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  1. could do with a hotel for thursday night,, not bothered if its 30 mins out? any ideas those you tha have just booked?
  2. andyj007

    Lotus Emira

    do we have any indication on L.E price yet?
  3. fantastico... what a bargain!!!!!!! well done...
  4. id be paying a holding deposit on that .. nicely priced for a quick sale.. and quick it will be
  5. great update!! paul.. new i lounge venture looks ace.. that elise.. epic.. see you at a track soon :)_
  6. awesome photos!!! thanks for posting these up
  7. lotos of awesomeness about this.. the colour with the alloy is just epic
  8. Epic !!! ive put brands and snett in the diary ... good luck chap! will follow with interest.. love the colour
  9. Thanks for posting mark .. looks epic.. ive sent you a pm..
  10. i just dont get the values of LC what makes them worth so much and so special to command the money they sell for .. clearly im missing something..
  11. something up with that site thats way too cheap.. dealers would be buying at that price surely
  12. i loved my evora i really did.., but after a while found it underwhelming for my needs.. i kept it 4 years , i dont have work place to go so i drove only at weekends for enjoyment. attending shows etc etc. but it was really just too fast to extract any sense of speed thrill legally on teh roads.. almost even boring to a point.. its just too good.. did every thing perfectly, never went wrong, cost me peanuts to run (thank you H111) but i just used it less, and got less sensation from doing so.. i modded as much as i could, keeping it oem, red leather , stereo, exhaust , wheels.. it was splending condition.. a wonderfull looking car. always turned heads, made me feel good.. not a car from getting satisfaction of working on or fixing.. nothing goes wrong.. or didnt on mine! i did worry about the clutch and gearbox a bit, and not being able to fix myself was an annoyance. i like fixing things I did have an elise Early lightweight S2, which i used more for the driving thrill. & stupidly sold it thinking id drive my evora more.. i didnt, i just missed the elise.. so i eventually decided and sold the evora too...needing something to hit the spot, and wanting to see what all teh 7 type cars were really on about I hired a westfield from .. I knew after about 5 mins down the road i wanted actually needed this type of car in my life.. its just an overload of sensors, exhilarating, the cliche of nothing else other than a single seater comes even close true.. i spend all day in that car , and had just the best time ever.. after looking at them all I purchased westfield kit car, zetez engine . threw some goodies at it, to get it to 204 bhp, LSD throttle bodies cams, ultrlighte weight flywheel.. it is the best thing ive ever done. its a real pleasure driving thrill.. it commands utter respect, it scares you, it brings out the total child out in you, but leaves you feeling like a fighter pilot when you come back from a drive.. Yes it really is that good.. if you into cars, and youve not driven a good seven type car.. you really are missing out .. its easy to work on and very satisfying to do so.. ive loved every minnute of the last year with it, more so than any other car ive had.. & ive had a few! i gps timed 0-60 at 4.1 secs at the 2nd attempt in a fluster of wheel spin, and fumbling 2nd gear its steers like a go kart, and is controllable just as easy.. power slides and donuts in abundance.. where is this going in the lotus forums i hear you ask.. well strictly speaking westfield isnt a lotus, and neither is a caterham.. so i didnt post anything on here, i even let my gold membership slip.. but thats not to say i didnt pop back in alot.. In all honesty i missed the lotus connection.. i love motorsport especially classic motorsport, and have always hankered after a classic lotus, nearly getting an elan sprint back in 1992,.. sadly as the years have passed these have crept up to really high values.. especially for factory sprints, there are many converted s4s and these also seem to achieve high prices.. I do like to use my cars , so a concours or mint example would be no good for me . , i looked at esprites also but didnt fit in teh cabin plus i do prefer small lightweight cars.. I then had a lead on proper lotus 11 replica Historic lotus recognised with genuine parts , climax engines , . (not a westfield kit) whilst tryng to work out what value this car and whether to make the owner an offer , A 1973 lotus elan sprint popped up for sale.. it needed some TLC as been stored since 1995 no brakes, no clutch, and isnt quite the example for teh purist in its current form.. but the price was right, with movement for me to tinker to get it mechanically perfect and operational. and ell for a profit if needed.. as a bonus its how historic, so no tax and voluntary MOT.. every single part is available too.. I didnt hang around and was first in line of 20 people who were interested . in that position i couldn't say no, so at last after 29 years of nearly purchasing an elan , i now have one.. its by far the highest ive ever paid for a car, that essentialy doesnt work , and that ive not driven, or even driven another of same type . but considering the esteemed reviews, given by owners Jay leno, adrian newey, gordon murray, harry metcalf and the likes .. I think it should be fun!! so if you have me back, and your interested in my adventures and re commissioning of my elan sprint ( i do know there is only a small elan section and that other forums are better suited but ive never found a nicer friendly enthusiastic bunch as you lot ) I will post up some pictures of my two funs cars,, just as soon that is a I resubscribed to allow me to do so.
