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  1. KJD

    Nearly 10 years in...

    @JAWS , Aren’t those wheels load-rated specifically for the 2+0 cars? Don’t be putting any fat kids in the back or bags of cement in the boot.
  2. Bit of a worry they managed to get three things wrong in one sentence.
  3. Keep it if you’ve got the space. Put it back on when you sell the car and then flog the Larini. That’ll definitely be worth something.
  4. It does say this in the service notes, if you have them. A case of RTFM? Btw, it says to remove the wheel, but no need. Just jack up to take the load off, then reach in, undo one thumbscrew and pivot the little cover around. Saves lots of knuckle flesh and swear box donations!
  5. Excellent. Proper numbers those Matt. Should be a right giggle when you get to give it a squirt.
  6. Yep couple of axle stands with pucks/wood and the handbrake on tight and you’ll be good to go.
  7. Well you’ve put it out there now, so... 2 inch wide bit of wood in the channel in the main beam just in front of the shear panel and jack on that. It’s well balanced front/rear as it’s exactly at the car’s 1/3-2/3 weight distribution point. (CoG). Apparently it’s what the Evora race boys do. But, very definitely, you do so at your own risk!
  8. Not at all. It’s only the same as when its on a four point hoist. Same points are used.
  9. There is a, completely non-recommended, way to lift one side at a time while you put the two stands in. I’d probably get told off (or sued if someone gets it wrong) if I said how, but it works for me. The info is “out there” if you look.
  10. Use a 5mm allen key in the end of the bolt To hold it while you undo the nut. I didn’t realise until I read the service notes properly.
  11. Just loosen the nuts and see if the studs move. I drilled drain holes in the corners of the hinge pocket on mine. No problem. If you take off the pollen filter cover you can poke around and feel that there’s nothing underneath. Chrome Orange’s pic is of an S1 Evora. The 400 is different. Any water just joins the rest that goes in through the main grilles.
  12. Service notes say the hinge is bolted to a studplate bonded to the clam so you should be ok.
  13. Have a flick through your manual and service book in case someone has helpfully written the PIN in there like someone did with mine.
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