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  1. @JayEmm I'm pleased that you enjoyed the car, nice comments!  I'd be happy for you to do a video sometime.  I agree they are not all that practical and, in cup form on the noisy side.  An event every time I drive it though and they are so at home on track.  For me they are a definite second car/toy, I would not want to live with one on a regular basis...that is where the Evora is becoming very attractive and having a short drive in yours today is increasing my interest.  I need to get saving up!

    I have to say that I noticed a difference, for the better, with the new Avon ZZR tyres.  I really didn't expect to but they are very slightly wider on the front plus the increased grip in the dry has made a slight improvement to the steering and improved the feedback from all four corners.  These cars are so finely balanced that anyone could feel slight changes with tyres, geo, suspension, etc.

  2. I was at @Stratton Motor Company today to collect my Exige after some warranty work and took a moment to admire their new arrival being a very nice 410 in black with yellow highlights in the cabin.  The Evora is a really stunning car and their 410 looked very nice - @JayEmm maybe another video opportunity?

    I really like the look of the Evora, the carbon work Lotus have got on these cars is top draw!  A 410 would not be out of place parked up at Casino Square, it easily competes and the best thing is you don't have to pay the price of an average house to get that supercar feel. I've yet to hear one roar in the flesh but I know I'll love it!  I keep finding myself wondering if it would be a good daily.

    I resisted the urge to sit inside the cockpit as I fear I may be catching the "Evora virus" which I've heard can be expensive and difficult to cure!   :)

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  3. I've decided to go for Avon ZZRs. They're being fitted next week ahead of a few more track days coming up in the next few months.  I can't go the whole hog and get track day wheels at the moment so will have to hope I don't have very wet weather for track days as I will not be able to switch back to Corsa's easily.  I'm guessing ride will be firmer with the stiffer sidewalls but should feel much better on track I hope.

  4. Hi David

    Great to see you've become a member, your Elise looks great in toxic green.  I am sure you can share some really helpful knowledge and advice on here.  

    I look forward to working with you soon, I'll probably need some of that energy drink by the end of the day! :)


  5. I think the cut-off and extinguisher look great on the V6 Cup, it really gives them a motorsport look.  I was planning to add them to my car, they were not standard fit on the 360, in the end I decided not to as it is a fairly expensive option, especially post build as was the case for mine.  I think you said you're not planning to track the car so it is really an aesthetic decision, if you're a real fan of the motorsport look go for it, it certainly makes them look more special in my opinion plus you lose the radio which is no bad thing!

    If I was buying again I wouldn't bother with a radio, I find mine is next to useless unless your driving at lower road speeds and even then the sound is not great.  I much prefer to hear the engine anyway.  Dealers will advise you to spec it but on a Cup car I cannot see it hurting residuals by much.

    I hope you enjoy your visit to Hethel.


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  6. I really like the colour choice he made, it looks so good, especially with the sun on it.  He has so much enthusiasm for the car, he clearly loves it.  I'm sure there are now many more people interested in what the Exige is all about, which is a good thing.  Hopefully one day he lets his mate Archie unleash it on track.

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  7. Congratulations!  It will look awesome in orange.  Be nice to hear more about the spec you've chosen.

    I appreciate that many will be going in to dealer stock but it is just great news for Lotus that this car has pretty much sold out its build run in such quick time. 

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  8. Hi Martin, yes I was surprised to be testing that high with the standard exhaust.  The previous static I had, they asked for a lower rpm, I think they based red line on 6,500 and I wasn't about to challenge that.  

    I think Goodwood run 98db days and 105db days so you could struggle on the 98db day if they ask for the same rpm as they did at Brands.  

    It is a bit frustrating as none of the V6s there last week had any problems on track, even the other Cup 360 with the sports exhaust stayed out on track all day.  They seem to blow fairly loud on static but not too bad on drive-by, I guess the supercharger contributes to that versus a turbo.  My car has the high flow air filter so perhaps that makes a small difference, I am not sure?

    Let us know how you get on when you visit Goodwood. 

  9. It is great that you are going to share your experiences of getting in to track days and possibly racing too, it will be interesting to read how you get on.  I've only driven a few days myself but I bought the Exige with track days in mind and I'm looking forward to learning more about getting the best out of the car.  I know my car is much more capable than me at the moment and I think that's fine.  I also know after trying to keep up with some guys at Brands GP yesterday (some of them being those who make the inspiring footage you refer to) that I have a long way to go before I'm happy to corner at the same speeds.  Experience is a huge part of this and you can relate back to your time karting which I'm sure is a great way to learn about car control.  I think with driving several days this year, plus the instruction you are lining up, you will be very capable by the end of the season and you have a great car to be doing it with too.

    I was very happy yesterday, despite being one of the slowest out there, I was focussing on lines and trying to keep everything smooth.  I try to be courteous and let faster cars past when its safe so I then find I get some clear track to push on a bit more.  By the end of the day you find you are going much quicker and keeping up with some of the other cars, overtaking slower cars and so on.  Being in your own car does require some bravery/faith, however you view it, that the car can get round that turn at that speed, experience is what tells you it will.  

    I have the same pump as you, it works fine but I need to set the inflate psi higher than it needs to be for it to inflate enough, especially on the rear tyres.  I use a tyre pressure gauge to fine tune at the end as I am not sure how accurate the reading is on the pump itself.

    I think your concentration will be fine, shorter sessions on track are much better.  A session day will be 20 minutes or so on track and that is plenty for me.

    If you do get to Bedford, I think its main advantage is lots of run off so there is less to worry about regarding that and a weekday is bound to be better.  I recommend Snetterton too, there are some parts which have less run off but generally it is pretty good for run off.  I drove Snetterton last year for the first time with MSV, it went fine and I booked an MSV instructor for £20 which really helped with track knowledge.


  10. My Exige came with the Lotus Sports exhaust and I had it changed to the standard exhaust in the hope of keeping below the lower static tests.  I managed to run at Brands yesterday on a 101db day but I think I was mighty close to the static limit (I'm annoyed with myself that I didn't ask what it was!!).  However, it does depend what rpm is called for.  I tested 98db static at Snetterton having been asked for 4,800 rpm which was the marshals call he didn't ask me about the redline, at Brands I was tested at 5,250 rpm.  I know that there is no point cheating these as the drive by will catch you but it seems to me the car is OK on the drive by limits, Bedford is always a concern being so much lower but a few people have run V6s there OK.

    What rpm was the reading taken at Martin?

    What do you guys say is the redline for the V6?

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