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  1. 4 hours ago, Robbie said:

    Thanks Ben mines original and has been on the road unusually in this country for last 3 years, .I sourced a new chrome waist strip in preparation for a respray but below the chrome waist strip the paint  is lovely lagoon blue and very shiny. Above the strip is a different story faded and few chips. The original electric mirrors are good and chrome finishers in excellent condition. The top is original twin sunroofs and a blue padded roof covering all good. Only thing I did was electric Mazda risers for headlights. I think theirr is a picture on my profile. My thoughts are get the top masked off below the chrome finishers and also masked below the chrome waist strip. Then prepare and get the top half sprayed from waist strip up to but not including the window chrome. Then refitting the new waist chrome. Idoubt I can get the original fantastic finish for the bit I will have resprayed but if is close, two two slightly  shades I think would look nice. When I got the car first I thought the paint was two different shades above and below the chrome waist strip. You have given me inspiration a part respray will not completely ruin the originality even if the top half is never as good a quality.

    It's quite a nice blue, I thought of painting mine blue but decided to keep it red, red cars go faster hear ha ha. yeah the mazda headlight risers are what I'm currently doing, I've got all the parts to do it now so will be a good upgrade. A few other guys have done the same mod. It wouldn't tale much to paint yours especially if your doing the top half. Rub down, mask up lay a base coat and a clear down and it'll come up like new for sure. I never got round to putting the rubber waist trim around the car but I quite like it with out now so will probably leave as is. 

  2. 4 hours ago, Robbie said:

    Really smart. With regard to the respray do you recall what the final rub down was grit, paste etc. Also what did you use in order to get to the final finish ie base coat through to top coat finish and type of paint , any heating etc. Some background on methodology will help my understanding what works on these grade of glass fibre cars 

    Hi Rob thanks. I rubbed it down with 2000 grit i think it was then went over the whole body with scotch bright and grease remover, once that was done we put it in the booth, not sure what temperature it was set too as it was a mates booth. We laid down the single pot base coat (about 6 coats to cover) then 3 coats of two pot clear over the top. We then blocked it back with 3000 and polished it with a buffing machine. in person it looks like glass. The paint I used was a just a automotive brand we have here in NZ. I actually had to re-fare the body as with fibre glass the whole car looked pretty rippled. Its still not perfect but good enough for me. 

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  3. 13 hours ago, Straker said:

    Looks spectacular, do you have to have a front number plate in NZ

    I assume that the moulding in the glove box is for a head unit + a pair of USB outlets?

    Thanks, ah yes we do I'm just waiting on a personalised plate to arrive to put on.  

    Yes you are correct. 

    12 hours ago, jonwat said:

    Looks lovely, what colour is that? :respect:

    cheers, it's a Nissan metallic red 

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  4. So I've finally brought all the material I need to re upholster the interior, I've made a start a on the carpet, it's a timely job trying to make it all fit nice but I'll get there. The radiator is mounted and the cooling system is nearly finished, just trying to fit new hoses in the cabin for the heater hasn't been easy and waiting on a custom stainless overflow tank/ filling point to be finished being fabricated. 

    Most of the wiring is done in the engine bay, I have it turning over but haven't had it fire up yet, having a few wiring issues there. I think one of the carbs needs a recondition also as it's spewing fuel everywhere which ain't ideal. Otherwise it's really taking shape and coming together. Although If I wasn't at sea every other two months working it would be getting done faster. 










  5. 21 hours ago, Dunc said:

    Hi Ben,

    Early range rover, sprite and midget boss kit and MGB from 70 onwards fits our cars, so you should get something locally?

    However, 70mm 6 bolt is a momo/sparco/omp fitting. Are you desperate to use that size?

    The Mountney boss (MB015) is readily available and cheap, but is a different pcd to the wheel your trying to fit. Moto-lita, Mountney and a few others use 4" pcd. Mountney wheels are plentiful and relatively cheap.


    Yeah I am kind of desperate for the 70mm pcd as the steering wheel is a  Volante steering wheel which I’ve already bought. I contacted Mountney and yeah they explained they only do 4” pcd. 

    I’ll look into the Range Rover and MGB boss kits. 

    Should of bought the boss first. 

  6. Hey guys I’m having trouble sourcing a boss kit for my new steering wheel. It’s for a lotus elite 1978 series 1. The steering wheel has a pcd of 70mm. I’ve tried eBay and a bunch of websites but no one can help. Surely there must be another car out there with the same spline diameter on the steering column as my lotus. 

    Any help would be much appreciated 



  7. 1 hour ago, cbclotus said:

    Hi Ben .i think I have said it before ....Reablly admire your skills .Well done .Looks fantastic ....Mike

    Thanks Mike appreciate it 👍

    15 minutes ago, mikeeech said:

    Great project... Can this thread be moved to the projects section?

    I’m not sure if I can but I’ll look into it. 

  8. On 4/7/2018 at 01:02, soldave said:

    Looking really impressive, and pleased to see you've gone for the air ride too. Purists may scoff, but I like to see people doing what they like with cars, old or new :)

    Yeah thanks. It's been a hell of a job putting in the air ride system but It was something I really wanted and it will be worth it in the end. There's always going to be haters, can''t please everyone ha ha. I'm definitely adding my personal touch to this car so there will be more to come once I start doing all the interior etc. 


    It's been a busy few days at the workshop, my parts arrived from the UK so I could put the engine together and put the rear end back together. I installed new wheel bearings, braided brake lines, new hand brake cable, new brakes, new bottom arms also. Took me half a day to drill out the bolt that runs through the aluminium wheel hub carrier. aluminium and steel don't really go great together, i added grease nipples to the centre where the bolt goes through so i can keep that lubricated. I'm not 100% sure about this hand brake assembly I mean its all together and works ok but i wouldn't trust it on a hill. 

