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  1. If I remember on a 503 one relay is the heated rear window the other switches the the heated rear window off should it be on if the aircon is turned on.
  2. Comes out perfect I had all my done and reckon it's better than it came out of lotus.
  3. The Trims are polished and hard anodised if you send them Heritage Motor works they will do them for you. Along with taking out any dents or imperfections, speak to Drew on 0118 973 1631. They did mine check them out on my restoration see what you think.
  4. This is for the ignition light? There is warning light sensor and it 6v. Pretty sure could be wrong 🤔
  5. Had a few issues with paint work on the nose cone. Over the winter it bubbled looked like it had acne. There must have been some moisture in got into the fibre glass. Been back twice now for this problem plus issues with the colour match. Got it back today looks good so let's hope it stays that way.
  6. I put mesh under the b post trim on mine, fiddly to make but keeps the insects out. There is a picture on my restoration.
  7. Super glue doesn't work, the only glue that does work for door seals is 3M SUPER WEATHER STRIP AND GASKET ADHESIVE 08001 5 OZ TUBE It's on eBay for around 10 quid.
  8. There are 2 brackets one off each side of the wheel box (8 ) using the clamp screws that go into the back body of the car. Stops the wheel box moving giving you the issue you have.
  9. Lotus bits have plenty of the stainless steel arms or they did.
  10. Hi Mike, I never put a put a ballast resistor on mine, I used those electronic points the hall effect ones and you don't need one I was told.
  11. With the Elite all finished I have moved onto a new project, attached a picture but its not a lotus but I did think about putting a Lotus engine in it. Using the same wooden base I used for the Elite build which has been so useful . I am currently after an Eclat to do next later on in the year, which I am looking forward to do so will start a new restoration post when I start.
  12. Hi Steve There 4 bolts, 2 at bottom of the radiator which are removable underneath the car. There 2 at the top on a bracket attached to the light pod fixings. Remove them and the radiator and aircon rad come out together through the engine bay. No need for NASA or Elon. Lol Cheers Simon
  13. Aircon/heater unit one of the early all vacumm type bit of nightmare for rust inside.
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