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  1. amazing little trip to back in the day..of crazy f1 cars on what wad a brilliant fast, but dangerous track... no medical centre "sit down over there you looked a little white" the cheek of chapman trying to put bruce mclaren off 😂
  2. ive got a dilema with this... When i win this car it will be with one of the two tickets i purchased at the festival... problem, i have is my son filled out one of the forms in his name.. he thinks its his if his ticket gets it..... or i have to buy it from him! i may need to have a quiet word with the draw people 😂
  3. andyj007

    New (old) Arrival

    " specifically the noise at low RPM's once the box was warm. Sounds like someone grinding up metal. " That doesnt sound quite right.. mine whisper quiet ..warm or cold have your fluids ever been changed.? think its the 4 or 5th year service . simple job, makes a big difference to the 1sr and 2nd gear changing.. .. might help with the noise? hanger 111 did mine... i can check what they used if you like? Enjoy your car. they're brilliant..
  4. i have the n/a and lotus sports exhaust.. you will be fine.. not taken my car , but tested it with a meter against my track clio with race exhaust and it was less db.. the clio was fine at bedfird so your evora should be ok
  5. BAZ8864 now drives a merc gla
  6. cant check the mot history via dvla website as must have been on a private plate... nice car , very nice price.. have chat with the owner, check the history receipts, ask for the previous plate and check the MOT history online, you can check any advisories, you will get a feel if its a cherished example. same spec as mine had it three years.. not spent a penny other than yearly servicing and my own mods. good luck!
  7. i pin striped my s1... worked a treat
  8. gunny pflege will get it done pasted this in another thread
  9. andyj007

    Vehicle Tax moan/rants/whinges

    i love it that italians are just chilled its not lazy in the slightest.... its how we all should be..a few years i remember needing a huge order of italian tiles like yesterday. it was end of july , i had clients moving in houses in september.. they were like. NO its our hoiliday... we will ship in september.. no amount of money would change this.. they work to live.. we sadly live to work..
  10. AJ top tip..........Gummi Pflege those seals chaps... its the only product to use.. and it sounds way cool too basically before you all go off looking up on google heres a link it will soften your rubbers like new, i use it on my soft top car rubber seals, but i had a small ingress of water on teh evora from teh drivers side door/window seal.. i Gummi Pflege'd them and boom no water... i dont drive my car in the rain mind, but it leaked when i washed the car... hope it helps
  11. andyj007

    It started with a JPS Lotus F1 pedal car

    3 engine failures? did i read that right..
  12. andyj007

    Vehicle Tax moan/rants/whinges

    mee too i have seven! (2 lotus)
  13. andyj007

    Vehicle Tax moan/rants/whinges

    "Buy a low emission car then! oh i have one of them too... Rav hybrid. nice £20a year but i put and burn more petrol through that than i do my evora.. yet it only cost me £20 for road tax.. see.. its all BS and not fair.. "I reckon that for about £45 a month, (less that 1/2 tank of fuel), that's actually quite a 'reasonable' cost for all the miles of smiles and enjoyment you get from the Evora" so little jonny with his evora 'S' pays 540 a year road tax. (sone to be £600 form what ive read ) yet i pay 300. both about the same mpg, both doing 3-4k miles a year as a toy how is that fair.. its not.. its still rip off what ever way you look at it.. the problem is theres are too many happy to swallow it... so it continues.. put it on the fuel its all fair.. but that too easy.. we like to over complicate in this country.. anyway back on thread track my evora na is lower tax bracket i thought they were all the same.. clearly not. the n/a evora is good on fuel, last time i bothered to work it out it was about 27pg.. smile per gallon a plenty.. couldnt think of a nicer way to spend fuel tokes using my fuel tax system my 2k miles a year at 5p extra on the gallon (if life were fair) to cover the tax/insurance = £100 where as lenny the lorry driver at 60k miles year 30 times further 30 time more pollution pays £3000. (which i think is what the poor buggers have to pay regardless of miles ) thats fair if gov wants to road tax emission based would you say?