    The engine went back together trouble free, everything looked really clean inside for its age. A bit of paint some new air filters, new rings and bearings, job done. New service kits installed into the dellortos also so hopefully they work ok.  I'm considering painting them now also as they kinda look out of place there. 

    Now just waiting on a new clutch kit and and I can marry the engine and gearbox and load them onto the chassis. 




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  10. On 3/16/2017 at 11:39, Elite 4.9 said:

    Thanks Ben. Lots of work but obviously some like auto restoration especially on a car that is worth it, like the Elite. As they say, "cleanliness is next to Godliness."  Nothing looks better IMHO when a good deal of effort is done as it shows. Like you are doing. Nice to see your progress. Attention to detail really shows and it makes me just keep going cleaning up other areas and making my car more enjoyable for me. 

    Just a note on rust removable. White vinegar is an excellent, cheap, none threatening substance that will completely remove all rust if you can get your part in a soaking tub of some kind, I usually mix it with 50% water. Works great for engine blocks and other things you don't want to use a sandblaster or other abrasive tools. Just takes some time and won't harm cast iron one bit. Only takes more time than you want if you are in a big hurry.


    A lot of work but it's all part of the enjoyment of restoring a car you really like. Yeah your right, nothing quite like a clean car.  I think the detail is what makes a car stand out, luckily i have lots of time and patience to clean up all areas and in the end I hope to have a very reliable car. 

    Oh really! that is interesting, Vinegar! who would of thought. I will have to try that out, thanks for the tip.  


  11. Well that's the engine and gearbox out. Actually looks not to bad on the inside, some fresh rings, bearings and gaskets and and i'll have her back together in a day. Needs some serious cleaning up though on the outside. Busy couple of days de-rusting, rust killing and painting anything that needs it, which is basically every single part on this car that is metal. At least everything will be mint, even if ya can't see it. 


  12. On 3/13/2017 at 10:14, silverfrost said:

    Looks like you are storming ahead with this  :thumbup:  Yes sadly the UK roads are not the best, even when the chassis has been galvanised, but as you say a good clean down and some decent paint an it should up as good as new.  Look forward to updates on this, have a feeling this is going to end up as a really nice car :)

    Yeah I sure am :). In NZ we don't salt the roads so this car should last some time I'd say. One would say I'm quite a perfectionist so every little thing has to be right.


    On 3/13/2017 at 22:47, Elite 4.9 said:






     Thanks. did you see the pictures in my albums..?    .....above link

    Wow nice car Richard! you did a great job. 




    I'm guessing the salt from the roads in the UK got the better of everything on here. Although thank god the chassis is galvanised so it will need a clean up and respray black to tidy up. The whole rear end is stripped and I think just about every part that is movable is seized or corroded. 

    The car has no brake lines or fuel lines, so that will be another job to run some new piping. The front brake calipers are off getting refurbished. All new bushes through out are on there way! Full steam ahead! 

    Can't wait to rip into the engine! all new seals, gaskets, bearings. She's going to be like new once I've finished with her. 

    The water pump shaft is bent also so I've sourced another! not cheap! yikes.  Thank god for SJsportscars and lotusbits, I'm going to become their best customer lol



  14. 17 hours ago, Elite 4.9 said:

    Hey Ben, 

    Great start you have there with lots of room. Makes for a much easier job as there is no such thing as a too big garage. lol

     Getting right down to it with great progres. I also like the 17 inch wheels. You may find it necessary to go with a larger wheel when you see just how pathetic the tire selection is today with the 14's . That is why I went the 16 wheels, as there is a much better selection of high performance tires if you get a larger wheel.

    Lotus put high performance tires on originally but there aren't any 14 inch tires, like that, available today. So I wanted to experience the forte of this car which is handling thus a need to go with a larger wheel to find such tires to match.

    Great pictures of your progress. Love to see more so don't forget to keep us posted.




    Hey Richard 

    Yeah thanks. Bigger the garage the better I say lol

    I would just have to careful with the 17" as that one I had on there did not fit the rear and the steering was limited so the offset would have to be double checked when buying new wheels, but i like the sound of say a 15 or a 16" wheel.

    It's a bummer as the original wheels look good polished up but like everyone has said, decent tyres will be an issue to find.

    Thanks yeah I'll be posting some very shortly.

    By the way your lotus looks very nice, any more pictures?? 

    11 hours ago, oilmagnet477 said:

    Ben, check out @CharlieCroker - his car sits on some very stylish 15" wheels which really work well with the Elite 'period feel'

    Much easier to find tyres. Tempted to go down that route myself, especially if 14" tyres get any harder to find.



    Hey Ant yeah i checked out his ride on retro rides, they got some awesome photos of it. Its my inspiration basically lol. Looks slick on those rims. 


    10 hours ago, Testdriver said:

    That will have a negativ impact on the handling as it's unsprung weight

    Depends on what you want from the car (show or ride?) 

    I want the ride but i want it to look good to. I may have to experiment with some sizes and see how it roles.

  15. Thanks guys, having a good shed definitely helps a lot! 

    4 hours ago, oilmagnet477 said:


    As Mike says 'well jel'

    Keep us posted. Would also appreciate dimensions of the 'dolly' - really like that.

    Well done

    I think the trolley was 2 metres by 1.8 metres but I'll have to double check. I was going to brace it but the body it so light i decided not too, plus i was too eager to start pulling things apart. 

    I had thoughts of 17" wheels but maybe a bit big and I do wanna keep a retro look so i'll either polish the original ones or try source some other ones. 


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