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  1. SimonOmeara

    Gold '78 Elite 503

    looks great👍
  2. Hi Have a S2 condenser with a frame I made for fitting to an S1 for £50 quid. Never used but it's been kicking around a couple of years. if anyone is interested I'll post some pics.. Simon
  3. SimonOmeara

    Dellorto Carbs Issues

    Hi Have you checked the intake manifold to the engine, I had a similar problem with it not sealing across the bottom of the manifold as there aren't many bolts and it wasn't sealing and sucking in loads of air. After a while it started to suck in coolant as well not a great design. Hope this helps.
  4. Hi , Does anyone know if it's best to fit the hinges to the tailgate then fit to the car. Or as the manual says fit the hinges etc to the car first then fit glass to the hinges? If anyone has any experience please let me know as I am about to fit mine and can't decide. Cheers Simon
  5. SimonOmeara

    Restoring my Elite 503

    Love this colour really think it suits the car. Bonnet on with aluminium grill still a bit to do.
  6. Is it possible to replace/fit the small hose between the water pump and inlet manifold without removing either the inlet manifold or water pump? Cheers Simon
  7. SimonOmeara

    Another resto...

    Hi Mike When you fitted the bonnet on your car how easy was it to get the plungers and catches to line up? I am slightly worried as the plungers I have don't seem particularly straight and I have a great fear of the bonnet locking and not being able to open it! Any tips? Cheers Simon
  8. SimonOmeara

    Another resto...

    How is the wirirng coming on is it nearly done now?
  9. SimonOmeara

    Another resto...

    Hi Mike did the motor go open circuit or short ?
  10. SimonOmeara

    Restoring my Elite 503

    Fitted the front bumper today. Gone for a gloss finish rather than satin.
  11. SimonOmeara

    1979 Yellow Lotus Eclat: My project thread

    Hi Dave This is another idea
  12. SimonOmeara

    Restoring my Elite 503

    Hi this firm will did my trim, they took out the dents reanodised and polished it for me. Ask for Drew.
  13. SimonOmeara

    1979 Yellow Lotus Eclat: My project thread

    Best thing is brass manifold nuts disimilar metals won't be a problem to remove in the future with a flat washer and spring.
  14. SimonOmeara

    Restoring my Elite 503

    A while back I made an aluminium bonnet grill to replace the original plastic one, I sent it off to be hard anodized and polished to match the rest of the trim. I assembled it today and this is the result, I think its better. I have the drawings if any one wants a copy. Also has any one got a return spring fitted to there clutch? I need to fit one as mine is rattling if someone could post a picture of how this addition was done or a sketch I would be grateful.
  15. SimonOmeara

    1979 Yellow Lotus Eclat: My project thread

    Hi Dave Good news you have the manifold off, once you have the studs out you may have to tap a bigger thread but you can get studs that are bigger one side than the other. I think I saw it on Mikes or Farmer Bobs blog. You might be better off taking it to a small engineering company to get it drilled and tapped . Your Engine mountings are passed there sell by date. lol cheers Simon