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  1. Hi All, I'm back in the market for another S2 exige if anyone has one there thinking of selling or p/x'ing for a V6. Please let me know , I can move very quickly for the right car. Kieran
  2. Hi all, Im currently looking at options of either having my non airbag wheel retrimmed or if I can finding a s1 s190 momo red steering wheel. Deroure are now listing them as not available so I wondered if anyone has one hanging up they no longer require?
  3. Thanks all in now sorted for a car
  4. KieranR

    211 Wanted

    Sorry I have been away and havnt seen this. No I havnt at present, could you send some pricing information and photos to [email protected] Thanks
  5. Looks like that im on the list for an evora now NA more than likely or an s if my budget can stretch. Kieran
  6. Hi all. Contemplating a evora of one came up. If anyone's thinking of selling, sport and tech packs are preffered. Kieran
  7. Hi all, I'm currently looking to buy a type 25 Jim Clark to replace my old exige. I'd very much apriciate it of anyone knows of a car you could mention to the owner I am looking. Just incase anyone has an idea trading up for something else. Kieran
  8. Looking for a elise type 25 Jim Clark. If anyone has or knows of one for sale I have cash waiting Thanks Kieran
  9. KieranR

    211 Wanted

    Hi all, Im currently looking for a 211 . If anyone considers selling theirs please get in touch via pm. Thanks Kieran
  10. Right the search continues...... Unfortunately the deal couldn't be made so it looks like im back on the hunt for a 2 eleven . Such a shame but sometimes its just not meant to be.
  11. Hi all, So as some of you have seen I've posted a thread in the introductions about selling my exige and placing a deposit on a 211. I've been to view the car today and I'm looking for advice on basically if I'm expecting too much. My s2 was pretty much immaculate which I sold for high 20s, now I'm looking at a 36/7 k 2eleven should I still be expecting the same. The car has quite bad crazing on the archs from impact damage ( 5/6 5 size spots) as there no dynamat on the underside and some ripples under the armourfend , including a very bad smart repair on the osf wheel
  12. Hi all, Doing My obligatory Intro Post. So after just short of 3 years I sold my S2 exige s at the end of October. I have no idea why as it was everything I wanted but just had that urge for a change. Once it sold , it left me with a feeling of what do I replace it with? I really wanted another lotus, my dads had an elan s4 DHC since I was born so I've grown up with lotus and the networks of owners are great. SOOOOOO Yesterday....... I phoned Hoffmans I have secured the 211 they currently have. Having been on the factory open day circa 2008, I sa
  13. KieranR


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