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  1. yeah that's correct there us no ignition relay. Ignition switch direct to solenoid and coil.
  2. Top 5 movies starring a Lotus Elite? Number 1 with Tom Cruise..?
  3. Ok while your there check are the rear wheels in the middle of the arches? You can move the front wheels back as well if need be.
  4. Turns out the wheels are close to front of wheel arch, mine are . Do they catch on the inside front when you turn the wheel or reverse ?
  5. Well I'm not sure if using 2 gaskets together is a good Idea, I bought some 2mm Flexoid gasket material and made a gasket by cutting one out. I did though put RTV on both sides. The problem is there isn't enough bolts across the bottom of the manifold, note if you do use a thicker gasket material you will have to retighten it the next day due to compression.
  6. Hi Could anybody help me regarding the leather handbrake cover. There is a metal funny U bracket that seems to side over the plastic gator maybe?. Is the leather cover glued to this? Plus which way up does it go? Any help or pictures would be appreciated. Cheers Simon
  7. Yeah its the seal in the centre, so you need to take the pump off. Its not that easy to replace the seal and you will need a press. You might want so send to either of the companies you mentioned and let them do it.
  8. You should be able to get a pulley from Lotus Bits but I will almost guarantee the seal on the water pump will be shot. So its probably best to take it off now and do it.
  9. I know as I am just fitting the interior that's all recovered. Looks great even embroidered the front head rests. I'll look into becoming a member.
  10. The post covers are new old stock i bought a couple years back. The rest is used straighten and polished all from LB. I can't post any more pictures as I reached my upload limit can you delete some pictures?
  11. I took the A post brackets of the car then fitted the A post to bracket. I fitted it as a unit bending the post bracket bit by bit until I got it as I wanted it. I also had ease some of the mounting holes. I got it all to fit so when I glued it no pressure was needed other than to hold it still. The top& bottom trims are on clips I got from LB and SJ.
  12. Windscreen trim on, which I have to say was hard work getting it to line up and stick down. Hope I never, never have to take it off.
  13. No worries the picture is really useful thanks again.
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