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    2010 Evova 2-0, Elise s2 lightweight Aqua, 2017 toyota rav hybrid, 2016 mini clubman, 2011 vw campervan. various vans & trailers
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  1. andyj007

    TLF Evora 'Sports Racer' Club!

    i have this fitted to mine.. lovely mature sports sound...
  2. and it could go on. and on ....... the auto has some serious electrical gremlins on someearly cars , with wiring looms that needed replacing. nothing is going to be trouble free.. couple of leggy evoras came up last year one 98k plus miles clutch done at 78k miles (was still ok) another at 80k miles still on original, dailiy driven cars, its a high performance car.. and unfortunately some will be driven as they are made to do so, at high performance.. take it on the track your pushing everything to the extreme. i think evoras are ultra reliable, for a high performance sports cars, but as all cars take it on the track and it s driven hard your pushing all the mechanicals to the extreme. they are high performance cars, the higher performance versions the more loading the parts take.. it stands to reason. pinging round a track off rev limiters/ standing starts, / burnouts, are all going to seriously reduce the life span of any car over say uncle jimmy who trundles back and forth to work , and for lazy sunday morning drives, therefore longevity of parts / wear items will be susceptible for replacing at quicker intervals.. anyone can drive fast, driving fast with mechanical sympathy will add to the life span of parts - design faults aside... good cherished loved one, you can get a ECU printout that can give you a hint on its usage.. (lotus use it to void warranties) will be absolutely fine, with no doubt trouble free motoring.. ive had more issues with new cars than ive ever had with any lotus... dont even talk to me about LR
  3. andyj007

    Evora GT430

    even looks good in paper manual white with pencil grey accents
  4. andyj007

    HOW rare?!?

    when your on the forum allot, attend a few lotus meets, have 3 main dealers & factory within 1.5hrs , and 5 evora owners within a 3 mile radius its easy to forget just how rare they are... which is why every one you meet outside of the lotus world tells you that they'veve never seen one before, i guess those living outside the uk must have even more rarity
  5. what bout the salmon pink colour // paprika i think it was called ..
  6. andyj007

    Newby SR owner and exhaust!

    Maison Blanche, epic location.. campervan tho..
  7. not sure if its done the rounds on here. but whilst looking here found this...
  8. andyj007

    Newby SR owner and exhaust!

    lm as in le mans...? most likely going to both, just waiting on where we are at work, always do a last minute , leave thursday night 10pm tunnel... will get my campsite from ebay later in the week.. where are you then Warren?
  9. andyj007

    GF Williams and KNU7S

    6,23 always rely on a caterham for enterainment :)
  10. andyj007

    What made you UNHAPPY today!

    we had a balcony over looking the pool complex in minorca when the kids where young..few moons ago.... i kid you not the Germans yes it was germans were putting there towels out as we were walking out to get something to eat the night before..!! it wound me up so much due to the fact they only spent two hours in the afternnon by the pool the next day.. on about day 10 i slipped out my room at 3am and threw at least 30 in the pool.. (yes i was intoxicated) utter carnage the next morning watching from my balcony as the pool man had scooped them all up into a big pile before everyone got up no that musta made for some unhappy people that morning i did get spotted doing it by my apartment neighbour, who admitted he wanted to do it to and got me a beer at lunch time.. last place we went to the chairs were stacked each night chained up and only unlocked at 9am.. a little more fair but still a mad rus
  11. andyj007

    What made you UNHAPPY today!

    i know its subjective and all that but such a beautiful car,, such a pants colour that mclaren orange.. someone must like fanta. .
  12. it was bibs and I helping to solve the seal at duxford, its defo leaking at the join, which is directly under the brake light bit we proved this with some dry cloths and the poured water on it... we moved it round a bit but it still wasnt sitting perfect.. for the water to clear.. are you sure it hasnt moved back again.. it either new seal, the boot realigning, (although this looked generally ok) id start with a new seal, i assume there a standard automotive one.. so available pretty cheap, 5 minute to swap over.. but for sure this was where the water was leaking in.. just have a look on here for one..
  13. andyj007

    Evora GTE Registry

    whatis the story with the GTE .. why were were they all there waiting to be rebuilt? were they a one make racing series, then re sod to customers on completion?
  14. andyj007

    Peoples’ reaction to your Evora

    "I have however again had a negative reaction on the road with a w anchor sign " no words... 😠☹️
  15. brilliant day.... blown away by the sound quality of those systems... just wow! totally stunning.. thanks very much