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  1. big shout out for Hanger 111 in woodbridge who serviced and mot'd my Evora again today.. just love taking my car there.. crisp clean workshop, always lovely cars being worked on, like an aladins cave! with amazing knowledge of all things lotus and oily bits.. these guys really are the business.. just know that my car will be pampered, carefully treated and treasured whilst in their care, would thoroughly recommend them to look after your pride and joy..
  2. i know diamond cutting requires little more maintenance , but looking at the standrda 18-19" wheels, it looks like they may diamond cut and make a real nice pattern on the spokes.... any one ever seen any attempted? guess it would turn the standard wheels into something like the following... not sure its even possible.. thoughts?
  3. that will be the forth evora n/a on an original clutch with over 90k i know about...
  4. andyj007

    Retrofit Sport pack?

    why do you want it.. for track work? or just because you think you need it.. drilled brakes.. not necessary for road.. look cool tho:) oil cooler not necessary for road. relaxes the esp i think too.... might be handy on track so that leaves the sharper throttle response.. yes it makes it feel more sharper as it gives you more beans in the first 30% of throttle press but thats it!!! it gives absolutely no no more bhp.. its in the mind really i imagine you can get a tune map to give the same throttle percentage feel as the sport pack.. but if you were on a track i guess the throttle position would be pretty much 50% - 100% plus all the time any way so it wouldnt notice.. but the oil cooler and drilled brakes would be a benefit... i sometime dont bother with it in sports mode for weeks on end.. yes it does feel different when its on.. for the better.. but it isnt no quicker. i could easy live without it. obviously this is on a n/a on a later car .. its does a few other actions like exhaust valve.. so would be an absolute must have.. but i think its standard on those anyway...
  5. i agree with you jon.. personally i saw that coming... it happens a lot on roundabouts.. the evora driver could have certainly avoided the accident.. never undertake in that situation.. and quite obvious to see the lane was going to be cut way before it was.. whilst the accident is clearly the audi drivers fault for crossing the lane. it could have been easy avoided by a little bit of anticipated thinking and holding off the load pedal.. one of those where you go after.. damn that need not have happened.. i would have blamed myself as much as i would have cursed the audi driver ... wouldnt put me off, if that was its only accident... a shopping trolley would cause more damage...
  6. andyj007

    Second hand value

    i would prefer without air con on an elise... less weight, less to go wrong, as can be expensive to fix if cill pipes need changing.. after having just come through some sweltering weather, wasnt one time when i thought i needed it when driving not a dailiy driver though, but used enough during the hot spells to know if it was needed.. on an exige deffo would want it and pay extra for it..
  7. you can still get to the party with the guest passes. parking off site with shuttle buss.. or so it reads as bibs said the emails will get through at some point due to restrictions on the server sending responses.. no probo , dont stress.. chill
  8. how many tickets were availble to the owners.. that are sold out..?? managed to get mine early luckily... but would still go on a park and ride in even without..
  9. andyj007

    Over 8 years in...

    if you put you car on the geo to verifi the settings, we can compare it to mine... my evora was eating rear tyres on the inside rear shoulders every 5k miles , i had the camber? that was set very aggressive from the factory taken out and a proper geo set up from hanger 111 and have absolutely even wear now.. id expect to double the milage easy now.. sounds like yours is already good, but would be interested to see what they were set at
  10. andyj007

    Evora Picture & Video Thread

    found this whilst googling... most likely posted before on here somewhere linky to lot of pictures linky to videos
  11. andyj007

    N/A engine response

    its a n/a so to a point will be a little slower, than an s off the off.. do you have sports pack? , whilst making no more power it r does make it feel a lot more responsive due to throttle position being adjusted.. also if you have the standard gearbox its has galactic 3-4-5-6th gear ratios, which i magine certainly wouldnt help if dropping below 2500 in third... the sports ratio box certainly makes for a lively ride .. in third gear by some margin... 1 and 2 are the same... for everybody cant say ive got anything to complain about.. in my case. sports exhaust & sports ratios.. car is pretty much fast as anything ive come across, and cetainly doesnt feel sluggish below 2500... in any gear unless trying to pull away in 4th or 5th... in gear acceleration times are as fast if not faster than most others with same bhp due to the light weight of car..
  12. yeah possibly, we sold at the weekend so cant check.. they did self level though unless they had them too but embarrassingly i didnt notice :)
  13. mabey the law changed.. my wifes mini clubman 2016 has xenons but no washers?