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  1. Evora GT430

    that looks superb.. cracking backdrop to enhance the colour too
  2. Evora GT430

    found a white one on there
  3. Evora GT430

    the pictures probably dont do it justice, but on my computer screen if you cover the flash down the side with your hand , just the red accent on the wing and diffuser looks really good against the grey and black gloss. so i imagine it all looks very awesome in the flesh. i just tried to locate the dealer via google to see if they have any better piccies to drool over ..
  4. The Lotus Evora Sport 410 GP

    oh thats just fantastic... and as others have said, really great job of presenting it on the website.. would love that in my garage..
  5. no not yet.. will email hanger 111 now..
  6. New Tesla Roadster.

    this x 1000 % Jobs, Musk and others who have made an art form of parting fools with their money in the chase of a pointless utopia that delivers nowt! this also Solar power - in the UK. i have design houses have utilised solar pv, solar thermal.. iwe have have taken money from the Gov on feed in tariffs andother incentives. and can assure you that without the subsidy it fails on all accounts... all it does is assist at best.. ..... and lets not forget that it only sort of works in the summer, and then when that sunny . it is not a useable reliable power source... and dont get me started on bio fuels.. more gov incentives... its making bernard mathews rich tho who abused the system no end.. im all for taking care of my planet.... but the direction we are being pushed in is not it.. not it that is until everyone works together to provide the infrustructure available to all at low cost.. and thats never ever ever going to happen..
  7. factory tour booked

    thanks BIBs. thought that may be the case re pics, great on the CTL, also makes sense keeping the old workshops even when the new shop opens.. i imagine there will always be a draw for visitors to somewhere like that if you are a car/ race nut fan.. Ive only read positive reports from people who have been.. lets hope i dont come away with an itch wanting something i cant afford..
  8. Just booked a factory & heritage tour for next monday 27th to ease the winter boredom... hoping the classic / heritage part is still in the old buildings as I heard they have been building a new factory this year.. not sure what to expect, but i quite like the engineering side of things.. i guess taking photos is not allowed?
  9. unusual colour striping

    i was just admiring you wheels.. are they dimond cut or painted two tone.. cant see from the angle
  10. unusual colour striping

    i think that looks ace.. i love it , at some stage i may add stripes ar some stage for a while, just not like the pictures in my post....:)
  11. unusual colour striping

    found these whilst google doogling some evora bits.. both for sale in america,, personally not a fan of either of these two style attempts ...
  12. Evora GT430

    those shortened pics.. epic
  13. Thinking about buying teh red calipers that lotus are selling off... how much of an arse is it to bleed the system through, being its part of the clutch fluids too.. is this something i can myself or is it drop into hanger 111 job.. if ao wonder what the aprox cost would be... yes i will phone them monday for a quote , but wondered if any one had thoughts??
  14. Evora GT430

    incredible.... proportionally perfect.... worth another post with it on
  15. aftermarket battery boost button (Tesla roadster bolt on pack available in 2020) or nitrous, just add one of these little babys in its place