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  1. It’s the grey one that’s been doing the rounds with a badly set camera picking up too much of the blue neon light of the sign.

    Look at the bumper just above the rear wheel. In isolation you can see the grey.

    Panic over. There is no “new” colour. 😅

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  2. The 400/410 (same system) is laugh-out-loud hilarious how loud it is with the valve open.

    Ripping up to the redline in second and third for the first time is quite the ear-opener.

    A GTS 4.0 is quiet by comparison, even with the sports exhaust open (I had one on loan for a couple of weeks).

    However, if trackdays are your thing, you are severely limited where you can go without changing the silencer.

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  3. 3 hours ago, Style said:

    Can someone who has seen the Emira confirm that it at least visually LOOKS the size of a Porsche 911 length wise?

    Bit of an open-ended question isn’t it?

    Visually or actually? Just cos it looks like it’ll fit in your garage doesn’t mean it actually will.

    Google says a 992 911 is 4535mm, Emira is 4412mm, so about 5 inches shorter.

    The technical drawing shows the “mirrors folded” width (1895) as the measurement across the rear tyres/wheelarches, so when the mirrors are folded they are out of that equation.

    The Emira being 2 inches wider than my Evora at the wheels will not be “Lambo wide”. An Aventador is 2030/2265 without/with mirrors. Emira is 1895/2092, so 6 to 7 inches narrower!

    I haven’t had the pleasure of trying to fit an Aventador through a 6’6” width restriction but I don’t really want to!

    You won’t even need to slow down in an Emira. 😉

  4. They were working when I sat in them and I’d say at their lowest it was pretty similar to my Evora.

    For me that leaves about 20mm of headroom so if the production seats come 20mm lower I’ll be happy cos if I ever wear a helmet I’ll fit better than in the Evora.

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  5. Yep. My experience as well.

    eg: at Ledenon with quite a high drive-by limit, the only people with a problem were two of us in Evora 400s. Had to short-shift below 4500 to keep the valve shut. Spoils the day a bit.

    The only track in Europe that I’m aware of where you would be ok is Spa. No chance on any UK track.


  6. 5 minutes ago, TomE said:

    I guess some people want to know about the clutch and how the transmission is bolted together.  It was seen as one of the weak points in the Evora.  So if they’ve not done much to it then there could be concern about transmission noise.  Plus if it’s still a theoretical 30+ hour job to change the clutch. 

    Do you mean to make it quieter Tom?

    It’s a pretty noisy transmission installation which bothers some people (not me - this’ll be my 3rd car with the same setup) and it’s another thing that could have been “modernised”.

  7. 2 hours ago, C8RKH said:

    Nothing to do with not liking the answer, you just did not answer the question posed, I just pointed it out like any good pedant would :)

    Not going to fall out about it though (but if you want to, then show me where he asked if the engine and gearbox where the same (your answer), the question was about configuration and we know that is different as we have been told this is an all new chassis (not the Evora's) and the induction and exhaust is different).

    Sorry for being the resident pedant, I'll leave it alone now.



    Well, you’re kinda both right. Sorry to start a row.

    I used the word “installation” meaning everything about the powertrain.

    It’s common knowledge the engine is used “out of the crate” from Toyota (possibly contractually)

    I’m aware the gearbox internals are modified and a Lotus-made adapter plate is used to join it to the engine.

    The exhaust is clearly different but any more so than 2 outlets rather than one?

    The airbox looks to be different (inlet pipe to the supercharger points forward rather than rearwards as in the Evora) but to what effect?

    My point about an auto-blipper is that it’s something (software-based, I assume) that could have been done but appears not to have been.

    Maybe I’m doing Lotus a disservice and they’ve done a lot of work to the powertrain but they’re certainly not shouting about it if they have.

    As I said, that’s slightly disappointing, being as the rest of the car is “all new”.

    I don’t doubt it’ll still be fantastic though, before you all flame me for being miserable!

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  8. 1 hour ago, Del Lardo said:

    Auto clipper on Auto, not on manual.

    I knew that thanks. Was hoping for one on the manual. Heel and toe is notoriously inconsistent on this gearbox.

    22 minutes ago, C8RKH said:

    That wasn't the question asked to be fair

    Thank you @C8RKH

    But if it turns out to be the answer then that will the slightly disappointing thing about the Emira.

    I would have hoped Lotus could have taken the opportunity to  modernise it a bit.

  9. I’ve just thought of a question for someone to ask please.

    How specifically does the installation of the V6 and manual gearbox differ from the Evora?

    Something was said about “Induction and Exhaust” work. What exactly?

    Is it too much to hope for an auto-blipper, for example?


    Oh, and much more importantly, is the CarPlay wireless? 😁

  10. 3 hours ago, Snorkel said:

    For the road show guys: Can someone take a picture of the tyre specs? Like: all the numbers on the sidewall of the tyre? Thank you 🙂 



    I did answer your question about “LTS” spec on the tyres, if that’s what you’re after.

  11. I’m 6’0” but I find I’m not a good body double. 
    Long torso / shorter legs means I’m relatively far forward but struggling for headroom compared to most. 
    I found the roadshow Emira similar to my Evora for headroom (ie: Ok but I’d struggle if in a helmet) but, as several people have been told, the seats are pre-production and should be lower in the real cars. 
    The fore/aft range was a lot greater though. The seat went a lot further forward than the Evora and rearwards seemed similar. 
    As with all these things, you’ll need to try one on sir!

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  12. It’s held on with 8 screws and double-sided tape according to the service notes.

    When I was thinking of replacing it after I moved the no plate up to the grille, it looked like the radiator air intake shroud would be in the way and the bumper would have to come off.

    Might be worth popping off the undertray to see what you’re up against, as @C8RKH says.

    I didn’t bother in the end, Covered the plate plinth screw holes with black wrap.

  13. 1 hour ago, MJON said:

    @KJD Do you have it with your Evora and did you take up the Porsche tracker option with your Macan?

    Yes and no, kinda.

    I’ve got a cheap, self-installed, thing in the Evora that I’m prepared to accept could be useless.

    For the Macan I’ve got the “Find my car” option that Porsche unofficially said could be quickly upgraded if the car ever went missing.

    6 minutes ago, C8RKH said:

    No need for a tracker when I bought my Evora 410 Sport brand new, no issues re insurance, maybe as I keep it garaged the tracker is less of an issue. Who knows with Insurance Co's...

    Guessing we wouldn’t get a straight answer if it would be required as the car doesn’t exist yet.

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