengthy trips depending on which garages you're running from.  For road use I'm sure the payback will be felt soon as well.  We just need to get used to the fuel gauge not moving for some time and then suddenly watch those bars disappear.


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  2. Hi Neil

    You will love track days once you start and I agree with the comments above and with your views of investing in coaching.  I would say it is the best money you will spend when starting out!  Working with someone like David who is really good at getting the best from you and giving really clear instruction will really set you off on the right foot.  I don't know where you are based but Silverstone is a good place to start with a coach, there is lots of run off.  The weather can be wet there but that is not too bad as it provides some good car handling training.  It would be worth reading the other thread linked above too.

    You have a great car for track use, which helps.  I started in a BMW M4 and I've learned much more and enjoyed my Exige a lot more on track than I did the M4.  

    They are very social days too, I've always met decent people to chat to and lots of nice cars to admire.

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  3. I think you've found your noise answer already...but yes with a standard exhaust you will test at or just below 98 db static.  When at Brands last year with LoT we had several V6's there and they ran fine, with the exception of one which had the sports exhaust so had to short shift.  My 360 Cup was border line on the static, probably purely down to the different air filter.  I am running with the standard exhaust so I was fine on drive by.

    I've heard Goodwood can be tricky on the lower noise days, they vary so double check that before booking.  If it is a LoT day, my guess is that they would book the 98db static day.

    I must get some more dates booked too this year, always nice to have track days to look forward to!

  4. I really like the look of the GT410 Sport and especially how many options can be configured!  This really gives a buyer the chance to spec from hardcore variant to softer/plusher GT variant.  I think that is a good thing and of course Lotus will charge more; that is the way all things go.  I think we need to get used to this new way of bringing out cars, it is very different from what Lotus have offered before but it is how many other marques operate.  I do wonder if dealers will reduce the stock cars they buy though, the last 18 months have been a bit tricky for them with all the new model launches.

    In my short time of following the brand I've seen a lot of model updates and new variants but this has grown my confidence in the future of Lotus and makes me excited for what is coming next.  Yes, prices are rising steeply which does mean Lotus have to work very hard to compete at those price points.  I think they will need to work harder on modern tech, convenient access for example is pretty much on any car you can buy now, audio on GT/touring specced models definitely needs improvement, etc.  These are not deal breakers for us Lotus fans but they are some of the barriers to new owners looking to switch.

    It is exactly one month since I collected my new 400 from Lotus Silverstone (which was a stock car).  When I was deciding to buy that car I expected that the 400 would either be discontinued or updated in some way for the new style front and rear, so I went in eyes open to that.  I reconciled my decision to buy the 400 knowing that any new model release in early 2018 would likely cost me significantly more and that would probably have pushed the purchase back.  I don't regret buying the 400, I am driving it now and enjoying it, yes I like the new style front and rear over the 400 but, truth be told, behind the wheel I cannot see that.  I agree with @The Pits I think Lotus will see how the GT410 Sport sells and likely the 400 will disappear within in a few months, then the range options fit well.   

    @Bibs lucky you, we are not jealous!  I look forward to footage of your time with the GT410 Sport :)

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  5. As a daily driver, I would suggest NVH is selected.  Without it they are fine and a lot of fun but every day it might be a bit too stripped out for you without it.  You will still get to enjoy the howl from the exhaust, especially with the valve open.

    Also, as an aside, if you like a decent sound system keep in mind that the audio is not all that great in the Exige, although with NVH it will be much better than without.  Many have upgraded the speakers though so it is possible to get a better sound.  In my cup I don't have it on, I prefer to hear the car.

  6. Yes, Silverstone is a great place to start, not much to hit there and it is a fast circuit - you will know this by how many times you have to get fuel! :)  

    I loved driving Brands GP and would highly recommend it but maybe later in the year for you, on the GP section there are some very limited run off areas and the threat of arm co will likely subdue you.  The Indy circuit is better from a run off point of view but in my personal opinion is too short for learning compared to Silverstone as @Bibs said.  Paddock Hill bend is awesome but may be a bit daunting too for the first track outing in your Exige, it certainly was for me!

    Silverstone all the way, the bigger problem there is other faster cars, lots of race cars attend and if it is wet be very carful on the exit of Woodcote in particular and Club, not the place for oversteer with a pit wall ready to catch you!!  But David will be all over that for you and guide you well to keep you safe.

    Have you also considered the Garmin, I don't have one but a few guys on here do and you can get an OBD attachment which will give you some overlay information.  You may also be able to get that for GoPro I am not sure.  Worth a thought.  If you are like me, once you have seen David's VBox data you will be wanting that set up....but that is quite an investment though!


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  7. With dry roads and fair weather around where I live today, I've enjoyed putting some more gentle running in miles on the car making Christmas deliveries.  With the windows down and the exhaust valve open I have to say it sounds epic!  What a great, and very addictive, noise!  Fortunately my neighbours seem to appreciate the V6 growl. :)  Everyone I have showed the car too has had a big smile coupled with a "wow", some are convinced it is Italian in origin.  

    The only thing I'm having an issue with is opening the boot lid, I think it needs some adjustment but it is temperamental on the key fob, or perhaps I am not doing it correctly.  Something to look in to on the running in service.

    I enjoyed giving the 400 a wash yesterday, a couple of quick pics:




    Haha, ignore the edge of my finger in the second pic!  :no

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  8. Phwoah!  

    That is all you would need on a Christmas card! Great angle on the first pic and I love the look of those chunky rear tyres!  

    The only problem I can see is that the exhaust exit is looking far too clean, take her out on the road while its dry :)

  9. Well said, I couldn't agree more and with Geely's investment things can only get better.  

    I continue to be amazed at what Lotus' talent has been able to produce on what is, in reality, a shoe string budget.  What will they produce in 2018 to inspire us!

    Incidentally, I saw a purple GT430 at Silverstone which looked great too, would not be my first choice but looked good.

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