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  1. andyj007

    uk road tax

    common sense doesnt apply when its govt legislation... interested in the answer too... anyone?
  2. andyj007

    uk road tax

    interesting.. thanks.. i absolutely hate paying our unfair high road tax for when in my case with a few cars, they dont get much milage.. Will, man maths has got me into trouble many a time..! i absolutely adore my s1..tho.. but you never know if something came up..
  3. andyj007

    uk road tax

    second hand, i imagine the new gets the additional govt funding fee applied. when you look on autotrader some are lower some are higher, so it seems s1 n/a are lower s1 S some low some are higher, and differences between the 400... hmmnnnn
  4. andyj007

    uk road tax

    question chaps do all the 400 410 and 430 all fall in the highest uk tax bracket.. ?
  5. i recently did the 3rd cat delete..on my lotus sports exhaust worth doing for sure ,i think i got it from lotus spares for about 165£ worth doing for sure , still keeps the lovely v6 sound , slight popping on overrun can be heard..and no drone at any speed... aj
  6. live reporting i like your style
  7. excellent work!..... looks huge against the vauxhall parked behind
  8. It was really funny, i heard you coming, (no mistaking the lovely 400 sound) then saw you passing. ... whilst trying to keep the cam steady whilst having a little chuckle , as rare as evoras are, (not in great horkesley it seems ) you just happen to pass just as im messing about with my little camera your about 5 seconds in
  9. just playing around with a little hand held cam
  10. @chip2257 goodluck with the viewing chris. if you test drive it bet you buy it: mines similar -- fantastic cars...
  11. should have known better , .. even driving to a car park was stupid. if he was knicked actually driving... BUT ive got to say.. i think the police or rather some of them are utter twats,, a few years back a good friend of mine who lives out in the sticks decided to kip in his car. after a night out . he was asleep in a car park (council owned) when the police woke him up. to see if he was alright. when he smelt of booze the brethalised him and knicked him. he lost his license for a year and his job. it was 2.30am in the morning.. he was only 8mg over the limit.. his keys were in the ignition but he was in the passenger seat lying flat.. .. go figure..
  12. hopefully bag some tickets from the bay to this again last thing..
  13. Justin, what do you think these these would be like as a track car.. had a stripped out 172 that was great fun.. these can be had for 2-3k any week points? have thought about a clio 197-200 but been advised about the chocolate gearbox on those
  14. to be fair to the the clubs that didnt turn up last year , the organisation and the entry queuing was pretty shameful the year before... some people were queing for over 2 hours just because of incompetent parking / entry management by duxford , that does not make it a fun day out.. shame as it was a great show and venue..
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