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  1. Exhaust flap switch in place : everything works and roars perfectly ! A problem less. Next step : Nitron 3-ways setup and geometry (40 Track Day / 60 Fast Road).
  2. Thank you Alastair, for you help and links. PM sent. 👍
  3. Thank you very much Jaffa, I will follow your instructions and will let you know the result. Fingers crossed.
  4. Very happy to introduce my 3rd Exige V6 : - after a '15 V6S Sienna Brown - after a '16 Sport 350 Metallic Grey - here is a '19 Sport 410 Vortes Grey, on the way back home last saturday, in a "beautiful" shooting spot 😁 - Exterior Black Pack - Interior : Alcantara Pack Black - Instrument Panel : Black Alcantara - Satin Black forged wheel - Carbon Sport Seat - Touring Pack : Air conditioning, full carpet, floor mat, sound insulation, regulator - Interior Colour Pack : Solid Yellow - Stitch : White / Yellow - Lithium-ion battery - Brake discs J hook FR 332x32 mm / RR 332x26 mm - Calipers : AP Racing jaune - NITRON NTR RaceR3 - SONY CD/MP3/WMA with integrated connectivity with Bluetooth® - USB port - Carbon Pack : front spoiler, access panel, louvre panel, wing My first two priorities will be : - to find a solution to open the exhaust valve whenever I want to, not only after 4500 rd/min - to find a muffler-add on, in order to reduce sound emission on restrictive track If you can help, you are very welcome 😇 ; if not, you are also 🤣
  5. Hi Guys, Breaking news : my '16 Sport 350 will leave soon and will be replaced by a '19 Sport 410. It will be my third V6, after my '15 Siena Brown V6S. As the Sport 410 presents many differences compared to my two previous V6, I would appreciate any comments, suggestions, advices and tips concerning the following parts : 1- Harness : does anybody put some 6 points Schroth harness, or the traditional 4 points is far enough for gentleman driver style trackdays? 2- Front Towing Tool : it seems different from older V6, what's best ? In black color ? 3- Rear Towing Strap : where to buy it, how to install it ? 4- Side Skirts : where can I found good value ones, in carbon ? How to attached them to the lower body frame ? 5- Side Air Scoops : is it possible to install larger carbon one ? Looking forward to yours messages. Anthony
  6. So, no difference at all with the exhaust (manifold, catalyser) and the gearbox (except the gearchange mechanism) ; well, could it be a distinct engine software between V6S and 350 ? I have difficulties to find which change V6S -> 350 can explain this gap of "performance" feeling.
  7. A friend of mine, futur owner of a Sport 350, has read that the Sport 350 enjoys new exhaust manifolds ; they allows it to express its full potential. Can someone confirm or give another hypothesis ?
  8. What about exhaust : any change with the Sport 350 ?
  9. Hi Guys, Next week, I was there (guess where is it...) : My passenger is the owner of a V6S Club Racer, and an experienced driver now focused on single-seater race car (= far better and faster than me). Concerning my Sport 350, in comparison with his own CR, he was really surprised by the health of the engine, the "boost", the speed of relaunch in 3rd gear for instance. He supposed the gearbox ratio must differ and be shorter ; for me, it was not in the upgrades list of the Sport 350, just like a modified exhaust. So, you experts, how can you explain the improvement he feeled from the passenger seat ? Clarification : my car is totally stock, and weights 1134 kg with 15L of SP98. Thanks for you comment and help to clarify this point.
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