  13. just a heads up lads we just had a really bad experience with these guys trying to buy another car.. whilst there i noticed they have a lotus evora SR for sale .. so its just a heads up to do your due diligence very carefully if your considering this car.. dont believe 100% what they tell you to be the true .. insist on a proper lotus evaluation of the car at the very least.. from a approved dealer.. we didnt proceed with buying another car from them in the we believed there business ethics to be very poor..
  14. any pics any where? pm if you like
  15. love this storey.. nice one paul.. the driveway comparison pic is epic.. hows the x1 coming along?
  16. im actually relieved i dont have to make the decision.. what great fun id be lotus worst nightmare. id change my mind all teh time.. pretty much all combos just stunning .. i imagine in the flesh some of these are going to make people go wobbly t knees
  17. i sold my lotus evora s1 via silverstone in about 1 month in november.. they carried out a very thorough inspection, they had. few bits to do, nothing big £300 (mudflaps new Mot, one wheel repair for a ant size chip!) i remember.. it had 3rd cat delete , after market reverse sensors (i thought they were original ) re trim work their warratny is NOT lotus i think it is premier protect,? but they did speak about pooling money and giving their own in future as it would work out cheaper..for them i cant fault their service.. flat selling fee and it sold through foot traffic through the door, which was why i went with them as i thought most exposure and best option.. id imagine that it would be the warranty company clause,, they are worried about.. engine goes pop, warranty company inspect and its got aftermarket exhaust. sorry sir were not paying.. as a point of note,, Castle lotus who i purchased my car from 4 years previously didnt want to buy it back this despite it being better than how they sold it to me.. (would steer clear of them as not really a lotus dealer at all IMO) B&C only offer a buy service not sorn so you take a bigger hit.. , strattons lotus do a Sorn too .. .. all would take it on trade against another car.. id say 80% of lotus silverstone cars are sorn funny times to sell a car.. good luck on your dash they all split inthat place as the leather skrinks , a small square piece of black leather pushed in and stuck carefully bonds the two together..and looks factory , ordere 4 samples from a leather company chose the perfect bit and fix in. the samples are perfect size : ..
  18. h111 can do it without engine removal... they may share their secrets in PM message as you purchased the bits from them... other wise its clam off engine out .. my evora (same engine). had noisey release bearing was told it was normal.. by lotus silverstone when they pre inspected to sell it
  19. cant see there being a lemans in september.. cant see how its possible
  20. on reflection perhaps a bit cold.. but through someones stupidity just like this has effected me personally.. some people are just born different.. take that person who just bit the policeman arm thats all over the news, or the people spitting on the vegetables or licking food and putting it back on shelves in supermarkets.. these people cannot be reasoned with, there just bad eggs.. there is no making these people act normal .by putting an arm round them..
  21. why treat him? sorry but i have no time for the stupid,
  22. +0 were the best, i loved feeling i was in a proper sports car, not a family 4 seater wagon.. . I was just discussing with my client who has 50 cars in his yard. the car sales market has well and truly had the backside ripped bombed right from it... Car auctions, you cannot no longer attend to buy cars, virtual only, major car manufactures who have closed auctions have stopped sending in cars as people not trading in..and leases are are being extended rather than new cars being taken due to get logistics in getting car s delivered from OSeas joey public , cant go out to look at cars and go on test drive, and with so much uncertainty jobs why buy another car when yours will do, unless you need one.. , his fininace companie is no longer offering credit facilities.. 3 weeks ago he valued my sons 15 plate clio at 5100, trade ( we buy any cars) were similar ). saturday its now valued at 4100 and we buy any cars are not buying cars, as all they do is throw them to the auction, to be sold at cap guide which is fluctuating at -20%. value . most of his 50 cars are financed on a cheap deal.. he needs to sell 7 a week to make a living, hes a very good dealer with a great reputation.. built up over years. his entire stock has just lost 20% overnight, he cant buy new cars if he wanted to , and is only sold 1 last week , and lockdown is coming imminently if not tonight.. one things for sure given that the CV is going to go on for months and months, theres going to be some absolute steels to be had, ..and its going to take a long long time to recover from.. my guess if you have a car to sell and it doesnt sell in the next week, I imgaine is your going to be stuck with it for quite some time.
  23. i feel your pain.... it is annoying that lotus (as well as other manufactures) speed so much time on designing their cars to look good and go fast, and really dont give a monkeys about the servicing , serviceable items don the line .. they are not as clever as they like you to think.. i guess it will come down to if they reconditioned your box or fixed your box last time... as reconditioning means replacing worn parts or damaged parts.. i assume the part thats gone was the original .... the comment about your gear changing is just daft.. i imagine many people have different styles and some more mechanical sympathy than others,, but these things are not failing left right and centre... what exactly are they saying you are doing wrong ? slamming it through the gears super fast at high revs is all i can think off ...or something else ? could possible an ecu dump may prove otherwise?
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