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  1. +0 were the best, i loved feeling i was in a proper sports car, not a family 4 seater wagon.. . I was just discussing with my client who has 50 cars in his yard. the car sales market has well and truly had the backside ripped bombed right from it... Car auctions, you cannot no longer attend to buy cars, virtual only, major car manufactures who have closed auctions have stopped sending in cars as people not trading in..and leases are are being extended rather than new cars being taken due to get logistics in getting car s delivered from OSeas joey public , cant go out to look at cars and go on test drive, and with so much uncertainty jobs why buy another car when yours will do, unless you need one.. , his fininace companie is no longer offering credit facilities.. 3 weeks ago he valued my sons 15 plate clio at 5100, trade ( we buy any cars) were similar ). saturday its now valued at 4100 and we buy any cars are not buying cars, as all they do is throw them to the auction, to be sold at cap guide which is fluctuating at -20%. value . most of his 50 cars are financed on a cheap deal.. he needs to sell 7 a week to make a living, hes a very good dealer with a great reputation.. built up over years. his entire stock has just lost 20% overnight, he cant buy new cars if he wanted to , and is only sold 1 last week , and lockdown is coming imminently if not tonight.. one things for sure given that the CV is going to go on for months and months, theres going to be some absolute steels to be had, ..and its going to take a long long time to recover from.. my guess if you have a car to sell and it doesnt sell in the next week, I imgaine is your going to be stuck with it for quite some time.
  2. i feel your pain.... it is annoying that lotus (as well as other manufactures) speed so much time on designing their cars to look good and go fast, and really dont give a monkeys about the servicing , serviceable items don the line .. they are not as clever as they like you to think.. i guess it will come down to if they reconditioned your box or fixed your box last time... as reconditioning means replacing worn parts or damaged parts.. i assume the part thats gone was the original .... the comment about your gear changing is just daft.. i imagine many people have different styles and some more mechanical sympathy than others,, but these things are not failing left right and centre... what exactly are they saying you are doing wrong ? slamming it through the gears super fast at high revs is all i can think off ...or something else ? could possible an ecu dump may prove otherwise?
  3. one of the lotus sellers on the facebook page had 2 new old stock gearboxes short ratios for sale for just over 1k, not sure if hes still got them, ut he lives in sudbury and always has lotus bits for sale that i think he gets from the factory , may be worth a serach on ebay? just remembered his name i think phill peek
  4. just a thought id be asking if the damage now at XXX miles since the rebuild could occur or was it present when the rebuild took place.. unless it was just to fix a specifi problem and not a recondition.. then surely worn synchro mesh would be easy spotted?
  5. ok.. good luck with a positive outcome..
  6. who did the rebuild, surely all items would have been inspected at that point and refreshed... what are the symtoms? c
  7. good luck with the senna cup paul... a bit of cheeky practice to take a win at the next 'boys toys' event ? had so much fun at your event went back there over christmas for the two hour enduro with the lad..... epic fun in damp conditions .. i actually a paid member now, will have to see if there are spaces to come do just the odd round...with ya
  8. giles who sold that to you you is local to me, great guy, super reputation.. cant go far wrong imo
  9. ok let us know ill throw them up on the for sale thread if you dont want them
  10. assume they were for both ... £125 posted
  11. I have the rears f4be5f308-t1 brand new in box from lotus and alsi stamped a132d0052f lotus code
  12. i have rears i think , could be fronts brand new.. in garage also i have black brake calipers excellent with excelent pads set of 4 going cheap sold my evora, do you have part number will check
  13. not what i said at all....... she just repeating what shew has been told... i assume youve seen when she gets asked a question? she freezes looks around for help and has no clue what shes actually standing for.. .. leave it to the scientist to tell us, not some puppet 12 year old.. just being used for properganda , still as long as her parents are getting bankrolled and making a fortune eh..
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    Ha thats funny, i live about 2 miles from greg, i sure i heard some swearing earlier :) Clio 182 are fun this is my second. i through it in for a cheeky MOT today, just to see what it failed on... it passed, after a tweaking of the horn wire.. insured on a multi policy so just taxed it for the month.. track day just book :)
  15. there is a very good reason why judges are not stupid brain washed kids. the have no clue.. teenage drama in full swing move along nothing to see "how dare you!" sooo funny
  16. andyj007


    Far from muppetisim some of your posts very on point, have given me a propper chuckle.. at times. Never dissapointed reading your replies
  17. andyj007


    at that moment im penciled in for the 2021 caterham academy race series of which i will build the car next november . when the kits are released to participants.. something ive always wanted to do.. and keep the car afterwards.. @goatboy yes will get some sorted at the weekend..
