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    V6 width

    Does any happen to know (or could measure for me) the actual width of a V6 Exige across the rear wheels? ie: tyre face to tyre face, not the “track” measurement. I’ll be taking the Evora on the Eurotunnel soon and have read it recommended to use the wider “high vehicle” carriages. Never had any problems with my Exige in the ordinary carriages. Maybe it was my superior driving technique! 😁
  2. That looks like it might be worth a try thanks.
  3. Does anyone else find the seat belts sit quite high in the Evora. I’m long in the torso and it still sits high on my shoulder, almost on my neck. Mrs KJD is not so blessed in the torso length department and it is almost on her chin. Anybody have the same issue and have you had any ideas to help? This velcro strap around the release strap sort-of does the job but I know it’s not ideal. I’ve seen some cars with a press-stud strap on the seat shoulder. Maybe an upholsterer could do something? Any thoughts?
  4. Thanks @GER After a bit of file and sandpaper action, it now fits, just. I didn’t want to wreck the surround as I’ll probably put the old unit back as and when I sell the car. Definitly needed the camera adapter though. Alpine must have changed that at some point, although I see you fitted a 702, whereas I used a 710. Maybe that’s the difference. Also fitted one of these while I was at it - Plug and play class D amp to drive the door speakers that I’ve upgraded to these - Massive improvement over the standard cheap things. Had to hack a bit out of the door to make room though. And to complete the upgrade, one of these - Again, didn’t just fit. Had to make a spacer ring as it hasn’t got lugs like the standard one. All in all, a huge improvement just by changing components without having to completely rewire the car.
  5. Just tried to do this upgrade. A warning, not quite plug and play. Needs an adaptor cable for the camera. Not a huge problem as I was able to get one from my local dealer, but it’s another £25. More importantly, the size of the nose of the new unit is very slightly bigger than the old. The surround doesn’t fit. Ordered one from Lotus (£53) but, unsurprisingly, on back order. Looks like I’ll be driving around with a bit of my dash missing for a while. @GER how did you make yours fit?
  6. Yep, it’s annoying but I just left the screen up all the time unless I parked somewhere iffy. You can set it to stay up in the menu. I’ve posted this pic before. Indicate right and push up slightly on the stalk and it clears. Pretty sure MrP shortened his cos he’s clever like that! It’s obviously a lot easier to cut down if you don’t have cruise control.
  7. No. Bolt number 9 on this: As I said before, please don’t mess with your steering if you are not absolutely sure what you’re doing.
  8. Hi Raf. Thanks for taking this little lot off my hands. Just noticed this thread, so read the pm I’ve just sent with that in mind. Looks like you’re well advanced with the install but feel free to pester me if you need anything. K.
  9. Thanks @MrP_ ,you got in first. I’d just say if you’re not confident taking the shroud off, should you be messing with something as important as your steering. All modifications are at the owner’s own risk, etc.
  10. I’ve just put all my Pioneer stuff in the classifieds if anyone wants a complete one-stop-shop upgrade.
  11. Best I have is this. You can see the column is up against the top of the shroud.
  12. If I remember, you need to remove the top and bottom of the shroud. It does not take long, (about 1 hour) but I have done 3 cars now so have the experience!
  13. I’d agree the seats are a marmite thing. I found the carbon seats fantastic on a 410 test drive but you do loose the practicality of folding backrests with them, so getting in the back (even to stow bags) is a PITA. (I thought anyway) It’s one of the reasons I went for a 400 with Sparco seats as I was coming from an Exige and wanted that practicality in my “grown-up” new car.
  14. There’s two lights in the boot? Woo hoo! I’ve only noticed one. Evora ownership just keeps on giving.
  15. I can raise @alias23 ‘s footrest offer with a full set of genuine carpets. Full coverage (over the “step” in front of the seats) short passenger version with footrest. Any good?
  16. Thanks chaps. Seems an odd way to do it but there you go, Lotus knows best. 😉
  17. Um. Hopefully not. It’s only 4 months old! I was wondering what other folk’s cars were like for comparison. I’m thinking it’s a breather of some sort, but I’ve had a look behind the wheelarch at the bottle and can’t see anywhere for it to connect. I’m also getting random “bottle empty” lights on the dash, but it’s full. Mystery. Might ask the dealer.
  18. Does this look right compared to other Evoras? The right angled spigot bit was poked all the way down the filler tube to the washer bottle. Is it some sort of breather or should it be connected somewhere?
  19. Ha! Yes I did, but proves my prediction correct! Very nice job. Almost makes me sorry I traded in the Exige for an Evora (almost). 😁
  20. Mine did this when the battery went flat. Dropping the window fully then back up seemed to fix it.
  21. I hope you’ve knocked up a batch, cos I predict the requests will be coming thick and fast!
  22. Between the triangular brackets (4 and 6) and the u-shaped bit on the main column. IIRC I got 3mm of washers in before the column hit the shroud. That becomes about 10-15mm at the wheel. There is a thread on the playground about it if you do a search. Edit. Here you go: https://forums.the
  23. I had the 30mm elise shop spacer in mine. I found it does fit without needing a lathe, it’s just a very tight fit in the wheel. I also raised the steering column (about 15mm) with some washers and dropped the seat (about 20mm) with a mod where you take off the front offset mounts, flip them upside down and put them on the rear.
  24. Exactly. That’s the point of having them adjustable. I had my Ohlins with 15% softer springs (800/1050) than the full race spec they come with (950/1250) and found it a good compromise. Firm but OK on the road, and good on track with some damping adjustments. Now I’ve gone Evora they’re for sale if anyone’s interested. Correct front mounts and 2 sets of springs. I’ll get them in the classifieds but PM me if you fancy them.
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