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    Lotus Emira

    Did you have a punch up over suspension options?
  2. Ted, holding up some plastic cows says, “Ok Dougal, one last time. These are small… the ones out there are far away. Small… far away…” It’s a photoshop. Look at the shadows. There aren’t four suns in the sky. Even in Hethel.
  3. The Goodyears came out pretty well in a recent Evo tyre test that included the PS4S.
  4. And mine. Except I’m not even bothered about them brand new.
  5. Yep, me too. B&C deposit 23rd June. Biggest thing was no more deposits (refundable or not) until final, full payment 30 days before delivery. And still no coloured stitch steering wheels… 😤
  6. Anyone else with a pre-reveal deposit wondering why we’re not getting a call when posties are?
  7. Not particularly tall but high torso to leg ratio…
  8. What! Is that a new model? Does it come in Dark Nimbus Verdant Yellowy-blue? Does it have the V7 engine or the i9? Is the suspension Road/Street/Tour/Track/Race? How many cupholders/suitcase/phoneslots/newspaper racks does it have? Is the configurator online? Where do I send my deposit? etc,etc…
  9. Awaits comments like “I didn’t know there was a purple option”…
  10. Well, this fella did on an Esprit, so I’m sure it’s possible.
  11. Na. Don’t believe that. There are any number of cars out there with uncovered start/stop buttons. It’s a design “feature” to be more jet-fighterish. 🛩️
  12. I read that somewhere so I tried it. Not really unless with my finger at a funny angle. I wonder if the silly flap would come off without leaving screw holes? Wondering the same about the mesh over the gearchange mech. Wonder how that works? I’ll wager there are no ride-height sensors so it’s probably fancy graphics and guesswork.
  13. Calm down dear. Just a reflection from something. You can even see the blue in the corner.
  14. All of the above, apparently. Stiffer springs and dampers, and sharper geo.
  15. Went to another roadshow at Duke of London today (why not). While crawling around on the floor, spotted this: Looking in the sill, you can see the vent that feeds air into the rear brakes and wheelarch.
  16. Went to the roadshow (again) at Duke of London today and gleaned some more info about the exhaust noise. Looking through the grille at the valve it looked electrical rather than the simple vacuum operated open or shut one one the Evora/Exige. Seen here behind the leaf… Interrogated Scott and he confirmed my suspicions. (Wonder how many questions he’s answered over the last few weeks!) It’s electrically operated and so can be opened gradually rather than just shut/open as with the old vacuum operated one. So the volume can be more controlled depending on what drive more you’re in, etc. Also, the silencer is bigger than the Evora one so overall volume will be a bit lower. Maybe there’s hope for the track day crowd…
  17. Not really. 1458 is V6 FE spec so all options included. i4 FE will be heavier than 1405. As you say, it’s only “pub chat” numbers. Some will prefer the characterless i4 engine with the playstation gearbox but each to their own, eh! 😁
  18. V6 FE is 1458kg. 1405kg will be i4 base spec without any heavy options. So it’s not hugely different. Edit: beaten by Tom.
  19. This might help with the guessing. Or add some more pointless speculation. 😁
  20. “Your comments are unhelpful”, the most condescending phrase ever used in a debate. Ade is expressing his opinion Tom, a little forcefully perhaps, but he is entitled to do so. None of us will know where Lotus have pitched the tour/sport balance until we drive each iteration. Until then we are all guessing which will suit each of us individually. Gavan is undoubtedly a much better driver than me, but he is not me. My point was that button-adjustable damping would potentially please everyone. I know that. Neither is PASM. If Lotus are chasing the Porsche market, it’s maybe something to consider.
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