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    Having sold my elise earlier in the year, my evora has now gone too, after 4 years of very happy ownership im sad and happy really, sold it through lotus siverstone on SOR who i can thoroughly recommend , Robert who has taken over from Aime there has stepped right up to the plate. All quite effortless and sold within 4 weeks.. sad because its gone, its a great car to look at, is unusual, & punches well above its weight, in the looks department but i was frustrated with the fact that other than the lovely retrimming i did there was nothing to tinker on it.. it was just too good out of the box.. i also eventually found it a little boring to drive if im honest, please be in mind that this was just a weekend toy to enjoy, im not a high speed freak but just enjoyed driving through the lanes, to get any excitement, its just too fast for this.. 60-70 feels like 30, the ride and handling are far better than the speeds I am prepared to drive at, plus the evora is quite a wide car.. which makes it interesting on little lanes .. The sports ratio gearbox and factory sports exhaust ( both a must in my opinion) did give it a glorious sound and allows working of the box much more , i liked poodling up and down through the gears.. If i had a place of work that i drove too (my office is at home ) i would easy use the evora as a daily, it would be a fantastic daily driver.. and no doubt still in the garage so made the decision to shift it.. I did miss the elise drives , the evora didnt compensate for this.. different cars different uses.. I have a wonderful volvo v90cc and i found myself taking this rather than the evora to motorsport events .. so it was time for it to go.. I had a play in a friends westfield, if youve never driven a seven type car do, they are a total riot, nothing comes close on the road to the experiance of driving one of these mad cars.. so i currently have a westfied in the garage that im playing with , which is keeping me occupied and not noticing my other garage empty of evora, ive also parked a little clio 182 in its space that im also tinkering with.. couple of other thoughts.. this forum is one of the best forums ive been on.. give or take the odd muppet, everyone is fare, honest and funny.. i wont be lotusless for long, its nice looking around seeing whats around.. Whoever got my car has got a good one, it was pampered by me, had some lovely re trim work,. hopefully they will be on here.. Very fortunate that I live near Hanger 111 who have serviced when required, top firm.. ANdy
  19. on my early 2000 elise which i sold ealier in the year, i think lotus quoted this at 134bhp.. would this have been flywheel, if so what roughly does one deduct for wheel bhp.. on an elise and say a new new elise... quoted at 220 bhp this is flywheel too? cheers
  20. cracking car had a spitfire i restored in 91-92 a 1500 with overdrive.. someone cut across the front of me and rode up the bonnet, so under the insurance got a gt6 bonnet with power bulge fitted.. sadly sold it in 2013 when we moved house.. to a classic car company in cyprus who hires it out .. and still has it in operation today...... total death trap if you had a accident in it. i remember doing 95mph pretty much flat out on the a12 slip road as it dropped and passed under a bridge, thinking, shit i hope i did the suspension bolts up.. mine was inca yellow, which attracted the summer bugs like bees to honey, youd come back from it being parked up to see it was an insect zoo loved that car but it became a glorified garage shelf.. would be cool as to still have it now tho.. sad thing is back in early 90s when finished it was worth about 2k for just 4k i could have got into a classic 911 or elan sprint... i still have the clasic car mags where i circled adverts of cars of interest.. sadly the spitty has only gone up a few k compared to what i nearly brought... but i would have sold those too so irrelevant..
  21. just watched your kitty litter video, i dont think much else you could have done there paul, ambition was higher than talant on car 22.. you did well to avoid a crash ... shame your race ended and no doubt he continued...
  22. Thinking of getting one of these, or 7 type car good time of year to pick up a good value one for thoise early morning blasts that i miss having sold the elise in the summer... nearly purchased a 1.6 sigma version, but that fell through plus i actually thought it felt a little slow, compared to my 134 bhp elsie (although stat say it was quicker) so looking for a zetec 2.0 version for about 10.5k thoughts anyone?
  23. i will add this.. the Na. with 3rd cat delete and factory sports exhaust just sounds epic inside the cabin at 3.5k onwards its fantastic just going through the sport gears not in a rapid acceleration way just to get into the sound zone... its quite intoxicating you can do this without having to thrash the motor..with just day to day driving.. feathering the throttle and letting the revs rise.. it really is a nice way to spend time... is there abetter car out there value for money than a loved n/a evora ... i doubt it...
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