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  1. andyj007

    This guy is pushing!😳

    that looks great fun..
  2. andyj007

    Evora Picture & Video Thread

    love this angle...
  3. andyj007

    Want to buy an Evora, Looking for some opinions please

    m3 whilst it may go quick its looks ....... er like just another saloon car with a few goodies.imo the .. evora on the other hand has looks that are in a whole different category...
  4. andyj007

    Three years in a 400 and still loving it!

    great post Greg!... GM77 is the reason i have my Evora! living in the same village, i can remember cutting my hedge out front hearing this lovely sounding car in the distance 2 mins later, this lovely grey lotus comes trundling past on sport mode..sounding outrageous, think Mrs GM77 was the pilot then and a few times i saw it after... . id forgotten all about the Evora since seeing one at the motor show in 08-09? despite being obsessive about cars and racing... needless to say I started investigating, and ending up with an s1. just goes to show just how bad lotus marketing really is...that despite having few magazine publications id forgotten all about the lotus Evora.. sure you would see an Elise every now and again.. but i cant remember if i ever saw an evora outside the motor show and Gregs trundling past.. best decision i ever made.. been a pleasure to own.. a pleasure to drive, and without doubt one of the best car communities..[email protected]/albums/with/72157680060090943
  5. andyj007

    Exige 410 order placed 😎

    thats going to be nice.. congrats now the wait till collection
  6. tvrglen does pop up on various forums as a company to keep well away from... not actually read any storeys associated with him personally .. he has a few Elise for sale, i guess a few people must have been unhappy & experienced bad cars for him to get a bad reputation across forums.. but yet 100% on his ebay feedback
  7. outstanding collection of pictures sir, love this pic
  8. andyj007

    Supercharger troubles

    superchargers are generally reliable..
  9. cant smack the hell out of it as it hods the diffuser on, its not rigid enough to take the hit.. going to try teh extractor tool on one. failing that will drill them out then get a pair of grips left on the stub after tray removed and force it undone. cant beat a nice stainless bolt
  10. andyj007

    sport button

    yup non sport mode for me too... prefer to progressive throttle response t makes no difference to performance, so hardly ever put mine on... i suppose if i needed the extra revs i would but dont go up there..
  11. how many people playing "find my car" in the overheads 😂 managed to find a lovely zoomed in video of our car pan on the offical live feed recording ...
  12. andyj007

    Evora Picture & Video Thread

    very very top effort sir... car looked particularly good splatterd with marble dust.. wing looks fantastic!!
  13. ha ha, not signposted almost back entrance , we had to sign a disclamer on entrance saying we wouldnt show pictures online of the new esprit, which was looking incredible, and the new 2 seater elysium clay models were outstanding................... '.......................... just kidding..... there were no future drawings on show. sadly. a few clay models of existing cars, where you could have a scrape, wheel development, the machines above.. a full size 2-11 clay, and a few infomation boards of cars over the years ..sketches, concepts etc etc and few bits and bobs.. nice of them to open it.. but give me top secret stuff!!!