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  1. excellent... just what i needed confirming.. thanks gav
  2. that looks great thinking, was thinking of buying these.. i asked a while back, but git inconclusive answers... darker tan like yours.. i think these look the same..? but there called tan.. so thats thats confusing me..
  3. does any one have these in there evora, im trying to work out what the difference is between them, and if the tan leather is used on the recaros in the s1 is the same as on the 400 seats?
  4. I’m back...

    no rear seats is better for luggage and dogs that with the rear seats... the space with the divider is brilliant... unless you got small kids, they sound better than they actually are reality.. not a lot of space back there... im 6ft 1 and no one can sit behind me without the drivers position being undriveable..being so close to steering wheel its undriveable... with an auto it would be do able though as you dont need the clutch /steering wheel clearance that blue one, the road tax os £520 my god are the S versions that price to tax? robbin godfathers
  5. another quick play..... with my limited editing skills..
  6. easy to forget the evora goodness

    i liked the evora facts bits... learn something new everyday nice article...
  7. Evora GT430

    dont hold your breath its Evo..Magazine . .. porsche always wins..
  8. My S1 has been parked in the garage for two months, decided to give my self a birthday treat a take it for a nice drive.. its only been 8 weeks, but its easy to forget just how damn good these evoras are,, after a summer of continuous weekend driving, whilst its impossible to get bored of an evora as with all things you do become accustomed or take for granted the speed, noise, sublime ride and handling the the evoras give... currently ive been driving our new toyota rav 4 hybrid for the last 8 weeks, (its bloody brilliant BTW) with its smooth CVT gearbox 2.5l synergy drive with driving like a saint trying to maximise MpG for fun, has ment that when the evora came out to play today, all my sensors were on overload.. god damn these cars are fun... big grins a plenty.. it reminds me when i used to drive 7 tonne tipper lorry for work, my daily drive was a fiat x19 . jumping into that after a day in that lorry was bonkers fun....
  9. What did you do on 1st day of ownership ?

    smiled lots. i mean really lots...
  10. something like this on my artic silver... with the correct essex shade of blue in the middle....
  11. thanks for posting this....,gives me a good visusal on how that would look, i quite like it... i think it could work quite good with two stripes.. i e the same margin .. had a quick play..
  12. Ive not seen a full warp yet on any car that i would be happy with, I cant stand the little fold /cut lines that show on detail arts when looking hard... certainly at teh cost at which id be happy with.. therefore its going to have to be partial wrap (limited to big flat areas ) stripes & some graphics of some description..
  13. Evora Picture & Video Thread

    thats really very cool!
  14. yes, i too think it should have some lotus heritage background... the trick is getting something work with the silver, for instance i could do some grapics in chrome blue and red, a take on the essex colours,, or perhaps, deep yellow and green could work well... i agree on the gulf livery it look wrong and feels wrong on a lotus.. going to have to attack the search engines.. but the essex lotus colours look like they could work well, it would be reversed as the prominent colour would be silver, (which would be the chrome) the arctic silver is a very cool sparkly silver in the sun anyway, use the same font to create a 70th year anniversary logo, and sort out the design... perhaps even the gold leaf colours but with white substituted for silver,, would need to compile a colour pallet board to see if this worked,,, though, and whilst i like gold wheels on silver cars if the correct tone, it reminds me of some young kid with his silver subaru with gold wheels, it looked utter rubbish.. might be a good place to start, best to hit the internet for some searching then start sketching, see if it develops... , i have no issues with re painting my wheels, currently they are matt anthracite, for it to work it needs to be fluid, not some hocked up poor execution... if i cant get it to work properly and look cool it wont happen... granted my idea of cool is different to others, so will have to see..
  15. been thinking about adding a bit of colour to my artic silver S1 with stripes, partial wrap, etc etc being lotus is 70 Y/o this year and is likely to be holding some sort of get together at the factory, (or so i was led to believe during a recent visit) it got me thinking a few weeks back abut doing some celebration vinyl graphics on the evora.. that would be quite cool if it comes off.. recently lotus release a couple of 7o year anniversary models, with half baked effort of the odd sticker.. ive aways liked old race themed stickers, of some sorts, going back to 70s le man cars.. but always steered away from adding it any of my cars, as you either pull it off or it looks very tacky... well this might be the year where i could get away with it, just for a bit of fun, remove later if needed... i only use the evora for a weekend drive, to attend social get togethers, visit a race meeting, or car shows, so it doesnt matter too much if its a little loud.. i started looking at mk1 gt 40's for a bit of inspiration awhile back, but then this popped up on one of my social feeds.. kinda in the colours i had in mind, could be fun... something to play around with until the warmer weather arrives granted an evora is not a gt 40, but it does have some nice lines, that could be used to some effect.. would welcome any other ideas you may have seen on other cars that you may have thought would look quite cool.. on an evora..