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  1. something up with that site thats way too cheap.. dealers would be buying at that price surely
  2. i loved my evora i really did.., but after a while found it underwhelming for my needs.. i kept it 4 years , i dont have work place to go so i drove only at weekends for enjoyment. attending shows etc etc. but it was really just too fast to extract any sense of speed thrill legally on teh roads.. almost even boring to a point.. its just too good.. did every thing perfectly, never went wrong, cost me peanuts to run (thank you H111) but i just used it less, and got less sensation from doing so.. i modded as much as i could, keeping it oem, red leather , stereo, exhaust , wheels.. it wa
  3. just a heads up lads we just had a really bad experience with these guys trying to buy another car.. whilst there i noticed they have a lotus evora SR for sale .. so its just a heads up to do your due diligence very carefully if your considering this car.. dont believe 100% what they tell you to be the true .. insist on a proper lotus evaluation of the car at the very least.. from a approved dealer.. we didnt proceed with buying another car from them in the we believed there business ethics to be very poor..
  4. any pics any where? pm if you like
  5. love this storey.. nice one paul.. the driveway comparison pic is epic.. hows the x1 coming along?
  6. im actually relieved i dont have to make the decision.. what great fun id be lotus worst nightmare. id change my mind all teh time.. pretty much all combos just stunning .. i imagine in the flesh some of these are going to make people go wobbly t knees
  7. i sold my lotus evora s1 via silverstone in about 1 month in november.. they carried out a very thorough inspection, they had. few bits to do, nothing big £300 (mudflaps new Mot, one wheel repair for a ant size chip!) i remember.. it had 3rd cat delete , after market reverse sensors (i thought they were original ) re trim work their warratny is NOT lotus i think it is premier protect,? but they did speak about pooling money and giving their own in future as it would work out cheaper..for them i cant fault their service.. flat selling fee and it sold through foot traffic through th
  8. h111 can do it without engine removal... they may share their secrets in PM message as you purchased the bits from them... other wise its clam off engine out .. my evora (same engine). had noisey release bearing was told it was normal.. by lotus silverstone when they pre inspected to sell it
  9. cant see there being a lemans in september.. cant see how its possible
  10. on reflection perhaps a bit cold.. but through someones stupidity just like this has effected me personally.. some people are just born different.. take that person who just bit the policeman arm thats all over the news, or the people spitting on the vegetables or licking food and putting it back on shelves in supermarkets.. these people cannot be reasoned with, there just bad eggs.. there is no making these people act normal .by putting an arm round them..
  11. why treat him? sorry but i have no time for the stupid,
  12. +0 were the best, i loved feeling i was in a proper sports car, not a family 4 seater wagon.. . I was just discussing with my client who has 50 cars in his yard. the car sales market has well and truly had the backside ripped bombed right from it... Car auctions, you cannot no longer attend to buy cars, virtual only, major car manufactures who have closed auctions have stopped sending in cars as people not trading in..and leases are are being extended rather than new cars being taken due to get logistics in getting car s delivered from OSeas joey public , cant go out t
  13. i feel your pain.... it is annoying that lotus (as well as other manufactures) speed so much time on designing their cars to look good and go fast, and really dont give a monkeys about the servicing , serviceable items don the line .. they are not as clever as they like you to think.. i guess it will come down to if they reconditioned your box or fixed your box last time... as reconditioning means replacing worn parts or damaged parts.. i assume the part thats gone was the original .... the comment about your gear changing is just daft.. i imagine many people have differe
  14. one of the lotus sellers on the facebook page had 2 new old stock gearboxes short ratios for sale for just over 1k, not sure if hes still got them, ut he lives in sudbury and always has lotus bits for sale that i think he gets from the factory , may be worth a serach on ebay? just remembered his name i think phill peek
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