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  1. on exotic location in, erm, Penzance Sainsbury’s car park.
  2. Heading into the Yarra Valley on B360 this morning - nice road for it.
  3. s1 I think but some extra body kit (apologies if I’m underselling soneone’s GT4x0...) and a nice short personalised plate.
  4. PZE

    Why the low miles?

    I’m a couple of weeks off the second anniversary of getting my S1 NA and should hit 24k miles within a few days. That’s just work/mileage commuting with no special trips at all - don’t think it’s been east of Exeter since I drove home from Lotus Silverstone. Initially I wasn’t sure whether to try and minimise mileage by using other cars where possible but now it’s through 60k I figure the marginal cost is pretty small anyway (nobody will see it as low mileage regardless now). It seems to thrive on being driven as much as possible and I’m now interested in how many miles I can get out of it before it starts to get too expensive.
  5. Headed east up the A30 Tuesday afternoon. I was driving my Panda but waved anyway.
  6. After more than 14000 miles wait, I finally passed another Evora whilst driving mine - nice looking Evora LE in champagne/titanium kind of colour in Truro about 6pm yesterday - ref AU59***. And then what I think was an S2 Exige in orange heading briskly uphill on the A30 at Hayle.
  7. Roads around that bit of Cornwall are mostly a bit rubbish - either big through-routes with lots of speed limits (A390) or really tiny sunken lanes with no sight lines and few passing places. You definitely need to be happy reversing a few hundred metres if needed. Fortunately if you head on to *actual* southwest Cornwall it gets a lot better. The north coast road from St Ives to St Just via Zennor is spectacular, and over the moor from St Ives to Penzance isn’t bad either. Starting from Helston the road down to Lizard is pleasant and sometimes quick (well ok, very occasionally quick, but it’s worth it to visit Kynance) and the B3293 across Goonhilly Downs has a mile-long, generally empty straight that is perfectly designed for, erm, driving at a sensible and law abiding 60 miles an hour. For example. Goonhilly is the home of various satellite/comms projects due to its exceptional levels of quiet, so you can see how appropriately a Lotus exhaust would fit in there. Other things: there are some good roads around Bodmin Moor but again there’s a lot of sunken stuff with poor visibility. The north coast run from Bude to Watergate Bay has some great views but between April and October you’ll probably be mostly viewing the back of a caravan doing 35mph. Finally the North Cliffs road from Portreath towards Hayle is often quick and you can stop off at Godrevy to see a cove full of seals, which isn’t something you can often combine with a decent road. Happy driving - if all else fails, drive down to Lands End so you can say you’ve driven to Lands End.
  8. I’ll watch out for you - you’ll represent a decent % increase to the Lotus population of west Cornwall.
  9. S2 I think, reg **10RAN - anyone on here?
  10. OK, I've had a chance to play with it some more after being away for the weekend, with these observations if I trigger the alarm deliberately it's also very quiet, but the indicators then do flash something I've never noticed before: when I lock it, the centre console button with a door/window icon (just next to central satnav display) lights up for a few seconds. Is this standard behaviour on an S1 or indicating a fault? Haven't yet found anything in the manual about it as long as I key-lock the passenger door there are no problems - alarm goes to 1.5 second flash and doesn't trigger Sounds like a new siren battery to me, but would welcome any other thoughts before I try that.
  11. Indicators don’t flash while sounding. I’ve not tried setting it off properly, actually not immediately sure how (I suppose sitting in it with the microwave sensor on should do the trick). Indicators do flash normally with a very quiet beep when I arm it. Also get triple beeps correctly if arming it with doors open.
  12. Thanks both. @21gg I tried the horn as I drove away this morning and was more disappointed than I’ve ever been before on discovering a component working properly ... so sadly that’s not the fix. @Bibsthe siren battery makes sense in that it’s been getting progressively quieter on locking beep - although can you think of any reason that would cause the siren to trigger all the time?
  13. As of this evening my alarm (2010 NA) has started going off 3 mins after locking. 2 strange things: it goes off very, very quietly (but doesn’t seem to stop) and it doesn’t turn off when I unlock the car and open a door. After pressing the lock button or putting a key in the ignition it stops. I’m blipping the alarm twice to turn off the microwave sensor so don’t think that’s the cause. Any ideas/experience of this? I know the battery is the default thing to worry about, but it’s fairly new and I think healthy - the car has sat still for 7-10 days a couple of times and started perfectly after that.
  14. Hmm, not sure. I’ll check, though I had a feeling it was less than 2 years.
  15. Strange thing... I don't think it's just seasonal laryngitis, but this morning when I locked up my (2010 NA) Evora and double clicked as usual to stop the alarm going off at the slightest breath of wind, the beep was almost silent. Normally it's embarrassingly loud, to the extent you can probably hear it in neighbouring counties. It's been like it ever since. Probably coincidentally, my TPMS also decided I had a problem with my front offside tyre all day today despite indicating that the pressure on that tyre was exactly the same as usual. Does anyone have any ideas on either of the above, and in particular whether they matter, or is it just normal Lotusness?
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