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  1. couple of pages without any more pics... sorted
  2. thanks for posting that, ive not seen that guy before.. i really liked his style enthusiasm, plus, moving the camera around a-lot really shows how wonderful this car is.. looking at this car this morning it just looks just as if not more epic this morning.... its a good time to own a lotus and be on this bandwagon!
  3. just love this, what a stunning design, id have the rear red led off but the blue hyperspace tunnels lit with the blue hue..
  4. good work chap.. been there done that, re trimmed the dash centre consul and door swipes..
  5. Harrys videos are proper videos for enthusiast, easy to watch, and done to share his knowledge and passion.. clearly doesnt need the money.. loved his road trip to antibes to collect his outboard motor in the front of his testerossa just brilliant use of front boot space..
  6. hes too busy ripping around to stop and take pictures,,,..
  7. cheaper for a pint at FOS £5.50
  8. it was a cracker... whilst i did not want or think a penalty due , the stewards are utter hopeless.. rosberg got a 5s penalty for exactly the same doing to verstapen in germany 2016 google it.. and also same corner same track on hamilton in 2016 ran him out and rosberg picked up another 5s penalty,, no consistency.. its so funny.. a few years back the FIA stood for ferrari international assistance.. i think with this years decisions have prooved that no longer is the case mclaren showing much much better... too....
  9. doesnt hurt to have them in the garage .. always sell them on... i do have plan that needs to be approved by the lotusville crew tho.....
  10. cheers, i got the fronts previously too. just ordered the rears so will have a full set.. , dare say will come in handy, and save a few pounds later... oriiginals are getting on for 9 years old , surely gonna start leaking at some point.. cost more than that to have them refurbished by bilstein...
  11. oo ooo gonna love the bomb hole... some fast corners, some tricky ones, and a frustrating one onto the straight...
  12. got 4 day tickets, might go thursday with a m8 then sat with son
  13. loved f1 had attended many races from mid 80s, gave up going as the events are pretty lacking .. when sunday morning warm ups stopped so did i.. crazy money to pay to see three gp2 gp3 f1 boring races... still watch without fail on tv, but even thats testing me.. too much bollox about tyres, engine saving, hybrid rubbish.. luckily historic racing has taken over,, goodwood, revival, silverstone etc etc.. the racing is stunning and entertaining... i take my wife to goodwood, and even she loves to watch the races.. you can watch any car in the field, they are exciting to watch.. i challenge anyone to go to goodwood watch the races, and come back and state modern f1 is anything but utterly lost . such a shame.. but brought on by driven greed and not a single consideration for the fans..
  14. what really makes me frustrated is there is muppet jobsworth who dreams up this legislation.. and thinks its gonna do the job..
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