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  1. Here you go. This is from my old 990 that I upgraded. Black to 5th hole on top, white to 4th on bottom (clip side). The other 3 wires are for the subwoofer.
  2. KJD

    Evora GT430

    These are both “Metallic” Blue (C202). There is also a “Metalic” Blue (different spelling, C189) which is quite dark iirc. Essex Blue is C179.
  3. Part #1 on here, isn’t it? Air goes in above the centre of the front grille, up and over the radiator, it looks to me. Could your “dead rat“ be a rotten pollen filter?
  4. You can do it on aftermarket Alpine headunits too, but only on the boot up screen. Here’s one I use.
  5. Rtfm? These are the 400 instructions, different from the S. Assume the 410 is the same?
  6. Yep, it’s a Brodit. Modified and with a bracket I made myself. I thought leaving the phone in the glove box wouldn’t do much for reception. Install of the head unit Itself is not difficult, but I had to file the surround a bit as the new unit is very slightly bigger.
  7. I upgraded to the one Lotus use, Alpine INE-W710D (but at aftermarket price, less than a third of Lotus price). Car Play (so Waze, Google maps, Apple maps, etc), DAB+, BT, built-in sat-nav (as a backup), etc. And it should plug straight in to your existing Alpine connectors. There is an iLX-702D as well. Cheaper if you don’t want the built in nav.
  8. Or get @TitaniumDan to make some decals in your choice of colour. Mine came with the decals from the factory, but Lotus in their wisdom had used black, which was barely visible. Got Dan to make these silver/red ones in the original size (the factory decals are bigger). The “Lotus” too, which took a few goes to get the curvature right. Not sure if he’s on here, but he is on the “other” forum.
  9. You’re in France @Bruss Go there. Go there now!
  10. Another one from last week. Lacets de Montvernier. Near the Col de Galibier. Saw it on the TV on the Tour de France and had to go. Proper tight! BTW, the Evora is the most comfy thing I’ve ever driven. 5+ hours no bother at all. And it still entertained me around Ledenon.
  11. It’s just the standard one with the metal bit taken off. Some rivnuts in the plastic plinth and screw into them. I’ve got a narrow registration so it works well. Not sure if a full width plate would work. The screws are only 165mm apart.
  12. I got mountains too. Moodier weather. Top of the Galibier last week.
  13. KJD

    V6 width

    Right, I’ve been measuring. For future reference, a V6 Exige is about 183cm across the rear tyres (allowing for a bit of rubber “squidge”) An Evora is about 186cm so will fit fine in the standard double-deck Eurotunnel carriages. Ironically, I’m going on the ferry now cause it was half the price!
  14. I’ve got one. From Hangar 111 iirc. Not CF but ally. I had it in my Exige 350 before but the Evora has the same mirror plinth so it went straight on. Good mod. The standard mirror is unnecessarily huge for the size of the rear window.
  15. KJD

    V6 width

    I've got this, thanks. I just didn't know if "B" was bodywork width or wheel width. Wheels should be slightly narrower. Thanks for all the Exige pics, but I knew it fitted no probs. It's just I've got an Evora now and all the guys on the Evora section warn about the width in the standard carriages. I know I can just go in with the SUVs/People carriers/coaches, etc., so that's what I'll do. Just wondering if it was really necessary, or just soft Evora owners being scared!
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