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  1. You can't get those Cromodora mirrors for love nor money. Fetching 500 quid a set if you have them.
  2. Hi, I rebuild this unit completely, I didnt modify it as you are. I powder coated all the internal parts after repair. Not great design so the improvements are great idea.
  3. Maybe this might work
  4. Hi on page one my restoration blog I posted a complete drawing set to download for the design of the bracket etc. I drops in where the vacumm unit was and opens and closes perfectly as I installed them in my car. It uses MX5 motors. Have a look see what you think.
  5. Has anyone fitted a towing eye to there Elite. I was wondering because at the moment I pull my car onto trailer via the anti roll bar. Cheers Simon
  6. looking good getting there now
  7. Can anyone recommend a rear view mirror for the Elite, I bought one that looked OK but doesn't seem to have the range of movement. Or can you get them refurbed ? Simon
  8. Cheaper
  9. Rimmers do complete unit but not cheap
  10. The only other bit of advice would be cut strip of wood 2ft long so spread load as you push the trim on. I also put a bit of silicone grease on the clips so the trim slips under a touch easier.
  11. Hi Mike that's ashame on the door trims that's happened to me in a couple places. If your inclined you can send the trims ti Hertitage Motor works and they will straighten them for you so you can have another go. I found on the doors loosening the clips slightly but even so horrible job. Car is looking really nice.
  12. My cam belt is in exactly the same position as yours. If it's settled there then that's where it will stay. Too tight it squeals at higher revs like bearing is going.
  13. yeah that's correct there us no ignition relay. Ignition switch direct to solenoid and coil.
  14. Top 5 movies starring a Lotus Elite? Number 1 with Tom Cruise..?
  15. Ok while your there check are the rear wheels in the middle of the arches? You can move the front wheels back as well if need be.
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