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  1. We fitted a new exige one, and by all accounts the stickers will look spot on.. its pretty daft really on lotus behalf just order them in without any designated model... every one wins and cheaper too... £40 for a part that should have a replaceable bulb.. no guarantee the 2nd hand one will last either, led's got to die sometimes, got me thinking about my light clusters on my new volvo v90cc , gonna need a mortgage to replace those.. thats not progress in my book
  2. The evora has just been down to the good chaps at Hanger 111, for its mot and yearly service.. the drivers side indicator repeater has failed.. typically in our daft disposable world we live in its a throw away LED type.. it sits in a plastic housing with evora sticker embedded in the plastic.. its currently on back order, no idea when, so the guys at H111sorted me me out an exige one. to get me going... so i have a frankenstein evora/exige hybrid:) not the end of the world, but what the heck is this back order about... there seems to be a number of items lately that are on "backorder" what does that mean.. i see from a previous thread on here that these were on back order from at least march!!!!! it does seem that lotus dont carry any stock of bits sometimes to fix their current inventory of cars, instead order them to be made when required, but have to place a minimum order to get them fabricated.. its not rocket science, lotus could order a batch of clear ones (unbranded elise, exige,evora) so that they can be replaced on any car , in fact who needs evora , exige , elise embeded in the tiny plastic bit anyway..just make the clear from new? seems like people are over complicating things up in hethal .... and clearly not interested in loking after their current customers or else why have items on backorder from March so for future evora owners, if you get faliure side repeater , you will have to use and exige version, and then buy a sticker from dan to cover up the exige logo form here job done
  3. real facts or numbers aside, personally i felt like i was playing Russian roulette with a catastrophic huge expense engine failure everytime i started mine, so i sold up.. the internet had a big part to play in that..for sure, as only 2 people I know of in real life had major problems with engines that required total rebuilds ..2 was enough for me to get very edgy .... i didnt want be the 3rd !.... i just couldnt stop thinking about how much their repair bills were.. the fact remains, some of the engine designs have inexcusable inherent design flaws.., then when you see the suspension turrets failing on recent models , you have to wonder how such an important stress related area in a sport car can be incorporated and from what i have read been ignored by the factory? to be fair you could pick a number of design flaws with all cars, lotus included. it just seems flaws with Porsches are major items and cost way more to repair SHOULD it effect yourself..
  4. i have that issue but with the very cool f1 gordon murray cover... its a brilliant book/mag, with a great different insight into lotus and the evija.. l
  5. my favourite evora version of all time, the black gp edition.. would give my left and right nut to own one.. black gold stripes and red calipers just superb
  6. i like black but never owned one.. every time ive gone to view one, its just too easy to see all the general wear and tear, scratches etc.. plus they never seemed cleaned properly... there is at least two previous cars (not lotus mind) that i was set to buy, only they poorly presented which put me off.. i think if detailed and presented properly i would have had them..
  7. could have saved themselves a fortune, just copied the new suzuki jimney. or Daihatsu Fourtrak made it 25% bigger, nice torquey diesel engine. all panels unbolt-able . 22-25k max would have been a wineer many.. instead we get something that some big wigs think we need but actually we dont because its already covered by the rest of the range.. oh wait they already had that in the old version that just needed a few tweaks... not a do over whatever they throw out , its pretty much a given it will spend more time in the dealer being fixed than used.. thats how the modern land rover roll these days..
  8. s1 recaros i reckon are 1.5 to 2" lower by my seat in pants measurements
  9. Lacets de Montvernier...... spend every summer in the alps cycling for a week or two, rode that last year... lovely little climb would make a stunning hill climb event
  10. looking forward to this... cars, bbq, music and karting.... all my favourite things in one day
  11. andyj007


    winning at life awesome.. highest milage ive seen to date.. you should share your ownership maintenance details.. hiccups along the way..
  12. I use air con units that can run in reverse and heat aswell fir garages and garden annexe generally. Run off a 13amp supply and self fit is so easy. Unit goes inside on wall , compressor and fan outside which does look pants so beed out if site. Have a look on
  13. Ive designed and built many man caves garages , annex garages with rooms above, car lifts , pits. K Your budget of 25k is doable for a block built garage clad in timber feather edge with attic trusses, (depending where you are in the uk) you can do timber but to be honest bot a lot in it. Happy to give you advise, costings but so much easier on the phone. Shoot me pm if you like with number. Im away cycling in alps at mi but back at weekend I sell a few plans on Ebay of ones i have built heres an example eBay number 253204479693 Cheers andy Unless specificalky applying for an annex you wikk get a condition, to be used supplementary to the house, not rental, etc etc
  14. couple of pages without any more pics... sorted
  15. thanks for posting that, ive not seen that guy before.. i really liked his style enthusiasm, plus, moving the camera around a-lot really shows how wonderful this car is.. looking at this car this morning it just looks just as if not more epic this morning.... its a good time to own a lotus and be on this bandwagon!
  16. just love this, what a stunning design, id have the rear red led off but the blue hyperspace tunnels lit with the blue hue..
  17. good work chap.. been there done that, re trimmed the dash centre consul and door swipes..
  18. Harrys videos are proper videos for enthusiast, easy to watch, and done to share his knowledge and passion.. clearly doesnt need the money.. loved his road trip to antibes to collect his outboard motor in the front of his testerossa just brilliant use of front boot space..
  19. hes too busy ripping around to stop and take pictures,,,.. 😆
  20. cheaper for a pint at FOS £5.50
  21. it was a cracker... whilst i did not want or think a penalty due , the stewards are utter hopeless.. rosberg got a 5s penalty for exactly the same doing to verstapen in germany 2016 google it.. and also same corner same track on hamilton in 2016 ran him out and rosberg picked up another 5s penalty,, no consistency.. its so funny.. a few years back the FIA stood for ferrari international assistance.. i think with this years decisions have prooved that no longer is the case mclaren showing much much better... too....
  22. doesnt hurt to have them in the garage .. always sell them on... i do have plan that needs to be approved by the lotusville crew tho.....
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