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  1. Just got back from Europe trip
  2. B&C transported it there and back as part of my purchase so I was not there. Thumbs up to them!
  3. Ready for my Alpine trip this Sunday!
  4. Mine just arrived at B&C. Yellow calipers.
  5. Thanks to all! Delivery in June and will most certainly post pictures. i will be doing the Lotus licence in July to learn how to drive the damn thing!
  6. thank you for your positive comment. it is not a hasty decision. I was looking at Mclarens but depreciation too heavy at about £100k in 3 years! looked at the 911 thing but despite being excellent, too common. I am not anti Porsche having owned one which was brilliant but the lotus has so much more character and does not carry any stigma. so my Type 25 is green and will be the only one with yellow calipers.
  7. I keep it in the UK so price is as in the UK. Duties here are 70% so not worth it. Also no roads on which to enjoy! I will have her on the road and a trip or two to Europe.
  8. Well...I ordered one! Love the looks and I buy a car if it turns me on (and I can afford it!). All this talk ignores one's personal preferences.
  9. I am in Grenada and have a new 380 and a 1998 Elise S1
  10. 380 has the best of Lotus and the best of the GTR. Awesome. Off to Ireland in May and Alps etc in summer. Roof off! GTK: Grenada home is next to Prickly Bay. Frequent it a lot and learned to sail there as a kid.
  11. 380S picked up today from Stratton Motor Company
  12. Name: Lotus Exige S Click to view: Lotus Exige S
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