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  1. A couple of nice pictures of the car. Had a few issues with paint work so beware of the car cover it seems.
  2. I've just signed up as member so I can upload some pictures of the interior, will post some further picture of the finished dash and boot.
  3. a local playing company but it wasn't cheap, 200 quid
  4. drives great Mike but It doesn't go out in the rain. lol
  5. The 503 is finished and onto a new project, love this car.
  6. You can't get those Cromodora mirrors for love nor money. Fetching 500 quid a set if you have them.
  7. Hi, I rebuild this unit completely, I didnt modify it as you are. I powder coated all the internal parts after repair. Not great design so the improvements are great idea.
  8. Maybe this might work
  9. Hi on page one my restoration blog I posted a complete drawing set to download for the design of the bracket etc. I drops in where the vacumm unit was and opens and closes perfectly as I installed them in my car. It uses MX5 motors. Have a look see what you think.
  10. Has anyone fitted a towing eye to there Elite. I was wondering because at the moment I pull my car onto trailer via the anti roll bar. Cheers Simon
  11. Can anyone recommend a rear view mirror for the Elite, I bought one that looked OK but doesn't seem to have the range of movement. Or can you get them refurbed ? Simon
  12. Cheaper
  13. Rimmers do complete unit but not cheap
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