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  1. looks great, added to my list.. cheers Mr bibs one thing tho its not the same as in the pics? i like round knobs for volume..
  2. AIB wont insure me......and the reason......

    just compare the market, my evora im 46 was £275 with LV i do have 3 other cars with them so they copy the no claims over..
  3. 4th gear died further problems

    this is not good, two gearboxes failing in the space of 2 weeks, 1 at 70k the other at 20k.. surely this is a defect, what i know the cars or 7 plus years old, but surely the manufacture should at least be offering some assistance if only to supply the replacement parts free of charge, especially if a bad batch of parts were manufactured.. these gears are the ones lotus replaces from teh standard toyota box themselves from there own supplier are they not? lotus can hold their supplier accountable.. replacement gears are not expensive its the removal of engine that pushes the cost up..
  4. Is my Evora too expensive?

    thats great stu, new owner is getting a lovely car... you will be back, once commitments allow...
  5. evora so comfy

    is that flat grey with bronze wheels, or id it just dirt?
  6. did you go for the dmx701 Mr Bibs? throw piccy of it installed up when you get a chance.. i guess your phone is an android type?
  7. Goodwood Revival 2017

    was there all weekend, was fantastic again, batr some heavy rain,,, friday late afternoon rain decimated the car parks/cam site, could see that was going to become an issue . fair play to goodwood sunday had loads of chippings and straw around to dry the mud up.. we watched some fantastic racing , even teh wife said the racing was exiciting, just love huge powerfull cars on old cross ply tyres, fantastic spectical and skill..... we left after the TT race, got back to our pre packed camper van / car and drove stright out, woudl imagine it got a bit of a mess not long after.. the joys of the unpredictable weather..
  8. typical apple rubbish, limiting better apps than its own .....
  9. TVR shows new car

    who was the designer? its not gordon murray, he does everything else, like the mclaren f1 Peter stevens visualy designed the F1. gordon murray is god so whatever his company is involved is going to be well thought out, & work... if it looks half decent then great. personally i think murray will be designing his own, hes often said he has one more car in him, and i read recently this may be sooner than later..i hope it will be a lightweight affordable sports car, like elise, exige, or even evora size, (look at the yamaha sports ride concept) rather than a full blown out of my price league super car he just needs to keep it priced for the masses not the wealthy.. keep it simple, elise, exige size... and 40-45k max and it work for me
  10. evora so comfy

    hi jay, hope your trips going well, message me when your back, have something you might be interested in a vid shoot... have these in my track clio, very light and seriously comfy.. designed the detail and colour scheme, these in a lotus would be epic.. im not sure it be physically possible to get in and out without a helping hand
  11. no probs dave, thanks for the great service, you certainly had a lot of nice cars dotted around, and boy your workshop is immaculate! couldnt help having a quick peak round the corner:)
  12. not lotus, but if you love cars, beautiful cars at that and all the nostalga that goes with classic alfas you will enjoy this.. just rock on up and go racing, in what is now a unobtainable expensive collectors car... the guy is just cool as
  13. Just picked up the evora from hanger 111, as part of the service i asked them to carry out one of there wheel alignment checks.. looking through the service history and notes of my car it seems the rear tyres have worn out on the inner shoulder every 5-6k miles. (p-zero) the guys carried out one of their geo checks looks like the car came from the factory with some additional camber dialed in. was showing 0d 20' on each side , when settings should be between '10-'13 had these adjusted to '11 . didnt feel any different on the way home, so if the milage increases on the rears will be money well spent anyone else had their evora geo checked?
  14. Had my N/1 evora serviced today by the awesome chaps at hanger 111, i asked them to change out the transmission oil (26K) was surprised at how much difference it felt when changing gear, namely when cold for first 10mins.. is always a little more notchy, just feels a little more damped if that makes sense.. isnt a big job nor expensive either, wasnt expecting any difference just thought id give the car some extra love... glad i did now..
  15. Is my Evora too expensive?

    instead of dropping price just agree a new clutch and tell them its included in the price advertised, but only do it when it sells, giving the buyer the option 2k cheaper or new clutch? this will make yours more appealing than all others, and if youve already reduced the price by 1k, im guessing new clutch is 2k then your only 1k away.. does seem a bit strange doing something thats not necessary tho.. but if it gives piece of mind to someone... just a thought... to anyone looking, i saw this car a a meet it is a stunning example pampered and obsessed over by its owner ..