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  1. 100% agree with this kind sums it up pretty good.. .. heat pumps ONLY work well and provide a benifit to energy use saving and the home comfort envirmonent,, when all the factors align.. its near impossible for factors to align to anything other than new be spoke housing, an definately not the mass produced new housing stock built by the uk housebuilder, to current regulation standards which are dismal. They are not fit and forget systems , and will require significant knowledge to set up, monitor and ajust to maximise the efficiency and therfore cost to run. if these systems are forced by legisltion into the existing housing stock and even new built mass volume bogo developer spec homes, then indeed you will be seeing much more of "have you been miss sold a heat pump" That being said fitting into a new carefully designed and considered home , incorporating other factors, solar PV, solar thermal, Heat revovery ventilation, underfloor heating, & batteries they can be made to work very very well.. .. but its is not straight forward,, and not something that normal pete teh plumber along with Eddie the elcetrician think they can suddenluy start installing with a bit of training.. taking a standard house semi detached house, with average insulation. currently the heat pumps will cost more to heat your house and water than a system running off gas or oil.. .. ans significantly so on average twice as much .. its shocking just how much of a problem this is going cause.. and just cannot understand where the information the gov;t uses to make its decision..
  2. interesting originak shocks are shot.... car wallows and generally now feels unsafe at speed.. your posyt is given me some woryy about getting new shocks... althioujgh they cantg be as bad as the originaks i have still have fitted
  3. this issue of CR gearboxs failing was a desciding factor in offloading my 2010 N/A .. which everytime i drove it i kept thinking it was going to go pop.. the combination of 6-7k to remove rebuild/ replace , new clutch whilst your in, but the when not if scenario of it failing leaving me strandard.. the final nail in the coffin was speaking with a engineer manager at lotus in person during a factory visit, who 'off the record' ( a few years have passed so im guessing its ok now) said the issue was with that their normal engineer suplier of lotus specific ratio gearsets could not keep up so they outsourced to another company and these were not hardened correctly.. .. hence the when not if failure. FYI all the original lotus evora press reports and road tests were carried out in CR ratio boxes, it was/is a cracking set of ratios .. OP coudl you not just get a replacement toyota gearbox , although this would be the long ratio version .. not as good to drive IMO but pretty solid and available ..
  5. so what i did on 2014 was I dropped that 30k onto a 3 bed terraced house that cost me 130k. 100k repayment mortgage over 15 years.. gave it striaght the council who were gurantee to pay £750 month at that time . to rent it . used that to pay the mortgage . house now worth 260k and pays me £975 month as over paid as mortgae was abouot 650.. so should be paid off end next year.. yes i have had to spend a coupel of k on it over tthe years. i then did this twice more after i saved up enough deposit to reduce the mortgage payments & inusrance so the rent covered it (although the next 2 aill not be paid off for another 4 & 7 years respectively unless i pay off early.) relise i cant sell them as capital gains and are second homes, but in future , rents go up as do house values.. wa sthat better than a pension? i have no idea. but it worked for me , and someone else was paying off the mortgage,, and money just seem exceptional cheap to borrow .. having been around people in 91 who were giving keys to banks, i fixed my mortgaes to reduce risk.. Yes we have had to pay tax , but between Mrs J & myself we combine tax allowances so its was pretty small & manageable with the rent income . im sure an accoutant could make it more benificial and some point may take some advice.. it was drummed into me from young age, money safe in bricks and mortar.. if that turns out to be true or not only time will tell ...
  6. I never understood pensions and still dont tbh.. i took one out at 16 with the co op and spent the first year paying his fees, stopped paying that one two years later, , self employed for a number of years , then was employed for 10 years which by the time i left was getting a reasonable decent pension paid in , but had enough of carrying other directors.. went back self employed.. after year 2 of not paying anything into that pension an IFA advised to star again so i dropped in 5k 2008 i think (rather than do it monthly .. 1 year later that was worth less than 5k i remember being angry and gutted tbh . no way was i ever doing that again, against the IFA advice i never paid another penny into that fund.. instead i did my own thing with my money.. so I saved 5k a year for 6 years , into a bogo standard current account lol . , and then invested 30k my own way , i not sure what that 30k invested back then would be worth today - would be fun to know, i suppose i could check what the pension did return over since then to date Im confident (hope) im min 5x + better off .. retiring to me means giving up the main job that has become taxing on my mental health and doing something that just fun, for a few £ to allow buying parts for my cars I cant offer you advice, but i can send you good luck in what ever you decide ..
  7. since when did a meets start becoming a pay thing? is it a meet or an event ? confused
  8. why thank you gents, ive been away so not checked in on here, sadly Bibs I missed the special delivery too.... damn some say with age comes maturity, but not with me, im still spending recklessy on cars , lotus namely
  9. cant help the OP..... i didnt know that about the s2 seats being more reclined , being 6ft and quite long legs i fit in an s2 and its very comfy, where as a twin cam my head hit the ceiling.. i couldn't work out why as they were suppose to offer more room.. i suppose you could always raise the front of the seat in a twin cam to give mire recline but then your knees would hit the steering wheel.. one thing i do know, once in the car the seats and position are just incredibly comfy
  10. I parted with my N/a coupke years back now.. pulled at my heart as took lad to prom in it.. thought it be nice to have the money.. and a extra garage space truth be told every time i drove it i thought the cr gearbox was going to implode ..and as some take ages to shift if needed the cash liquidating it might have taken a while.. it sold after 3 months via silverstones .. and it didnt last long.. the money that is.. i now have westfield, a lotus elan sprint, and lotus europa s2 (69) dont miss the evora one bit.. just look back on it fondly.. at the time.. and always pop back to look at all your cars on here... i now have 3 cars that i enjoy very much , the two classics have no road tax - not mot and cost 80 quid each a year to insure .. All or individualy can be offloaded quickly if an emergency came up. and cash nedeed . i tried to buy them carefully pouncing when the right one came up.. so the current return is significantly better than i would have got in the bank..anyhow.. basically i still have cars , but have spread the exposure and have options if needed to release cash. 30k from a dealer is really excellent.. the market has moved upwards considerably in teh last two years it appears.. godd luck whatever you do... but my saying is .. once the poison is in (the thought of selling) theres no turning back.. Lovely car yours.. was actually the inspiration for my re trim .. R andy
  11. I agree with the comments or the corporate backgrounds, i noticed this change about 3 montsh ago at silverstone.. it does not show the cars in a good way.. looks very amaturish job of a photoshop back ground.. natural light is all in needs.. big company syndrome.. promost likely 10 management meetings to come up with that too .. wouldnt stop me buying a gt 430 if i had the cash tho
  12. woser thats like philipe island in auustrailia i think.. its getting that sunny say tho
  13. awesome photos... that track looks epic..... its the only one my trackday insurance will not cover! .. what do you prefer cadwell or oulton park
  14. i have a set of strombergs and head in good running order removed from my elan that i would sell seperatly if needed .
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