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  1. How do you know if someone is a Vegan? Because they will always tell you!
  2. Likewise if you find you have more tickets than you need, I'd really appreciate you getting in touch. Thank you
  3. Hi Bibs, Will the ticket ordering software be able to do an audit and filter out those ****** who have booked more than once? Seems like the tickets sold out in a remarkably quick time? Must be great for those of us not at work at mid-day on a Friday! Cheers
  4. I tried to smile and wave from my pushbike, but Id done so many miles I apologise if it came across as a grimace!
  5. My wife had a Suzuki Cappuccino 3cyl 650cc turbo that redlined at 9500 revs. Great fun and got to 60 considerably quicker than my 5.7 litre Corvette did!
  6. When he speaks, like all of us he wants whats best for the country and all the people in it, and politics aside, he comes across as being a decent chap. Its just the way he wants to fund his expenditure that stinks and doesn't add up. Rather like an irresponsible idiot who has a credit card and doesn't realise that you cant carry on spending without sooner or later you are going to have to pay back your debt.
  7. ........pretty soon? Crikey we saw through Corbyn's bullshit years ago! He continually picks subjects dear to everyone's heart and conscience and thinks it will immediately get better by throwing millions of pounds at it.
  8. Come on Steve its not that hard - what compass direction is 180 Deg from NW? Then put that infront of LOC. Unfortunately due to some falling out over the years, if I gave to the full title of the Lotus regional website you need to access, this Website converts it to the 'Playground' or PM me
  9. If it is TVRGLEN then apparently he isn't very pleasant at all. I'd advise you to stay clear. If you log onto the playground there is chapter and verse written about them. If it is TVRGLEN then apparently he isn't very pleasant at all. I'd advise you to stay clear. If you log onto to a certain Lotus Forum whose first two initials are 180 degrees from NW and the last three initials are LOC, then there is chapter and verse written about them.
  10. You should find out why the deficit is rising and what will be done about it. Is there a Pensions Board with Trustees at your company - if so talk to them. I thought that schemes were only allowed to reach a certain percentage underfunded before Ombudsman intervention. I presume your retirement age is 60 in which case you will probable get fleeced something like 5% for every year you take your pension before you reach 60 so 15%! Cant really see you ending up with nothing - hopefully this will allay your fears >
  11. Where in Northumberland is it Steve? If its at TVRGLEN I would avoid them like the plague.
  12. Oooh couldn't entertain either of those Ian. Have you tried Swimming and/or cycling? I was petrified that I'd clap the pounds on when injury put paid to my Fell Running 'career' but the swimming/cycling combo have kept the pounds off. I'm sure I once read that if you loose weight dieting you have got to keep the weight off for a couple of years or it goes straight back on the minute you look at a pint and a curry.
  13. Mutley


    Shall I send my son down? We had a rat problem and he chased it round the garden and speared it. The sight of a 16.5 stone 'ripped' Rugby League player stripped to the waist, charging around armed with a pitchfork had every living creature in the area running for cover, including his parents!
  14. Thanks for the comprehensive reply Barry. Just what I wanted. The search goes on!
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