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  1. You might as well take the seat base out. Very easy.

    It’s only velcro’d down, but don’t just pull it up. It’s very “sticky” industrial velcro and can rip from the seat pad. (VOE!)

    Get your fingers underneath and push it up instead.
    Leaves a nice hard flat shelf for your stuff.
    Still carpeted though, so the bag is a good idea.

    While you’re under there, check the emergency boot release is working properly!

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  2. Not sure of the exact dB numbers but any of the 4xx engined cars will fail pretty much any test when the valve is open. They have larger-diameter downpipes than the earlier 3xx cars and are noticeably louder. (I’ve had both).

    If you somehow squeak through a static test by keeping it under 4500 (where the valve opens) you’ll get done by the drive-by meters unless you short-shift to keep the valve shut.

    Only places with high noise limits (eg: Spa) are possible.

    The Emira has a new variable valve (not just the open/shut old one) so it’ll be interesting to hear how it works.

    On-the-road Costs
    Includes delivery to a Lotus Agent for your collection, or delivery to your home address or place of work in the UK, cost of number plates, a full tank of fuel, pre-delivery inspection and valet.
    Road Fund Licence   £1,910
    Registration Fee   £55


    £3010 total for “extras”

  4. Yep, me too. 

    B&C deposit 23rd June. 

    Biggest thing was no more deposits (refundable or not) until final, full payment 30 days before delivery. 

    And still no coloured stitch steering wheels… 😤

  5. 20 minutes ago, Evotion said:

    the Emora

    What! Is that a new model?

    Does it come in Dark Nimbus Verdant Yellowy-blue?

    Does it have the V7 engine or the i9?

    Is the suspension Road/Street/Tour/Track/Race?

    How many cupholders/suitcase/phoneslots/newspaper racks does it have?

    Is the configurator online?

    Where do I send my deposit?


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