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  1. on my early 2000 elise which i sold ealier in the year, i think lotus quoted this at 134bhp.. would this have been flywheel, if so what roughly does one deduct for wheel bhp.. on an elise and say a new new elise... quoted at 220 bhp this is flywheel too? cheers
  2. cracking car had a spitfire i restored in 91-92 a 1500 with overdrive.. someone cut across the front of me and rode up the bonnet, so under the insurance got a gt6 bonnet with power bulge fitted.. sadly sold it in 2013 when we moved house.. to a classic car company in cyprus who hires it out .. and still has it in operation today...... total death trap if you had a accident in it. i remember doing 95mph pretty much flat out on the a12 slip road as it dropped and passed under a bridge, thinking, shit i hope i did the suspension bolts up.. mine was inca yellow, which attracted the summer bugs like bees to honey, youd come back from it being parked up to see it was an insect zoo loved that car but it became a glorified garage shelf.. would be cool as to still have it now tho.. sad thing is back in early 90s when finished it was worth about 2k for just 4k i could have got into a classic 911 or elan sprint... i still have the clasic car mags where i circled adverts of cars of interest.. sadly the spitty has only gone up a few k compared to what i nearly brought... but i would have sold those too so irrelevant..
  3. just watched your kitty litter video, i dont think much else you could have done there paul, ambition was higher than talant on car 22.. you did well to avoid a crash ... shame your race ended and no doubt he continued...
  4. Thinking of getting one of these, or 7 type car good time of year to pick up a good value one for thoise early morning blasts that i miss having sold the elise in the summer... nearly purchased a 1.6 sigma version, but that fell through plus i actually thought it felt a little slow, compared to my 134 bhp elsie (although stat say it was quicker) so looking for a zetec 2.0 version for about 10.5k thoughts anyone?
  5. i will add this.. the Na. with 3rd cat delete and factory sports exhaust just sounds epic inside the cabin at 3.5k onwards its fantastic just going through the sport gears not in a rapid acceleration way just to get into the sound zone... its quite intoxicating you can do this without having to thrash the motor..with just day to day driving.. feathering the throttle and letting the revs rise.. it really is a nice way to spend time... is there abetter car out there value for money than a loved n/a evora ... i doubt it...
  6. so confirmation the the 400 clutch fits the s1 n/a and s1 s ?
  7. good write up m8.... well done
  8. personally im particular about having the main dealer stamps.. and have avoided certain cars that dont have them.. I wouldnt take the evora anywhere but a decent lotus service centre. i like keeping the service history up to date with a fully stamped book , and would think if i ever came to sell it would be a positive.. but thats just me.. im lucky to a have the excellent chaps at hanger 111 within 30mins , who are very reasonable..£. i like keeping the service history up to date with a fully stamped book , and would think if i ever came to sell it would be a positive.. theres is not much complicated about the standard servicing bar the unusual clutch/brake combination fluid.. swap every two years.. so main dealer/ independant/self is not going to be a extortionate money anyway.. its if other bits pop up, where a lotus dealer will most likely have the experience to resolve quickly, which in the long run will save over a local garage...
  9. another mess the taxholder will end up paying for no doubt, whilst directors and senior management who caused the mess throught poor decisions get off scott free hopefully the govnt will stick two fingers up , and let the biggest shareholder (Chinese) , who have taken the most profit step step up..
  10. that will most likely be a whole new mirror cluster ......... on back order when it goes
  11. We fitted a new exige one, and by all accounts the stickers will look spot on.. its pretty daft really on lotus behalf just order them in without any designated model... every one wins and cheaper too... £40 for a part that should have a replaceable bulb.. no guarantee the 2nd hand one will last either, led's got to die sometimes, got me thinking about my light clusters on my new volvo v90cc , gonna need a mortgage to replace those.. thats not progress in my book
  12. The evora has just been down to the good chaps at Hanger 111, for its mot and yearly service.. the drivers side indicator repeater has failed.. typically in our daft disposable world we live in its a throw away LED type.. it sits in a plastic housing with evora sticker embedded in the plastic.. its currently on back order, no idea when, so the guys at H111sorted me me out an exige one. to get me going... so i have a frankenstein evora/exige hybrid:) not the end of the world, but what the heck is this back order about... there seems to be a number of items lately that are on "backorder" what does that mean.. i see from a previous thread on here that these were on back order from at least march!!!!! it does seem that lotus dont carry any stock of bits sometimes to fix their current inventory of cars, instead order them to be made when required, but have to place a minimum order to get them fabricated.. its not rocket science, lotus could order a batch of clear ones (unbranded elise, exige,evora) so that they can be replaced on any car , in fact who needs evora , exige , elise embeded in the tiny plastic bit anyway..just make the clear from new? seems like people are over complicating things up in hethal .... and clearly not interested in loking after their current customers or else why have items on backorder from March so for future evora owners, if you get faliure side repeater , you will have to use and exige version, and then buy a sticker from dan to cover up the exige logo form here job done
  13. real facts or numbers aside, personally i felt like i was playing Russian roulette with a catastrophic huge expense engine failure everytime i started mine, so i sold up.. the internet had a big part to play in that..for sure, as only 2 people I know of in real life had major problems with engines that required total rebuilds ..2 was enough for me to get very edgy .... i didnt want be the 3rd !.... i just couldnt stop thinking about how much their repair bills were.. the fact remains, some of the engine designs have inexcusable inherent design flaws.., then when you see the suspension turrets failing on recent models , you have to wonder how such an important stress related area in a sport car can be incorporated and from what i have read been ignored by the factory? to be fair you could pick a number of design flaws with all cars, lotus included. it just seems flaws with Porsches are major items and cost way more to repair SHOULD it effect yourself..
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