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  1. Sounds like you had a great day.  I also experienced a wet Silverstone GP in June this year, I run on Avon ZZRs and was amazed at how well they coped in the wet conditions, no major dramas all slides/oversteer and understeer was controllable.  I'm interested in the power upgrade so it is good to hear about your experiences with that.  Silverstone is a great track for the Exige I think with it being a higher speed track.  I did notice some impressive race cars on the day I was there, I guess they get as much practice as they can on a relatively cheap track day booking as opposed to an official test day.

  2. Hi Will, that date is with MSV direct, I received a mailing this morning with the date listed so there should be places.  Be great if you can make it.  Good to read you were turning off the DPM assistance, I meant to do that yesterday while at Bedford, I would be interested to see how much it intervenes.  I only had one slide yesterday, Race mode was a help on that one!

  3. Looks like you had a good day!  I liked the video Gary.  I really enjoy my Exige but it could do with more power, particularly noticeable on the long straights there.  The fact the car is so well set up and handles so well makes it capable of handling more bhp.

    I was at Bedford yesterday, had a great day but was having to shift at around 5,500rpm to avoid the noise limits so that took some of the fun out of the day.  I was following an M4 and struggled to keep pace with it, assuming it was stock I would have hoped to be closer.  That said, I was short shifting so losing some top end pull.

    I'm looking forward to 12 September at Snetterton where I have no noise problems.

  4. He's put some mileage on his car in a short time, if he gets close to his asking price he will have done well I think.  I still like the colour choice, nice Exige that.  

    A GT430 would probably work well for him but I guess it will be a 380 Cup.

  5. Congratulations Jonny!  I can't imagine this has been too easy a decision given how much you love your V6 Cup, I'm sure the 410 will give you as much pleasure.  I look forward to seeing your ownership videos in due course too. 

    Are you planning to track the car as well?  I note you are thinking about the Ti exhaust which I guess will mean noisy days only.

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  6. I love the GT430 - it is stunning!  Really like the new body work, air intakes, carbon, front and rear changes, etc.  Wow!  I also really like the interior and the new seats featured on the launch car.  It is something that I want to keep looking at and lust after, well done Lotus!!  

    I am glad it has a very limited run though, because I fear I would have had a trip to the bank for a chat if I knew plenty were available. :)

    I hope that some of what we are seeing on this car will feature in an update to the 400/410 soon.  I quite fancy a 400 as more of a daily car, not for track use so I wouldn't want the seats in the 410 for example.  I like the new front on the GT430 so hope this carries on in the range.

    Anyone who takes delivery of one of these will be a very happy driver, it will reward in ways that its competitors cannot and I don't see it losing much money for sometime yet. 

  7. Yes, 360 Cup plague states car number xx of 50.  

    Shame they didn't do that for the 380 Cup, although perhaps a good job they didn't after deciding to make an additional 20 for the Far East.  Maybe this is to also give Lotus flexibility on the total run number.

  8. I totally agree Colin!  Top job by @david_pittard  yesterday.  I was amazed at the pace he could get from the car at a wet, slippery Silverstone and also how he was able to guide me on handling the car in those conditions.  Without his guidance I would have not been at all confident taking the car out during the morning, it was pretty wet.  I learnt so much, it is hard to take it all in actually and I was knackered when I got home.  Thinking about it now, the wet, intermediate and then dry conditions were really great for learning, ideally you would want it dry but I think I learnt more about car handling with the wet conditions.

    So much fun and David is a natural coach with a really good teaching style, calm, clear, patient and lots of good technical information given in a way I could understand.   Great to get some yee-hah's from him too during a few slippy moments!  (He needs to trade mark that saying).  He gives you the confidence to push with the safety of him being there to limit any serious errors.  We didn't spin once, a few moments naturally but given how wet it was I think that was a real achievement.  He will give you an option for the use of his vbox data logging with video too, go for that, it is definitely worth it and enables some helpful analysis giving David good pointers on what to work on with you.  I have to also say, it was pleasant chatting to him during the off track time.  All in all a great day.

    The day has given me a greater appreciation for my car and its capabilities but also just how good pro drivers are.  It is one thing driving a good lap or several good sections across a series of laps but to drive great every lap, consistently when you have lots of other cars racing against you on track is a whole other level of skill!  

  9. I agree, loud noise from them is not normal or should not be anyway.  They do rock a bit, this is a known issue, I had new runners put on my car a few weeks ago and they have again started to rock slightly which is noticeable on breaking, I can live with that and having harnesses in mine reduces the issue of this I think.  I'm sure the noise can be resolved for you, there is nothing worse than a squeak.

    I bet you will enjoy the drive back from your running in service, being able to utilise all of the rev band. :)

  10. I was happy with the deal I got from Manning UK.  They beat the others on price, no requirement for a tracker with a value under £100k, plus unlimited UK track day cover.  They also mirrored my NCB once I sent through the confirmation statement.  Speak to Simon Frost. 

  11. Great looking car, congratulations!  A perfect time of year to enjoy a new car as well.

    I really like the 410, it is a very attractive proposition and must be very special indeed for you to make the move from your Cup.  It will be really interesting to hear how you get on with the car, you must be looking forward to getting the running in complete. :)

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  12. Today, thanks to Dave @Hangar 111 I picked up my new Avon ZZR tyres.  Great service by the guys at Hanger 111, they kept me entertained talking all things Lotus and I had a good look at their rolling road set up.

    I didn't expect to notice any difference on the drive home and I was expecting that with the Ohlin dampers on my car plus added sidewall stiffness the ride would be noticeably firmer.  I could feel a difference and for the better.  The ride was fine, feedback was improved and I put that down to the firmer feeling tyre.  It is difficult to describe but I was aware that the tyre is not moving as much on the rim when cornering, giving a more confident feel on turn in.  I'm expecting this to be much more evident on track when at higher speeds.

    So far, I'm pleased I made the change...although I may have a different view if I get caught in heavy rain. :)

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